Mrs. Lucy King Hughes

Mrs. Lucy King Hughes, died at Friendship, NY march 15, 1888, in her seventy-fourth year. Born in Arlington, VT, October 9, 1814 in her third year she was brought by her Pioneer father, Col Samuel King, to Gainsville, NY, and thence two years later to Pike. After residing there for a year, her parents removed to Friendship, which continued to be her home for twenty years. Her father, as agent for The Holland Land Company, Had three counties to settle. Himself of the Baptist faith, as His wife and Daughters subsequently become, he sought to locate Baptist settlers in Friendship. It was his Policy of His That made that always vigorous church, a mother of all churches. His Home was a Baptist Parishoners’ Hotel. Lucy shrank from the society of guest at first. But then she experienced a change that…. To love the society of…. ten. After her marriage to Joab Hughes, October 2. 1834 She removed with Him to Belfast and was subsequently baptized there in the Genesee river. She became a diligent servant of the church, “ready to every good work.” Here were born Her children who so… ministered to her in her of ten years of Protracted Suffering and who survive Her. Arthur J Hughes, of the Port Allegany Reporter , and Mrs. Flora H Clarke, of Friendship Her Husband served as county sheriff and in business and other ways was also widely known through Allegany county. The strength of the ties that Bound them in marriage relation was peculiarly shown after his decease During a widow hood of a third of a century , on the return of every anniversary of his death, Mrs. Hughes composed lines in memory of the Departed, after his death, she returned to Friendship, with two young children, united with the church her parents and sisters loved, and with the exception of a brief membership at Port Allegany, continued a devoted and active member until the time of her death. During the many years she has been hindered by disease from engaging in the worship of God’s House, She has been ardently interested in the prosperity of the church, always inquiring with tenderest interest about its progress or reverses, and frequently communicating with the body by means of Weary Pen. In her home, spiritual conversation and the gathering of two or three for Prayer offered her loving heart intense gratification. In her final struggle with the disease that affected her so… and so long even when her mind wandered, her communication with her Savior seemed unbroken, and her prayer would be, “Oh Lord blessed Savior, take me home.” In her last conversation with her Pastor, Rev Wm Baldwin, she inducted her choice of Psalm 23:1 for…. the occasion of the final obse…. The… Her desue was complied with…. choir of the church She loved…. rsed the familiar” “Asleep in Je….and” Now Blest the righteous when She dies,” in harmony with a similar request. Rev Mr Alvond, of the Universalist Church offered prayer. And while, behind the dreary and desolate clouds of the March sky, the sun was decling in the West, we laid her emancipated remains to rest in Maple Grove, confident that “He shall change this Body of our humiliation and fashion it like unto the Body His Glory according to the working whereby He is able to subdue all things unto Himself.” Beside the two children above mentioned, two sisters, Miss Sarah King and Mrs. Ory Rew , both of Friendship, a Brother, Wm H. King, Vice President of the First Natural Bank of Friendship, survive the departed, also a granddaughter Miss Alice Clark – WRB

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