The Coats Family Furniture "uncovering" Continues......

In the April Newsletter of the Thelma Rogers Genealogical & Historical Society comes this announcement and photo:

"Acquisition: Coats Manufacturing Company was a vital part of our community for many years, and the museum did not have a single piece that we could definitely identify as “Coats”. With a little help from a member, we purchased a vanity made by Coats Manufacturing, we confirmed it by the label, which is still attached to it. The piece is now on display at the museum." , but, this does not end the story, only begins a new one below photo........


(Photo above supplied by Jane Pinney)


5/30/2013 - continued by Ron Taylor:

I received an email from a resident in Ohio and the story came together after several replies and questions regarding another piece of furniture with Coats name on the lockset.  

(Photo supplied by owner)

The original email started our conversation with: "Hi, I have an old coats desk from my great grandfather (mahogany).... Is this something I should keep and re-finish or burn??? thanks, Joe"

 My reply: "Joe, Please do not burn the desk.... just call me and I will pick it up and save you the agony! (lol)"

Needless to say, I did not receive the item as a gift, but, did find it interesting to present and research.   Thanks to Jane Pinney of Thelma Rogers Genealogical & Historical Society in Wellsville my memory was refreshed that a similar item was on display there at the Nathaniel Dyke Museum. 

Both of the furniture pieces have very similar characteristics in design and were probably offered during the same timeline, or close.  Both have nearly identical hardware pieces and it is presumed that they are both original hardware.

Joe mentioned that his grandfather had quite possibly added the small shelf to the original furniture piece and it now appears that was probable.

Both are used as desks & the amusement came to surface as suggested by Jane Pinney, "we use it as our computer station"  haha;  Coats could never have envisioned That use!"