From John Reynolds’ pamphlet, “Forgotten Cemeteries of Almond” (1975):

About a quarter of a mile back of the residence of Mrs. Mae Whitford (ca. 1966 – old Alfred Almond Road near Town of Alfred line) and to the right after passing through the “V” shaped cut in the glacial moraine, is another small family cemetery. Included among the few who are buried here is Silas Stillman. He was born in Rhode Island on June 6, 1780, and moved to Rensselaer County. In 1807, he accompanied Nathan Green, Clark Crandall and Joseph Lanphear to Alfred. Two years later, he moved to Almond, where he had purchased 250 acres of unimproved land in the southern part of the town, near the Alfred town line.

In addition to being a farmer, Mr. Stillman was also a blacksmith and one of the first in the town. His shop was located near the present residence of Mae Whitford (ca 1966). His grandson, Horace Stillman, who was Almond’s grand old man, once said his grandfather performed a service vital to the early settlers by forging their necessities. In addition to the many small items, he made andirons for fireplaces and the swinging cranes that supported the heavy iron kettles over the fire in which the family cooking was done. Both horses and oxen were shod in this pioneer blacksmith shop. To shoe an ox was quite an undertaking.

Mr. Stillman served as the first supervisor of the Town of Almond soon after its organization, having been elected at the first town meeting held April 1821. Mr. Stillman died June 2, 1857, at the age of 76.

Another stone in this cemetery, part of which is missing, has been carried in some manner about fifteen feet away, but which fits into the base beside the grave of Silas. It reads: “(Name missing) Wife of Silas Stillman, Died Feb 23, 1859.” At this location there is a footstone with the initials R.S. inscribed upon it. This would identify it as the grave of Rebecca Stillman, the wife of Silas. The only other graves that can be identified here are those of Thomas Lewis, 1795-1808; Margaret, wife of Thomas, who died Oct. 4, 1851, aged 53 years; and their son, T. Menza Lewis, 1835-1853.