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A few Fan Photos of 1951 Race Start - Wellsville Raceway

Thanks to the personal photography of Terry Monroe, formerly of Wellsville, we can share a few shots of the start of race at Wellsville Raceway in 1951.  Thanks, Terry, for the memories.........

Terry Monroe tells me that he peddled the Buffalo Evening News in the neighborhood surrounding the old Wellsville Raceway and upon finishing his route would head right over to the racetrack where it was his (volunteer) job to help slip the nut & washer on the bolt through the 8x8 which were being set around the track.  The job lasted several months and he also was used to help paint and other odd jobs.   As a result of his labors he was given a one-year free pass to the races. 

Terry logged the cars coming into the pits for the first race and said there were nearly 125 coupes that registered for the first race!  Sure enough, rain!!  The next week there was in excess of 75 cars that showed which gave Wellsville one of the best prospective racetracks in the area.

Terry took his pictures with a brownie camera when he was 11 years old.........what foresight!!

Ron Taylor

View from Grandstand fence towards pits.


Grandstand View


Another view of the pits . . .