Burr, Moses  Van Campen

Mr. Burr was born in Angelica in 1822, in the house now occupied by Dr. Warner, his father having built the house.  Later the family moved to the Burr (VanCampen) farm, where Mr. Burr lived until the place was sold to Mr. Barnum eleven years ago.  After his wife’s death, which occurred about that time, Mr. Burr went west for a short time, and returning bought the place where he has since lived and died.

Moses VanCampen was Mr. Burr’s grandfather, his mother’s maiden name being Anna VanCampen.  Mr. Burr’s wife was Elizabeth Robinson, of Friendship, and she died very suddenly eleven years ago of apoplexy.

Mr. Burr was of a very retired disposition, having many acquaintances and but few intimate friends.  Those friends knew him only with respect.  He was upright, independent and charitable to a degree that few knew of, as he disliked publicity about his affairs.

Since Mrs. Burr’s death, Mr. Burr has found a most efficient housekeeper in the person of Miss Carney, who had been to Mr. and Mrs. Burr devoted in her services with a daughter’s faithfulness.

The funeral was held yesterday at the house and the remains were interred in the family ground.

Mr. Burr is the last descendant of his father’s family and he has suffered for years with asthmatic trouble, although the immediate cause of death was intermittent fever, with catarrhal complication.

Unknown newspaper – found in the files of the Thelma Rogers Historical Society- Wellsville, NY