April 4th, 1888

Mr. Levi S. Enos of the Village of Andover has secured a patent on a door, which will doubtless cause a revolution to a large extent in the manufacture of doors.  The panels are made of corrugated iron or steel, and the rest of the door is of wood.  Mr. Enos has been at work on this patent for some time, and now has the satisfaction of knowing that he has a door with none of the objections that have been made against wooden doors. The iron or steel panels do not shrink, swell nor crack.  A complete door can be manufactured considerably cheaper than a wooden door, and is much handsomer in appearance and more durable.  The machine for making panels is also an invention of Mr. Enos and cost a very small sum.  The same machinery used in making other doors can be used in making the woodwork of this door.  Mr. Enos is to be congratulated, as he has no doubt struck a bonanza.  He will dispose of State rights or would sell the entire patent.  The right party can make an arrangement with Mr. Eons for selling State rights, and the probability is they will (last three or four words unreadable.)

March 22nd, 1889

Mr. Levis S. Enos died at his home in the Village of Andover on Friday afternoon March 22nd, 1889, at the age of 64 years.  Heart disease was the cause of his death, from which he has been a sufferer for many years.  During the past ten weeks he has been confined to the house.  Mr. Enos was born in Jordan, N.Y., and has lived in the Olean and Almond area from most of his life and has lived in Andover for the last eight years.  He was possessed of great mechanical genius and has taken out no less than seventeen patents of different inventions.  Among those which came into general use were a machine for grinding bark, a locomotive oilcan, which are both extensively used at the present time. He invented metallic roofing, on which he made a fortune.  His latest invention was a door with corrugated metal panels, which has been described in the News. 
 He leaves his wife Catherine and children to mourn. Funeral services were held at the house Sunday afternoon at two o’clock.  Burial was in the Valley Brook Cemetery. Rev. G. W. Gibson officiating.

ARTICLES TAKEN FROM ANDOVER NEWS; Submitted by William A. Greene     2007