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The New York census recorded on June 17, 1880 in Andover, New York shows the following entries for Joseph Potter's residence:

Joseph Potter 52 farmer
Susan " wife 42 keeping house
Oscar " son 16 at school
Laurence LaForge nephew 8
Adrian " nephew 6
Rose " nees 5
Lilley " nees 5
Leon " nephew 2
Mary J. Potter servant 48

Mary J. Potter was actually Joseph's sister Jane (Janey) who was mentioned often in Abiel's letters to Susan.

Although the census was dated June 17th a letter to Susan, written by Laurence forty years later, says "If I am correct in my dates, it was forty years ago July 8 when I got off the train at Andover and began an entirely new chapter in my life." He also indicated that Susan had picked the children up from Mrs. Chester's home in Brooklyn.
Dottie Childs (Oscar's granddaughter) has commented on what a change it must have been for the LaForge children to move to a log cabin in a farming area after having spent their earlier years in New York City with three nursemaids to take care of them.
The inheritance left to the children let them complete college and receive funds when they became of age, but much of the money was lost through mismanagement. Some had been invested through a lawyer and was lost.
Joseph Potter died of pneumonia on July 30, 1883 and Susan married Anson Perry Saunders on September 1, 1886. Oscar continued to farm in the area and his grandchildren live there where they still process maple syrup each spring.
The LaForge children went to school in Andover and later several of them attended nearby Alfred University, which had been founded by the Seventh-Day Baptists. Many of the local families mentioned in these diaries were descended from the early Seventh-Day Baptist congregation in seventeenth-century Westerly, Rhode Island.
Laurence LaForge attended at Alfred and later went to Harvard where he received a Ph.D. in 1903. His academic career in geology and astronomy included teaching appointments at Alfred, Harvard, Suffolk University and Tufts College. His first wife was Fannie Agnes Carryer and, after she died in 1924, he married Kate Louise Harbough. Laurence died in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 29, 1954 of Parkinson's Disease and arterial schlerosis.
Adrian LaForge became a city engineer for New York City. He worked on bridges over the East River. Isidor and Nathan Straus had known Abiel and, in 1888, became partners at Macy's. Adrian's family continued a close relationship with the Straus family and the LaForge descendants continue to feel a special connection with the store. Adrian was married to Isabella Frances McCoy and they lived in the New York city area. He died of a heart attack on October 28, 1940 in New Rochelle, New York.
Lily Suse LaForge and her identical twin sister Rose attended Alfred University together and were married in a double ceremony on June 27, 1897. Lily's husband was Alfred Carlyle Prentice, a doc-tor of medicine. Lily's poetry is quoted in the first pages of this collection. She later became blind and died of cancer on Oct-ober 3, 1944 in the Women's Relief Corp. Home at Oxford, New York.
Rose Margaret LaForge married Holly Whitford Maxson, who was a school teacher and administrator. After his death in 1927 she worked as a companion for various women. She was a gifted artist and poet and kept diaries from college days until her last years. Rose died of cardiac arrest on November 13, 1962 at the Evangelical Home for the Aged in Brooklyn, New York.
Leon LaForge, having lost a father when he was four months old and his mother shortly after his second birthday, found adjustment difficult as a young adult and moved to Nebraska where he married Gretchen Bombardner. Rose's diary tells of the death of Leon's and Gretchen's twin babies (a boy and a girl), who had been born on July 1, 1897. After attending Nebraska State University Leon, with his wife, moved to the west coast where two sons were born. Leon died on April 25, 1966 in Phoenix, Arizona.
Accompanying these diaries and letters is genealogical infor-mation gleaned from census data and private family records. Any additional original material will be added if it becomes available.

I. Descent from John Laforge Jr. of Piscataway, New Jersey
Existing family records available to this writer all show the La Forge line going to John's son John, who was born in 1721. How-ever, Abiel wrote of going on July 19, 1866 "down to Ben Laforges" where he "copied a will & record which enables me to trace my an-cestry back to my great-great-Grand father Nathanal La Forge who was born 1722, this will disposes of property on which part of the present City of New Brunswick N.J. is built upon, the old deeds of the property are also in possession of Ben La Forge". The follow-ing will, made out on March 3, 1748/9, is copied from a very old, handwritten document which may have been copied from the original at the time the will was proved. The document was given to Phyllis Guyre Jones by Edith "Dottie" Potter Childs of Andover, New York in July, 1993. All signatures are in the same handwriting. It is the will of "John Leforge Junar", the father of John (born in 1721) and Nathaniel (born in 1722, according to Abiel). Other than Abiel's statement all available evidence seems to suggest that Nathaniel was not his direct ancestor. The original papers copied below all concern affairs connected with the two Johns (born about 1700 and 1721). These may well be the actual papers that were in the hands of Ben LaForge, but it is not known how they were acquired. Since Laurence LaForge did a lot of research into the family history, he may have obtained them and given them to Susan LaForge. She also made contact with relatives, such as J. H. Gordon, who inherited the Fuller farm in Fishkill, New York. Since one of the old papers was signed by Nathaniel Leforge, Abiel may have assumed that this was his ancestor, but the paper was a conveyance of property to John Leforge III, who all other indications point to as Abiel's great-great-grandfather.

"In the Name of God Amen, the third day of March and in the year of Our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and forty eight nine I John Leforg Junar of Piscataway and in the County of Middilsex and Provence of East New Jersey Wever being very Sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God therefore Calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is apointed for all men once to Die Do make and Order this my last Will and Testament that is to say Principally and first of all I Give and recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it and for my Body I recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the discresion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the General Resurection I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God and as touching such Worldly Es-tate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I Give and Divise and Dispose of the same in the following manner and form. Imprimis I Give & bequeath unto Sarah my dearly beloved wife the East Room in my House and her Living off of the Place during her Widowhood if she requiers it. Item I Give to my welbeloved Sun John Leforge the Sum of Ten shillings as a bair to cut and hender him the said John Leforge from ever injoying any part of my Estate more then what I have given him in this my last Will and Testament Item I Give and bequeath unto Sarah my beloved Wife a fether Bed and furnituer and the Cubberd and what is in it as her own proper Right and to dispose of as She sees fit. Item the Remainder part of my moveble Estate must be sold at a Publick Vandue at the dis-cression of my Executors hearin afterwards mentioned, and my Fun-erail Charges paid and all my just and Lawful Debts if there be enough but if there be not enough of the moveble Estate to pay the Debts and Legises then there must be as much of the land sold as will do it at the discression of my Executors where they shall think will do the Plantation least hurt. Iten I Give to my well beloved Sun Nathaniel Leforge the one half of the Remainder of the Land whereon the Building are to be Devided at ye descression of my Executors.- Item I Give to my well beloved Sun David Leforge the other half and each of them to be persessd and injoyed by them and their asigns for Ever. Item I Give to my loveing Daughter Frances Blackford the Sum of fifteen pounds to be paid to her or her Heirs twelve Months after my Disceas. Item I Give to my love-ing Daughter Sarah Leforge the Sum of thirty pounds to be paid to her at the age of Eighteen years but if she should dye before she comes to age then her Portion to be equally Devided amongst the other Children. Item I likewise Constitute make and order Sarah my loveing Wife and John Pound Junr and John Leforge the third to be my Executors to dispose of my Estate according as it is left to be disposed off and I do hereby utterly disalow revok and disanull all and every other fromer Testaments Wills Legises and Executors by me in any ways before this time named Willed and bequethed Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto sat my hand and Seal this day and year above written.

"Signed Sealed and Published pronounced and Declared by the said John Leforge Junar as his last Will and Testament in the presents of us.
Reune Runyon
Samuel Mackfarson John Leforge Junr
Zachariah Bonham

"Note on the opposite page line 3 from the bottom the name (David) is razed partly but is still legible being in the same manner in the original and the same name in the next line is undermarked it being wrote over another word wch seems to have been partly razed & is not to be percieved what it was in the Original (twelve) so marked in the Original Examd by Thos Bartows Secy"


According to family records, the land spoken of above (in New Brunswick) was received by John Leforge, Jr. in 1715. The follow- ing document is copied from the original which was given to Phyllis Guyre Jones by Edith "Dottie" Potter Childs in July, 1993. It des-cribes an additional purchase of land.

"This Indenture made the Twenty Fifth day of January in the Fifteenth Year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God King of Great Brittain France and Ireland De-fendor of the Faith Anno Domini One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fourty One, Two, Between Jethro Manning of Piscattaway in the County of Middlesex and Province of East New Jersey Farmer And Margret his Wife of the One Part And John Leforge Junior of Piscat-taway in the County and Province Aforesd Yeoman of the Other Part. Witnesseth That the said Jethro Manning and Margret his Wife for and in Consideration of the Sum of One Hundred and Fourty Five Pounds Four Shillings and Six Pence Currant Money of the Province Aforesaid at Eight Shillings Pr Ounce To the said Jethro Manning in hand paid by the said John Leforge at or before the Ensealing and Delivery hereof, have bargained, Sold, Set Over and Delivered unto the said John Leforge his Heirs and Assigns for Ever, half of that Tract of Land left to me the said Jethro Manning by my Father Jo-seph Manning Deceas'd As in and by his last Will & Testament will more fully and at large Appear, which my Father in his life time bought of Johannes Vanderhoven of Staten Island, And within the bounds of the Patten of Robert Burnet, The Receipt whereof I the said Jethro Manning and Margret my Wife do hereby Acknowledge and Our selves therewith fully Satisfied and Contented, and thereof and Therefrom and of and from every part and parcel therof do Clearly and Absolutely acquit and discharge the said John Lefore his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns and every of them by these, Presente. Do Give, Grant, Alien, Release and Covey and Confirm and by these presents have Given, Granted, Aliened, Released, Conveyed, and Confirmed, unto the said John Leforge and his Heirs & Assigns for Ever, all that Tract and Parcel of land being Scituate & Lying in Piscatttaway in the County and Province Aforesd. as in manner and Form Aforesd. Besginning at the South West Corner of Jeremiah Drake & Trustrum Mannings land at a stake marked on four sides Thence running West Eleven Chains and half a Chain along Gilbert Mollesons line to a Walnutt Tree marked on four Sides being the South East Corner of the said John Leforges land Thence North along the said Leforges line Forty Five Chains to a Stake standing in John Blackfords line marked on four sides being the North East Corner of the said John Leforges land, Thence East .... a point along the ..... ....... Blackford ......... Benjamin Hull Eleven Chains & Three Quarters of a Chain to a stake standing in Benjamin Hulls line marked on Four sides being the North West Corner of Jeremiah Drake & Trustrum Mannings land, Thence South along the Line of the said Jeremiah Drake & Trustrum Mannings Land Forty Four Chains to the place where it first begun- Bounding East by Jeremiah Drake & Trustrum Mannings land North, part by Benjamin Hull & John Blackfords Land West by the said John Leforges land and South by Gilbert Mollesons land Lying for Fifty Acres To have and to hold the said granted, and bargained premisses with all and Singular ye Improvements, Profits, Priviledges, Appurtenances and Comodites to the same belonging or in any wise Appertaining to him the said John Leforge his Heirs and Assigns for Ever. To his & thier only Proper Use, benefit and behoof For Ever, And the said Jethro Manning for himself his Heirs Executors & Administrators doth Covenant, Promise, and Grant to and with the said John Leforge his Heirs and Assigns, that before the Ensealing and Delivery here-of he is the True, Sole, and Lawfull Owner of the Above bargained Premisses and is Lawfully Seized and o..essed of the same in his Own proper right as a good Perfect and Absolute Estate of Inheri-tance and hath in himself Good right, full power and Lawfull Au-thority To grant, bargain, Sell, Convey, and Confirm the said Granted & bargained Premisses in manner as Abovesaid, And that the said John Leforge his Heirs and Assigns Shall and may from time to time and at all times for Ever hereafter by Virtue of these pre-sents Lawfully and Quietly Have, hold, use, Occupy, Possess and Enjoy the said Demised Granted & Bargained Premisses with the Appurtenances free and Clear and freely and Clearly Ac-quitted Exonerated, and Discharged of and from all and all manner of Former Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leases, Mortguages, Wills, Entails, Joyntures, Dowrys, Judgments Executions, and Incum-brances Whatsoever And the Said Jethro Manning doth further Cove-nant and bind himself, his Heirs Executors and Administrators and Every of them firmly by these Presents To Warrant and Defend the said John Leforge and his Heirs Executors Administrators and As-signs For Ever in Quiet and Peaceable Possession of all and Singu-lar the said Granted and Bargained Premisses against any Just and Lawfull Claim of any Person or Persons Whatsoever In Witness whereof the Said Jethro Manning and Margret his Wife to this Present Indenture have Interchangeably set their Hands and Seals the day and Year first above Written-
Jethro Manning
Margret X Manning
Sign'd Seal'd & Deliver'd in the presence of us-
Jeremiah Drake
John Pound Junr


After John Leforge, Jr. died in 1748 his son John Leforge III, who had been willed only ten shillings, was sold land in 1751 by his brother Nathaniel, Nathaniel's wife Hannah, and John and Na-thaniel's sister Sarah. Since Sarah had not been willed any of the land, there evidently had been other legal arrangements previously made within the family. The following is copied from the original document, also given to Phyllis Jones by "Dottie" Childs in 1993:

"This Indenture Made This Twenty third Day of April in the Twenty fourth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George by the grace of god King over great Brittain france & Ireland Defendor of the faith & in Anno Donomi" one Thousand Seven Hundred & fifty one Between Nathaniel Leforge & Hannah Leforge His wife & Sarah Leforge all of Piscataway in the county of Middlesex & Province of East New Jersey of the one part and John Leforge of ye same place & province aforsd. of the other Part Witnesseth that the said Nathaniel Le-forge Hannah Leforge & Sarah Leforge Hath for and in Consideration of the Sum of Two Hundred and Thirty Pounds Current Money of the province at Eight Shillings an ource to them in hand paid Before the Ensealing and Delivery Hereof by the Said John Leforge the Re-ceipt Whereof they do Hereby Acknowledge to themselves Therewith fully Satisfied Contented and thereof & therefrom Every part & par-cil thereof do Exonorate Acquit and Discharge the said John Leforge his heirs Exers. Admrs. for ever by these presents Have Granted Bargained Sold Alienated Enfeeofed Conveyed and Confirmed and by these presents Doth Absolutely Grant Bargain Sell Alien Enfeeof Convey & Confirm unto the Said John Leforge His Heirs & Assigns ........& Singular of ................ Nathl. Leforges Farther John Leforge Deceased Given to him by will Situated in the Township of Piscataway Begining Near a White oak tree marked on four sides thence runing East Along ye Line of In. Molleson Eleven Chains & Seven Links to a stake placed for a Corner Between Td. Nathel. & David Leforge houses runing North Thirty Minutes East Fifty four Chains & one half to ye Line of Jeremiah Blackfords thence North Eighty five Degrees West Ten Chains & Sixty Seven Links To A Black oak Sapling Marked for a Corner Between Nicolas Leforge & Td. Nathl. Leforge then South one Degree West fifty Six Chains to the first Begining Containing Fifty Six Acres Bounded South by In. Molleson Land East by Land Left to David Leforge by will North by Jeremiah Blackford Line & West by Nicolas Leforge Elisha Whitehead & Henry Molleson Lines Together with all the Houses Barns Orchards Gardains fences .... Under Wood Warters Warter Courses pastures feedings .....ts Priveleges Advantages Heridetments & Appurtences Unto the Same Belonging or in Any Manner of way appertaining and all the right title Intrest Property Possesion Claim or Demand Whatsoever Either in Law Equity of them ye Td. Nathl. Leforge Han-nah Leforge & Sarah Leforge of in or to the same With the Reve..ons Remainders .onts Isues and profits thereof and of Every part and parcil thereof To Have and To Hold the said tract of Land Before by these presents granted and sold or Meant Mentioned or Intended to be Hereby granted and sold with all and singular of the appurte-nances aforsd. Unto him the said John Leforege his heirs and asigns to his and their own (illegible line on fold of paper) and agree to and with the said John Leforge his heirs and asigns in Manner fol-lowing that is to say that at the time of Ensealing and Delivery Hereof He is the true Sole owner of the Above Bargained premises and that he is Lawfully Seized & posest of the same of a good & Indefenzable Estate of Inheritance in fee Simple and that he hath in himself good right full power & Athority to grant and Convey the Same in Manner as aforsd. and that he the Td. John Leforge his heirs and assigns Shall and may at all times Hereafter by Virtue of these presents Lawfully Peaseably and Quietly have hold use Occopy Possess and Enjoy the Same free & clear freely and clearly acquited Exonerated & Discharged of and from all & all ..... or former Gifts grants Bargains Sales Leases & Entails Joyntures Dowryes Mortgages Extents Executions or any other Incombrances Whatsoever And the Said Nathaniel Leforge his heirs Executors Admers. the therein and Hereby Granted and Bargained premises and Every part and parcil thereof with the appurtenances Unto Him the Said John Leforge his Heirs & Assigns Against the Just and Lawfull Claim of any Person or Persons Whatsoever Shall & will Warrant and for Ever Defend by these Presents In Witness Whereof the parties to this Present In-denture hath Interchangable sett their Hands & Seals the Day and Year above writtin. Nathaniel Leforge

Sealed and Delivered Hannah X Leforge
In Presents of Mark
John hepburn
Henry Mollesom her
Sarah X Leforge

According to John Christeson the first known LaForge in Amer-ica was Adriaen de La Forge who emigrated to New Amsterdam in 1652. The name also appears as LaForsie, Lavorsie, and LaForse. He appears on the assessment roles of Bushwyck, Long Island in 1675 and 1687. He took the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown in Bushwyck in 1667, when he had been in America for 15 years. There are said to be records of an Adrian LaForge from France who came to New YOrk about 1665, arriving in Staten Island. These may relate to the same person. Adrian is a name found in our family.
The first Adriaen married Jannetje Jans Lyse or Lozier, daugh-ter of Jan Cornelis. They had nine known children, apparently all born in Bushwyck, which John Christeson identifies as being on Long Island and also being in Westchester County.
John (see below)
Nicholas - married Geertje _______
Catherine - married Michael de Grae
Marie or Marytje - baptized May 27, 1685
Aeltje - baptized May 27, 1685
Pieter - baptized Oct. 11, 1689
David - sponsor of baptism at the Dutch Church, Staten Island 1714, 1718. On April 12, 1719 he was a witness to the mar- riage of Charles Mesfiel and Marytje (possibly his sister?)

John LeForge or Lefforge married Frances Marlett, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Marlett, and they settled in Piscataway, MIddlesex County, New Jersey, before 1720. Frances's will dated October 3, 1751 lists her children Abraham, Nicholas, David and Isaac and the five children of her deceased son John (Jr.) The First Seventh-Day Baptist Church of Piscataway was organized in 1705. John died before 1751. Their children were:
John (Junior) - married Sarah; died 1748/9 (see his will)
Nicholas - died 1759 (probably the landowner mentioned in
the 1751 paper above)

From family information, the will of Frances Marlett LaForge, and the will of John Leforge, Jr. we learn that John was a weaver, his wife's name was Sarah and they had the following children alive at the time of his death:

John Leforge III - born May, 1721; died May 5, 1772 in New
Brunswick, NJ - married Rachel Horn May 9, 1745
Nathaniel - born 1722 (according to Abiel LaForge)
David (will proved Jan. 20, 1764)
Frances - married Nathaniel Blackford before 1748
Sarah - born after 1730; listed as Sarah Jones in her
brother David's will

Family records show John Laforge III as a weaver born in 1721 who died May 5, 1772. He had bought land in Piscataway in 1751. He was said to have been married to Rachel Horn (born in 1721/22 and died July 20, 1793) in New Brunswick on May 9, 1745. Notes made by Abiel LaForge seem to have led to a mistaken idea that John and Rachel Horn LaForge had children with names identical to those of his brothers and sisters. However existing papers that may have been torn from family Bibles (two copies exist, one with the name George LaForge on the back and the other with the name William LaForge) list the following:

"John Leforge and Rachel Horn was married
the Ninth day of may 1745
Sapphirah Leforge Daughter of John and Rachel
Leforge was born the third day of august in the year 1746
John Leforge son of John and Rachel Leforge
was born the sixth day of may in the year 1750
Rachel Leforge Daughter of John Leforge and
Rachel was born the twenty Eighth day January
Sarah Leforge Daughter of John and Rachel
Leforge was born the twenty sevnth of July
in the year 1762
July the eleventh day 1756 then sapphira
Leforg Daughter of John Leforge Departed
this life
John Leforge departed this life on the fifth Day of
may in the year 1772 aged fifty one years
Rachel Leforge widdow of John Leforge departed
this life twetyeth of July in the year 1793
aged sevnty two year"

(John Christeson's research gives John III's children as Samuel,
David, Elizabeth, Delilah and Rachel and says John died in 1779.)
John LaForge IV, also a weaver, was born May 6, 1750. He is listed with a woman of similar age in the 1820 census for Phillips in Putnam County, New York. Nearby in the same town are his five sons, (Mathias) Teple, John the fifth, George, Peter and William.

II. LaForge family in Town of Phillips, Putnam County, N.Y.
(from 1820 and 1830 census records)

John LaForge IV b. 5-6-1756 weaver
wife of about the same age
both probably died before 1840
George LaForge son b.c. 1789
wife of similar age and perhaps as many as 12 children
seems to be the family who moved to Shawangunk in Ulster County about 1846 (see below)
(Mathias) Teple LaForge son b. April 1785 Cold Spring, NY
Margaret Le Count LaForge wife b. 4-6-1789 in New Rochelle, NY
2 children listed in 1820
Margaret died 7-31-1828 in Cold Spring, Putnam Co., NY
3 boys & 6 girls listed in 1830, some of whom evidently
were not their children
Teple moved to Wolcott in Wayne Co., NY before 1840
John LaForge V son b.c. 1787
wife of similar age and probably 7 children
lived next to George; moved to Fishkill before 1850
Peter LaForge son b. 1794-1800
Elizabeth Bounds LaForge wife b. 1791/94
5 children
moved to Fishkill before 1840
William LaForge son b. 1794-1803
wife of similar age and 5 children
lived next to his father; records after 1830 not found

John LaForge and his five sons named above are also found in family records. Usually Teple was called Mathias Teple in the fa-mily papers. Since he was born in Cold Spring in the Town of Phil-lips, Putnam County, New York, the family evidently lived there from at least 1785 until probably after the father's death. George's family seems to have gone to Shawangunk in Ulster County about 1846. John and Peter were in Fishkill in Dutchess County by 1850. Teple went to Wayne County where he remarried about 1832.

III. Additional Putnam County records plus Orange Co. LaForges
(from 1830 and 1850 census records)
William LaForge b.c. 1804 in New York state
Frances " b.c. 1805 NY
Phebe J. " b.c. 1837 NY
Charles H. " b.c. 1840 NY
Bernard " b.c. 1843 NY
Emma " b.c. 1848 NY

William was a laborer. On the 1830 census for Phillips Wil-liam's wife and a baby girl were listed as well as a second man of William's age. The girl was not included in 1850 with those listed above. At that time the family was in Cornwall, Orange Co. William may have been a nephew of John LaForge IV.

Phebe E. LaForge b.c. 1848 NY
Listed in Cornwall on 1850 records as living with Henry and Sarah A. Bates and their ten children. The family had come from Connec-ticut about 1830.

Susan LaForge b.c. 1838 NY
Listed in Cornwall on 1850 records as living with John and Mary Orr, their two babies and a 20-year-old miller. John was also a miller and both men had been born in Ireland. They lived near the Bates family.

IV. George LaForge's family in Shawangunk, Ulster Co., N.Y.
(from 1850 and 1880 census records)
In 1850 George was listed as a 70-year-old cooper who had been born in Putnam County. He was living with five other people, in-cluding James Decker, another cooper. The following may all be his descendants.

John LaForge b.c. 1808-1810 Putnam Co., NY
Francis "Fanny" wife b.c. 1814-1816 Ulster Co., NY

Richard LaForge b.c. 1810 Putnam Co., NY laborer
Naoma " b.c. 1813 "
William H. " b.c. 1835 "
Aby Ann " b.c. 1836 "
Isaac " b.c. 1838 "
James " b.c. 1842 "
Stephen " b.c. 1844 "
John " b.c. 1846 Ulster Co., NY
Luiser " b.c. 1849 "

John and Richard may have been sons of George, listed in 1850. The 1880 census has listings for five families that seem to be those of Richard's sons, although some of the birthdates are not consistent. Two other children of Richard may be suggested by a family of another Richard who was born about 1852, and a Sarah (born about 1840) who was listed in 1850 with a Wiley family. The Wiley family lived very close to Richard's family and Sarah may have provided child care at the age of ten.

James LaForge b.c. 1810 or 1840 NY (1880 census)
Isabel " wife b.c. 1840 NY
Martha " dau. b.c. 1861 NY
Eli " son b.c. 1864 NY
Andrew " son b.c. 1868 NY
Jane " dau. b.c. 1872 NY
Mary E. " dau. b.c. 1875 NY
Frank " son b.c. 1878 NY
This may be Richard's son. The date is not clearly legible.

V. Descendants of Teple LaForge (son of John IV)
Although family records say that Teple and Margaret had four children by 1920, only Charles (born in 1817) seems to be shown on that census report. In 1830 the following age groups are given:
1 male 15-19 Samuel (born 1-24-1810) ?
1 male 10-14 Charles (born 1817)
1 male under 5 ? (not in family records)
2 females 15-19 Hannah (born 1813) & ?
1 female 10-14 Eliza (born 8-12-1816)
2 females 5-9 Harriet Jane (born 10-24-1822) & Esther (born 4-18-1822) one date must be an error
1 female under 5 ?

There is one family paper that indicates a daughter Mariah after Esther, but there is no further information to suggest that there was such a child.
In 1840 Teple was in Wolcott, Wayne Co., N.Y. with his second wife, Anna Lancaster. The census suggests that she was born be-tween 1800 and 1810. The other age groups are:
1 male 20-29 Charles ?
1 male 5- 9 John C. (born 1833)
1 female 10-14 corresponds with the last one listed in 1920
1 female 5- 9 Jemima Ann (born 6-19-1834)
2 females under 5 Catherine (unknown birthdate) & Abigail (born in 1835 or 1845)
Another son, William Pryor LaForge, was born May 2, 1842.

In 1840 Samuel was living in Fishkill, Dutchess Co., N.Y. with his wife Susannah Fuller LaForge, their daughter Susan (born Dec. 19, 1838 in Highlands, Dutchess County, NY) and a woman thirty years older than Susannah. Susannah died March 9, 1847 when their son Abiel was almost five. Samuel married the widow or divorcee Julia Davy Swart and they lived in New Windsor, Orange County, N.Y. at the time of the 1850 census.
Samuel LaForge m 38 NY laborer
Julia " f 40 NY
Susan " f 11 NY
Abial " m 7 NY
Emily Swart f 11 NY
Richard " m 8 NY
Maria " f 5 NY

Family records state that Samuel was born in Lyons, Wayne County, N.Y. on January 24, 1810. If that is true Teple must have moved there and then moved back to Phillips before 1820. However, the same records state that Teple married Margaret Le Count in the Dutch Reformed Church in Fishkill on April 12, 1811. Further research may clear this up.
In about 1851 Samuel and Julia were divorced. Samuel moved to Independence, Allegheny County, N.Y. where he lived with Susan and Abiel near the farm of Stephen and Anna Coats Potter. Susan was to marry Joseph Potter, their son. Later Abiel returned to Orange County where he worked and lived with Thomas Clemence's family.
Samuel moved to Wisconsin where his father and siblings lived. There he married Mary Wakefield Longdo and they had two daughters. Roselia was probably the baby mentioned in the diary on 5-22-1864.
Military records for Abiel include his request for leave on May 4, 1865 in order to "visit my father who is dangerously ill at Menomonie, Wisconsin". However, his diary shows that he did not actually go there while on leave. Samuel's daughter Josephine was born July 3, 1865.

VI. Descendants of John LaForge V (son of John IV)
The 1830 census for Phillips shows John with a wife and the following children:
2 males 10-14 (names unknown)
1 male 5- 9 (unknown)
2 females 15-19 (possibly the Ellen J. on the 1860 census)
1 female under 5 (unknown)

In 1850 he and his 59-year-old wife Phebe lived in Fishkill, Dutchess Co. with two children that may have been granddaughters. Mary E. LaForge was 8 and Sarah J. LaForge was 7. In 1860, when John was a 76-year-old laborer and Phebe was 68, there were two other women living with them. One was Ellen J. LaForge (45) and the other was Elizabeth Nanen (25).

VII. Descendants of Peter LaForge (son of John IV)
Peter moved to Fishkill between 1830 and 1840 and died before 1850. His family consisted of:
Peter LaForge b.c. 1794-1800
Elisabeth " wife b.c. 1796 NY
Rachel " dau. b.c. 1815 NY
Phebe E. " dau. b.c. 1820 NY
Jane " dau. b.c. 1826/28 NY
Benjamin " son b.c. 1825/28 NY

In 1850 Elisabeth lived in Fishkill with Benjamin, Phebe and Jane. Benjamin was a machinist and Thomas May, a 23-year-old ma-chinist lived with them. In the other half of the house Rachel lived with her husband Thomas Way (34) and their three children, Emily (9), John P. (6), and Charles W. (4). Benjamin and Jane may have been twins.
In 1860 and 1880 Benjamin was married and listed with his family:
Benjamin LaForge b.c. 1825/28 NY
Jane " wife b.c. 1827/28 NY
Grace " dau. b.c. 1857 NY
Peter " son b. May 1860 NY
Ray " dau. b.c. 1866 NJ ?
Horatio " son b.c. 1869 NY

Benjamin and Peter worked in a machine shop.

VIII. Possible descendants of William (son of John IV)
Census records for Phillips in 1820 and 1830 indicate the following family:
William b. 1794-1803
1 female wife? b. 1794-1800
2 males b. 1816-1820
2 females b. 1821-1825
1 female b. 1826-1830

The following LaForges may be his descendants. In 1850 they were living in Fishkill in Dutchess County, N.Y., living with other families. Some bear the same names as Samuel's children, but the birthdates are not right.
Agustus Fuller b.c. 1825 NY laborer (see Fuller family)
Hannah " b.c. 1827 NY
Martin " b.c. 1846 NY
Alice " b.c. 1849 NY
Eliza LaForge b.c. 1824 NY
Harriet J. LaForge b.c. 1846 NY

Two houses away from Augustus Fuller the Boice family included:
William Boice b.c. 1822 NY machinist
Nancy " b.c. 1823 NY
James P. LaForge b.c. 1846 NY
Geo. Boice b. 1849/50 NY

Not far away was the Tuttle household, including:
Elisabeth Tuttle b.c. 1802 NY
Hannah LaForge b.c. 1827 NY
Hester A. LaForge b.c. 1848 NY
Jeremiah Tuttle b.c. 1838 NY Laborer
Abram Tuttle b.c. 1842 NY

Hannah and Hester are again together in 1860 in Fishkill:
Henry Pyers b.c. 1834 NY laborer
Hannah Pyers b.c. 1826 NY
Hester A. LaForge b.c. 1848 NY
Abraham Tuttle b.c. 1843 NY

IX. Rowland H. Macy, Jr. - military records

Records recently obtained from the National Archives give information about "R. H. Macy alias Charles H. Mitchell, a Substi-tute".
Aug. 8, 1864 - enlisted at Newark, New Jersey
Aug. 19, 1864 - deserted at Camp Taylor, Virginia
Aug. 23, 1864 - in Forrest Hall Prison, Georgetown, D.C.
Aug. 29, 1864 - referred to General Court Martial in session
at Camp Barry, D.C.
Dec. 19, 1864 - found guilty and sentenced "to forfeit all Pay
and allowances up to Nov. 11 64 and $10.00 per
month of his monthly pay for 18 months to make good time lost (three days).
June 8, 1865 - approval of commuted sentence, changing 18
months to 4 months
June 21, 1865 - transferred from 106 N.Y. Inf. to 49 N.Y.Vols.
June 23, 1865 - mustered out of service

X. Family of Nelson R. Crandall of Andover, Allegany Co.,New York
(from 1850, 1860 & 1870 census records - birth dates approximate)

Nelson R. Crandall b.c. 1812 farmer
Laura wife b.c. 1813
Aurelia daughter b.c. 1838 (not listed with fam- ily in 1860 or 1870)
Ellen daughter b.c. 1839 (not there in 1870)
Clarissa daughter b.c. 1842 (not there in 1870)
Sherman G. son b.c. 1845 (not there in 1870)
William R. son b.c. 1847
Maxson A. son b.c. 1851

All of the above had been born in New York state. Listed only on the 1850 census was Susana Louls, age 74, who had been born in Rhode Island. Perhaps she was Laura's mother.

XI. Family of Thomas Clemence of New Windsor, Orange County, N.Y.
(from 1850 and 1860 census records)

Thomas Clemence b.c. 1798 NY farmer
Sarah wife b.c. 1793 NY
Phebe A. daughter b.c. 1822 NY (not there in 1860)
Samuel M. son b.c. 1824 NY farmer
John son b.c. 1832 NY farmer

In 1860 the following were also with the family:
Abeal Laforge age 16 born in NY farm laborer Emeline Sinsuburgh age 18 born in NY servant

XII. The Fuller Family
Susanna Fuller, the mother of Abiel T. LaForge, is said to be descended from Edward and Ann Fuller, who came to America on the "Mayflower" in 1620. Their son Samuel was orphaned that winter when his parents were among the many who did not survive. Accord-ing to family records the line of descent is:
Samuel Fuller (b. 1612) & Jane Lathrop
John Fuller (b. 1656) & Mehitable Rowley
Ben Fuller (b. 1701) & Content Fuller of East Haddon, CT
Josiah Fuller (b. 1729) & Irene Dickinson of East Haddon
Abiel Fuller & Sussanah Dickens
Susanna Fuller & Samuel LaForge
Abiel Teple LaForge

Abiel Fuller and Sussanah Dickens were both said to be born in 1773, but census records indicate that he was born before 1770. He was one of at least five children, others being Josiah, Jesse, Levi and Lydia. According to family records his children were Stephen, William, Josiah, Levi, Susanna, Betsy, Martin and Abiel. The 1820 census for Dutchess County, New York includes:
1 male 45+ "Abial", then 47 years old
1 male 27-47 possibly Stephen
2 males 10-16 probably Martin and Josiah
1 male under 10 possibly Abiel, Jr.
1 female 45+ his wife Sussanah
1 female under 10 possibly Betsy

Abiel's 14-year-old daughter Susanna worked in a felt shop and evidently was not living at home in 1820. A William Fuller is listed on the same census page as Abiel and could have been his son. Both were farmers. William and his wife, both born between 1796 and 1800 then had two children under ten, a boy and a girl.

The 1830 census for Fishkill shows:
1 male 60-69 Abiel Fuller
2 males 15-19 possibly Abiel, Jr.
1 female 50-59 probably Sussanah
1 female 20-29 possibly Betsy

In the same year William, Josiah and Martin had their own house-holds not far away. William and his wife now had six children:
3 boys - one born 1810-1815 and two born 1820-1825
3 girls - one b. 1815-1820; one b. 1820-1825; & one after 1825
The Agustus Fuller mentioned earlier may have been one of William's sons.

In 1840 Abiel Fuller, Sr. and his wife were still farming in Fishkill. With them was a man in his sixties and two men in their twenties, one of whom might have been Abiel, Jr.

XIII. Family of Martin Fuller (son of Abiel)
(from 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 and 1880 census records)
Martin Fuller b.c. 1803 NY farmer or farm laborer
Rachel " wife b.c. 1808 NY couldn't read or write
? " son b.c. 1820/25
? " dau. b.c. 1825/30
Adeline " dau. b.c. 1832 NY
? " son b.c. 1835/40
Mary E. " dau. b.c. 1842 NY
Phebe J. " dau. b.c. 1844/45 NY

In 1850 the five individuals named above lived next door to the Wood family, Edmund, his wife Phebe and three-year old Chas. H. Ten years later Chas Wood is listed as a 15-year-old living with the widowed Rachel Fuller and her two youngest daughters. "Aunt Rachel" and "cousins Mary and Phebe" are mentioned often in the diaries. Adeline shows up in 1880 with the family of another Mar-tin Fuller. Since he wasn't with her mother in 1850 or 1860, it is unlikely that he is a younger brother.
birth places
Martin Fuller b.c. 1848 NY NY NY boiler maker
Jane " b.c. 1849 NJ Eng Eng
Lillie " b.c. 1868 NJ NY NJ
Bertha b.c. 1878 NY NY NJ
Adeline Jaycox b.c. 1833 NY NY NY widow / keeps house
James E. " b.c. 1859 MA NY NY drives team
George " b.c. 1866 NJ NY NY file cutters apprentice

XIV. Family of Josiah Fuller (son of Abiel)
(from 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860 census records)
Josiah Fuller b.c. 1804 NY farmer
Sophia " wife b.c. 1803 NY
? " dau. b.c. 1820/25
? " son b.c. 1820/25
Mary " dau. b.c. 1831 NY
Sarah " dau. b.c. 1833 NY
? " dau. b.c. 1835/40
Caroline " dau. b.c. 1842 NY
Josiah " son b.c. 1844 NY

This is the family of "Uncle Joe" who was mentioned many times in the diaries. Caroline is probably "cousin Cal Frost".
In 1850 a 20-year-old farm laborer, Lewis Mellman, was listed with the family. In 1860 Josiah, Jr. was the only child at home, but others with them were Josiah Richmond (ten years old and possi-bly a grandson), a 56-year-old farm laborer named Henry Smith, and 15-year-old Margaret Frost.

XV. John Fuller
According to the 1880 census records, there were very few Fullers in the Fishkill/Matteawan area. It is uncertain where John fits into the family.
John Fuller b.c. 1853 NY works in a felt hat shop
Dora " wife b.c. 1854 Bremen
May " dau. b.c. 1875 NY
Dora " dau. b.c. 1879 NY

XVI. The Potter family in Andover, Allegheny County, N.Y.
(from 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 census records and family records)
According to Edith Potter Childs, the great-granddaughter of Abiel's sister Susan LaForge Potter, this family is traced back to the earlier days of the Rhode Island colony. Abiel's diaries and letters have many references to the family in Andover.
In 1850 Stephen Potter III and his second wife, Anna Coats Potter, were living with four of their five children. Their oldest son, Stephen IV had a farm of his own.

Stephen Potter b. 8- 5-1785 Hopkinton, RI
Anna " wife b. 12-11-1793
Martha Coon dau. b. 11-10-1813 Petersburg, NY
Joseph Potter son b. 1-27-1820 Petersburg, NY
Oscar Coon b.c. 1835 (Martha's son?)
Perry Potter son b. 4-22-1826 Andover, NY
Mary Jane dau. b. 10-22-1828

Mary Jane is usually referred to in the diaries as Jane or Janie.

Stephen Potter Jr. (IV) b. 4- 1-1816 Petersburg, NY
Mary J. " wife b. 1823
Lucinda M. " dau. b. 8-10-1849 Independence, NY

The 1860 census lists Joseph Potter with his wife Susan, his sister Mary Jane who does embroidering, his sister Martha Coon who is a tayloress, and his widowed mother. In 1870 Mary Jane and his mother were still living with them, along with six-year-old Oscar. The 1880 census was given at the beginning of this epilogue. In 1900 Susan LaForge Potter Saunders and her second husband, Anson P. Saunders, were living at 105 N. Main Street in Alfred, N.Y.

Joseph and his brother Perry lived on neighboring farms.
Perry Potter b. 4-22-1826 Andover, NY
Sally Ann " wife b. 8-26-1831 NY
Frank W. " son b. 8-12-1852 PA
John Charles " son b. 6-21-1856 NY
(also listed as Charles G)
Mary Florence " dau. b. 7-22-1858 NY
Edith Eugenia " dau. b. 10-16-1866 NY
Fred Stephen " son b. 10-16-1870 NY

Mary Florence was the "little Mattie" who died on July 23, 1867. Her brother "Charley" was thrown from a horse and died on October 2, 1871. Earlier that year Edith had died when less than four months old. The 1880 census lists Perry and Sally Ann with their sons Frank and Fred and also Frank's wife Ella.

Two other Potters were listed in Andover on the same page of the 1850 census. It is not clear whether or how they might be related.
William Potter b.c. 1797 NY shoemaker
Catherine b.c. 1830 NY

Leonard D. Potter b.c. 1814 NY shoemaker
Minerva " b.c. 1816 NY
Joshua Livey b.c. 1784 CT farmer
Achsa " b.c. 1798 NY

Joshua's last name is difficult to make out. It might be Divey.

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