Transcribed from the Belmont Dispatch, May 20, 1904.



Died Last Friday Night, Ninety-nine Years Old

In all Probability He was Allegany County's Oldest Inhabitant– – Lived In This County Since He Was Eleven Years Old– –Only Rode On Cars Once

Uncle Harry Enos of Nile, whose ninety-ninth birthday was recently recorded in THE DISPATCH, passed away last Friday night about 10 o'clock at his home on the farm near Nile, where he has lived for the last seventy-seven years. He had suffered but a few days of illness during his long life and was ill only a few days before his death.

Uncle Harry Enos, as he was known to everyone was probably the oldest resident of Allegany County. He was born April 14th, 1805 in Sheffield, Conn. He came to Belvidere in 1816 and to Friendship six years later. In 1827 he purchased a farm near Nile, where he has lived since. He retained all his faculties to an exceptional degree. At his last birthday he could read his paper without glasses and walk without the aid cane or crutch. He never rode on a train of cars but once and that only from Andover to Friendship. His good health and strength at his ninety-ninth birthday led people to think that Allegany County was to have a centenarian.

Two sisters survive Uncle Harry, Mrs. Samuel Burdick and Mrs. William Wightman, both of Nile.