(located in Short Tract Cemetery)




1st Photograph by Jerome Orton, WEBSITE: Department of New York, Civil War Monuments in Allegany County, Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War.
2nd Photograph by Mary Rhodes, 2006.

Transcribed from the Monument by Mary Rhodes, 2006:

Base Side 1:
The beautiful and brave who fell for the Union,
Senator S. M. Thorp,
Capt. A.K. Thorp
Sons of Montgomery Thorp,
Oren S. Reynolds, Grandson of  Montgomery Thorp,
George Jones Great Grand son of Wm Jones the Patriot.

Base Side 2:
Lynes Thorp a Patriot Soldier of 1776
Montgomery Thorp son  of the Patriot, Born at Bristol Conn 1796 Died (uncut)
William Jones a Patriot soldier of 1776
John C Jones son of the Patriot Born 1780 Died 1827
Bethiah Wife of Montgomery Thorp and daughter of John C. Jones born 1807 Died (uncut)
Louisa Thorp Born 1833 Died 1836
Ann Thorp Born 1842 Died 1847

Base Side 3:
Gen Thomas J. Thorp
Son of Montgomery Thorp Born 1837 Died (uncut)
Mandan C. Wife of T. J. Thorp Born 1843 Died (uncut)
Simeon A Son of T. J. Thorp Born 1867 Died (uncut)
Emma L. Daughter of T. J. Thorp Died 1870
Annie L. Daughter of T. J. Thorp Born 1871 Died (uncut)

The Brave Soldiers of Granger Who Fell for the Union:
G. H. Cole
F. M. Cook
Wm. Hall
C.P. Emery
Wm Huson
Wm Davis
E.S. Drury
N.J. Smith
M.W. Snider
G.T. Warden
G.W. Abbott
M.D. Luther
J.D. Weaver
I..R. Weaver
E.M. Parker
J.M. Parker
Wm Wallace
Wm Whittle
John Parks
J.H. Bennett
Wm Bentley
Geo Shepard
John Emmons
Geo Sibbald
Josh. Bentley
Eber Bullock
Richard Groves
Daniel Chilson
Luther Moses
Pembroke Berry
Charles Williams
Darius Snider
Robert Lockwood
David Lockwood
Altorney Smith
I.N. Vannostrand
Aaron Vannostrand