Laurel Grove Cemetery Springfield-Lane County-ORWilliams Family, Descendents of Robert Williams of Roxbury, Mass. (d. Sept 11, 1693 

The Williams family spent several years in Centerville, Allegany CO and adjacent Cattaraugus CO before moving to the midwest in 1842. The information does not exist anywhere else 

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Marilla Williams (1815-1894)
b 1815 Hartwick twp, Otsego Co NY - d 1894, Webster City, Hamilton CO, IA
m 1843 Augustin Beauchaine, Freeport, Stephenson CO IL
Marilla Williams is from the Robert Williams Family of Roxbury MA  (1637+) line. Her siblings settled in IL, WI, and IA after they moved from Centerville in 1842.  School teacher - Lived in Centerville ca. 1820-1842.   She taught school in Centerville and in Freeport, IL. Her parents John and Sally (Wright) Williams both died when she was about 10 years old and are buried in Centerville Cemetery. 

willia1_thumb    willia2_thumb  Gravestones for Marilla Williams' brother Seth Williams and his wife Tharza.  They were from Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties NY and settled in southern WI in the 1840's. The cemetery is southwest of Oakley, Spring Grove township, Green County, WI.  

A family history is posted below.  Any pictures or history of Marilla's many siblings would be much appreciated.  Email: Gilbert Peterson or, Ron Taylor.

Cemetery and census data for Marilla Williams' siblings - Stephenson & Carroll Counties, IL

Melvira Williams 1813 - 1856  willia3_thumb



Above is a photo of the John Rice memorial marker, Freeport cemetery, Freeport IL.  The inscription reads :
Rice, John Dec 24-1813- Nov 19, 1880
Melvira Williams His Wife Feb 17, 1813 - Nov 30, 1856
Elizabeth Higgins His Wife June 13 1837 - Dec 13 1864 (Note that the name  Elizabeth Higgins also is present in Centerville, Allegany Co NY in the 1850 census, with the same yob.  Jerusha Williams married William Higgins and remained in Centerville.)
Alma S Guild His Wife June 17, 1827 -Apr 13, 1891
Edw. B June 27, 1841 - Jan 16, 1842
Melvina W. Aug 16, 1853- Aug 16, 1853
Melvira W Aug 16, 1853 - Aug 13, 1854
Cunningham, Irene Rice Aug 13, 1851 - May 4, 1895 w/o TS Cunningham
Rice, Gershom Aug 27 1786 - Jan 6, 1868
Infant Nov 27, 1856 - Dec 1, 1856
Willie W July 30 1861 - Sept 1 1862
Cemetery transcriptions have been published by the Stephenson Co IL Genealogical Society.
Frederick WIlliams 1820-?  , Present in 1850 US census, Mount Carroll twp, Carroll CO IL.  At the Mount Carroll city cemetery in Carroll Co IL there are no remaining legible grave markers at the spot where Frederick Williams family is buried.

From a publication at the WI Historical
Society Library "Tombstone Inscriptions of Carroll County, Illinois", Carroll County Genealogical Society (1980) there is the following information:
Lucina Willliams dau of Fm & E(?) d 21 Aug 1862 aged 13y 7m 1d
E. Williams wife of F. d 5 mar 1876; aged 47y 4m? 20d. Stone was missing in 1980.
??, Jay, son of M? and W? d ?1 sept 18?? marker  badly worn in 1980.
I am guessing  that Frederick WIlliams is also buried here, although he is not listed in the inscriptions visible in 1980.
Two other sisters of Marilla Williams appear in the 1850 census for Lancaster twp, Stephenson Co IL, but were not found in published cemetery listings for Stephenson CO:
Census entry under Thomas Judkins:
Lucina/Lusina  (Williams)  age 42
Julietta (Williams) Slocum age 32 (was married to Chauncey Slocum)
The Williams family history says that Julietta died Nov. 4, 1856.
At the Crane's Grove cemetery in Silver Creek twp, Stephenson CO IL two of Seth Williams' children are buried:
Lusina A d Sept 13 1849 Age 7y 11m 3d d/o SC & TL Williams
Jerusha L d Sept 11, 1849 Age 15y 3m 12 s/o SC & TL Williams
This cemetery is southeast of Freeport and very well preserved.

Below are email responses to the Genealogy Pages of  Williams Family of Centerville, NY:

VICTORIA WILLIAMS (1811-1844) , daughter of JOHN WILLIAMS and SALLY (WRIGHT) WILLIAMS:  I downloaded  the Robert Williams file and found it extremely helpful and wanted to express my thanks for making it available.  I am researching my great grandfather, George H. Kimball, born 1836 Dec 29, in Centerville, Allegany, NY; father Chester Kimball, mother Victoria Williams.    I had been unable to locate information about Victoria except a gravestone marker showing her death as 12 Jan 1844, 33 yr, 5 m 7 d, wife of Chester.  From census records I have learned the Chester was born in Vermont but I have no further details.  He remarried after Victoria's death and in 1850 census was listed as a cabinetmaker, with wife Elizabeth, 43, born in New Hampshire.  The 1850 census listed George Kimball,14 and Julia Kimball, 7, with Williard Higgins and wife Jerusha and family.  I now assume Jerusha was sister of Victoria Williams, as 1885 NY Census lists George, nephew, Julia, niece, with Willard Higgins and family.. The information supplied in your information certainly filled in the background of Victoria.   If you would like further information about the Kimball-Williams family and their descendents  I would be happy to forward it.  George served in the NY 1st Dragoons during the Civil War.  He  married 1861 Sept 24,  Ann Eliza Veazey, (1840-1908) born in  Centerville and soon after the end of the War they migrated to Golden, Colorado.  I have his Civil War diary and also his diary about the wagon train journey to Colorado.  Virginia Krouss, Los Osos, California -

I was in Webster City, Iowa this weekend and stopped at Graceland Cemetery to photograph Marilla (Williams) Beauchaine and Augustin Beauchaine's grave markers (below). Marilla, along with her many siblings, was in Centerville, Allegany CO as a teacher until about 1842. If you think the picture is of any general interest, you are welcome to post it with the other materials about Marilla Williams. We waited until just after the afternoon sun lit the front of the markers. Essentially everything on the markers is legible. Thanks.  Gil Peterson


November 16, 2013

Dear Gil & David,

Did some research on Marilla’s sister Lusina Williams and found some interesting information while looking for Lusina’s date of death. 

As you already know, 1850 U. S. Census, show Lusina & Thomas Judkins, plus her sister, Julietta Slocum, two sons, Edmund and Edward living in Lancaster, Stephenson, IL.

In Thomas Judkins’ obituary, it indicates that Lusina was his second wife and not the mother of his sons.  I believe there are still Judkins’ still living in Oregon but unfortunately they are not related to us.

By 1860, the family was living in Lane County, Oregon and they are listed as Oregon Pioneers and part of the Oregon Trail Emigration.

Master List of Emigrants on the 1851 Oregon Trail

Thomas Judkins and his son, Edmund, are on the master list of emigrants on the 1851 Oregon Trail.  Thomas & Lusina (her name is misspelled as Susanna) are listed on the Emigrants to Oregon web site arriving in Oregon in 1852 along with his other son, Edward.

JUDKINS, Edmund(Age twenty-three; non-Mormon in John Brown’s Emigrating Co.)

JUDKINS,Mr.& Mrs.(Non-Mormons bound for OR traveled withHOYT/SMITHMormon family) -(Non-Mormon in Capt.BROWNCompany

JUDKINS, Thomas(Non-Mormon in John Brown’s Emigrating Co.)

11 May 1878, The Oregon State Journal:

"Thomas Judkins, Sr., died in Springfield, May 4, 1878, under the following painful circumstances: On Saturday morning, May 4th, Father Judkins harnessed his horses to a spring wagon, and accompanied by his aged companion drove to Springfield.  This being his 75th birthday, he had previously invited all his children and grandchildren to partake of a birthday dinner at one o'clock at his home.  Having transacted some business in Springfield, he started to return home, a distance of about one and a half miles.  When near the end of the Springfield bridge, one of the horses slipped his bridle, the team became frightened and ran away.  Mother Judkins, in attempting to jump from the wagon was thrown to the ground and severely if not dangerously injured.  A few feet further just as the team turned to enter the bridge, the wagon struck a post which detached it from the horses, throwing it down the bank of the river and completely demolishing it. 

FatherJudkins was thrown against a snag and the ground and so badly injured that he died in about four hours.  And strange to say, his death occurred at precisely one o'clock to a minute.  The subject of this notice was born in Concord, N. H., May 4, 1803.  In his 18th year he removed to New york, where in his  22d year he was married to Mary Arnold, the mother of his two children, namely Edmund D. Judkins and Edward A. Judkins, the last of whom is a member of the Oregon Conference.  In the year 1839 his first wife died, and in the year 1844 he was married to Lusina Williams, his now afflicted and bereaved wife.  He removed to Oregon in the fall of 1852 and settled near EugeneCity, where he resided to the time of his death.  He had been a professor of religion for over fifty years, and died a member of the M. E. Church.  On Sabbath his remains were carried to the silent city of the dead, and deposited in the tomb, where they await the voice of the Son of God, calling them from their peaceful slumber, to awake to immortality and eternal life."

Both Lusina and Thomas Judkins along with several other member of Judkins family are buried at the LaurelGroveCemetery, Springfield, Lane County Oregon.  She died on 10 July 1888 at the age of eighty.   In the 1880 U. S. Census, she is listed at L. W. Judkins and was living in South Eugene, Oregon.


(Email & Photos below submitted by: Rosemary Jagt. (email link)

Thomas & Lusina’s grave stones and their grave markers:


 LaurelGroveCemetery, Springfield, Lane County Oregon