Andrew Sherwood & Judah Rychman Sherwood

Revolutionary Soldier - One Of First Settlers in County
Andrew Sherwood of New Windsor, Orange Co., NY, an officer in Colonel Lamb's Regiment of Artillery in the American Revolution, was an early settler in Allegany County.   In 1790 he was balloted 600 acres of bounty land in the Military Tract in lot 9, town 23, which was the town of Dryden. Tompkins county, where he lived for awhile.  Sometime after 1818 he removed to Independence   with   his   second wife,   Judah   Rychman   (or Richman)    and    several    members   of his family, where he died August 29, 1831.  Scores of his descendants are now residents of Allegany Co. and neighboring towns in Pennsylvania as well as several western states. On March 11, 1852, William Andrew Sherwood, a grandson of the soldier, bought of Samuel A. White of Independence, the north fifty acres of Lot No. 79, Town 2, Range 1, in Andover on Voorhees Hill. This was the start of the Sherwood Homestead, which the family occupied for 64 years. When Wellsville was formed it became a part of that township. Robert Buckwalter is the present owner.
     William  A. Sherwood was born August 21, 1823 in Dryden, the son of William Sherwood, Sr. and Keziah June Sherwood. She was a sister to David June who it is said came into Wellsville about 1841.  Census records for Wellsville 1865 show the Junes were born in Rockland Co. in the late 1790's,
     On February 8, 1844 William A. Sherwood married Adeline Sherwood, daughter of Samuel. Some of their seven children were born in Independence before they bought their farm on Voorhees Hill; four  of   them   died   young.   The   eldest  son Oren, who married Emma Baldwin, made his home in Proctor District, where their daughter, Mrs.  May Sloan now resides.
     After the death of Adeline Sherwood in 1863, William  A.  married  Miss  Mary  Eliza   Baker,  of  West Union.   To   them   were   born  four  sons and two daughters; the youngest being Mrs. Orpha Bird now living in Almond.  N.Y.  He died October 11,  1885 and is buried beside his first wife and five of their children on the old homestead in a  small cemetery which was used by the early settlers as the need arose until 1909.  Along the east side of the cemetery an old road grade  is still discernable. It was the road leading to the Trapping Brook highway from that section, in the early days.
     Mrs. Keziah Sherwood owned the  west half of Lot No.81 in, 1863. Her daughter Elizabeth who married John Nobles before 1840, lived with her family on Lot No. 80 as early as 1861, when their youngest son, Frank, was born. They had previously been residents of Independence. Mr. Nobles died in 1886 and she on July 17, 1899. Their eldest daughter Maria Jane Nobles Covel died in 1943 just four months short of the  advanced age of 102 years,   and  still  very  keen   and discerning with a remarkable memory.  Her later years were spent in the home of her grand-daughter, Mrs Daisie Grastorf near Stannards, N. Y. Mr.  and Mrs. John Nobles and two  daughters, Adie Belona Ripenbark and Sarepta Gee are buried in the afore mentioned cemetery.

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