HILL, Rev. O.B.

– Northeastern Christian, June 1968, “Area Saddened at Passing of The Rev. O.B. Hill”
Transcribed by S. Stout

Ottis Blakely Hill, pastor of the University Christian Church, Buffalo, died Saturday, April 27 after a brief illness. Mr. Hill served many pastorates across the Area including the Wellsville Christian Temple. He was known as a person who could recite poetry from memory with which he often illuminated his sermons and other talks.

He directed Chi Rho Camp at Allegany for many years and was planning to do so again this summer. He was a loyal worker with the Boy Scouts and was a chaplain for the New York State Grange in whose behalf Mr. and Mrs. Hill traveled extensively.

Our prayers are with Mrs. Hill, their son Richard, and the congregations at the Buffalo and Wellsville Churches.