Reynolds Cemetery, Phillips Creek, Town of Ward, Allegany County, NY

The following cemetery information was submitted by Ted Seeley:
Directions: Reynolds Cemetery is located approx. 150 yards south of state route 244, east of Phillips Creek village. There are 6 visible grave sites there. The cemetery is on state land, perhaps 1/3 mile from Phillip's Creek. The easiest route through the woods is approx. 75-100 yards east of an old house foundation, which is visible from the road. (at
this point 244 curves slightly north). Walk directly south until you reach a gully/creek. Directly across the creek, the cemetery should be visible. This hike would be best traveled in early spring or late fall, as there is a lot of shrubs and saplings. If one doesn't see the cemetery, I would recommend walking along the edge of the gully until it is seen. I would be happy to accompany anyone that wishes to visit the cemetery.

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Photo 1:   Calvin Reynolds, Died 52 years and 1 d., Died March 13, 1853

Photo 2:   Sarah M wife of Jessie Warrick -Died Sept. 1, 1851  (This tombstone had fallen over and broke into three pieces. Very weathered and difficult to read)

Photo 3:   C.R., no other inscription visible.

Photo 4:  SMW, no other inscription visible.

Also, 2 field markers with no inscriptions.

*There may be more gravesites but the foliage was relatively thick. I have photos if you wish to post them on your website. I hope this information is helpful to you. If you need any additional information, or need more specific directions, feel free to contact me".  email: Ted Seeley  (click here)