Genealogy Lineage Research Service

In The Allegany County Historical Society Museum

11 East Greenwood Street – Andover NY

Genealogy lineage research services are offered by the Catherine Schuyler Chapter of the NSDAR (National Society Daughters of the American Revolution or DAR) at the newly established “Patriots Corner” in the  Allegany County Historical Center and Museum.

 Also, lineage research services, as time permits, may be accessed by leaving a message at the Patriots Corner describing the genealogical questions for which assistance is needed and including contact information for a response.

A particular focus of these services will be on verifying ancestry for the purpose of tracing lineage to those who lived during the Revolutionary War era and are or may have been individuals who contributed to the founding of our country through civil, patriotic, or military services. 

Over time, the Patriots Corner will contain expanded on-site resources designed specifically to honor American Revolutionary War patriots with family ties to Allegany County, as we look forward to our nation’s 250th anniversary in 2026.

See  our subcategories below for research on family lines (by surname).