CANEADEA (1808):  Caneadea is an Indian word meaning, “where the sun rests on the hills.” The hamlet of Oramel is named after Oramel Griffin, an early settler.  Also in the Town of Caneadea is the hamlet of Houghton, home of Houghton College.  Named after Willard J. Houghton.  Formed from Angelica March 11, 1808.
Copperhead monument in Caneadea

Located in Western New York’s picturesque Allegany County, the small town of Caneadea is composed of three quaint hamlets: Caneadea, Oramel, and Houghton. Although they all exist within the broader township of Caneadea, each hamlet has its own unique character and all share the gorgeous countryside, which makes the area very popular for fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

The town of Caneadea incorporated on March 11,, 1808 when it split from the neighboring town of Angelica. Originating from a Seneca word meaning “where the heavens rests on the earth”, the name Caneadea also belongs to the small hamlet of Caneadea, which forms the center section of the larger town. The etymology of the name is apt, as the entire town originally formed a part of the broader Seneca reservation. Caneadea’s colorful history includes things as far ranging as nineteenth century millworks and horse racing to involvement in the Underground Railroad network.

The hamlet of Oramel, named after early settler Oramel Griffin and located along the southern edge of the township, originally formed an important stopping point on the Genesee Valley Canal. The presence of the canal turned Oramel into a nineteenth century boom town, which lasted until the canal’s closure in the late 1870s. Although the canal may be gone, Oramel still serves as a link on the Genesee Valley Greenway, a trail system that follows the canal’s original route.

Forming the northern edge of the small town, Houghton is home to Houghton College. Named after its founder, Williard J. Houghton, the small college was founded in 1883, and it still serves as the centerpiece of the riverside hamlet. Although it started as a small Wesleyan seminary in the late nineteenth century, Houghton College grew into a vibrant liberal arts college with an international and diverse student body.

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Town of CaneadeaVillage of Caneadea, 1856

Map of Town of Caneadea, N.Y.

The map above is from the 2004 edition roadmaps published by the Allegany County Department of Public Works.
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Caneadea 1856

The map above shows Caneadea in 1856. It was part of a larger map of Allegany County, published in 1856 by Gillette, Matthews, & Co. Larger version of 1856 Caneadea map.



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