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AMITY (1830):  The dictionary definition of the word “amity” is friendship so a logical conclusion can be drawn according to early descriptions of its inhabitants.  The village of Belmont, our County Seat, takes its name from 2 French words: belle, meaning beautiful and mont meaning mountain.  An earlier name for the town was “Phillipsburgh” and an earlier name for the village was “Phillipsville,” both named after Phillip Church, the “father of the county.”  In the northwest corner of the town is the hamlet of Belvidere.  Around 1900 at the height of the railroad days in the county, 3 separate lines crossed the valley floor in Belvidere – the Erie, the   Buffalo & Susquehanna and the Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern.  Phillip Church named his mansion and farm “Villa Belvidere” so the nearest hamlet acquired this name.  According to legend, Belva Lockwood was on an Erie train passing through the area around 1884 when she was campaigning for President.  She was the first female to plead a case before the U.S. Supreme Court and the first female candidate for President.  When the train stopped at the station, the conductor yelled out in his usual mannerism “Belvidere!! Belvidere!!”  Supposedly a small riot ensued.  Formed from Angelica and Scio February 22, 1830 



The maps below are from the 2004 edition roadmaps published by the Allegany County Department of Public Works.

Click here to view larger town map.  Click here to view larger village map.

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