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(Photo of Raceway, Ed Schwalb Studio, Wellsville c. 1940's; Just prior to start of auto racing it is believed. A neat 1/2 mile........Wellsville, NY)

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Sunday,   November 5, will mark the grand finale for the current season of stock car   racing at the Wellsville Raceway with a benefit program for the Wellsville   Booster Club, an organization pledged to keep PONY league ball in Wellsville   next season.


A   40-lap feature event will climax an afternoon of thrilling races. Because of   the full program, racing will start promptly at 1:30.

An   unusual feature on the program will be a special match race in which six cars   will make four laps of the track, slam to a stop in front of the grandstand,   turn around and then complete the race by running in the opposite direction.



The 1951 racing season gets under way   Sunday, May 20, at 2;30 p. M. at. the Wellsville Race-way with a program of   seven events including a 25 lap feature race.

The Atlantic Stock Car Racing Association.   of Corning will be back again with many of the drivers who were track   favorites last season. Included will be little Curly Hatfield of Corning,   Dean Layfield, 50-lap champion of the 1950 season, unlucky “Lucky” Cornish of   Elmira, Whitey Gorsuch, the Flying Dutchman of Andover and the likeable Jack   Thomas of Wellsville.

The drivers will come to the Raceway with   a month of racing under their belts because the Atlantic also conducts racing   at Owego, N. Y., and Troy, Pa., tracks.

Although the cars will be straight stock,   many new wrinkles under the heading of stock parts will be found on the cars   of 1951. Raceway officials promise that the 1951 season will offer a program   that will be hard to beat. Included are midget and big car races along with   an auto thrill show.



Stock car races in Wellsville were   prohibited on order of Mayor Martin, acting on orders from the District   Attorney, Allen Mapes, this week.

The races are reported to have been ruled   a nuisance on the complaint of a woman living near the track.



Stock Car Races

At Wellsville

Saturday Night

Miles Gorsuch and Robert Mitchell of   Andover are expected to be among the 50 drivers who will enter stock cars in   the first night racing card scheduled at the Wellsville Raceway on Saturday   night of this week.

Closed since June 10 when the directors of   the raceway voluntarily closed their track in compliance of the much disputed   Blue Laws prohibiting Sunday racing, the fast Wellsville track has been   equipped with flood-lights Which will make it possible to race at night.

Installed at considerable expense, the   floodlights will illuminate the track with a total of over 51,000 watts which   engineers promise will be adequate light for excellent vision on the part of   drivers and spectators alike.

It has also been revealed that the   Atlantic Stock Car Association, with whom the raceway has an agreement, has   opened racing to "modified stocks” which means that faster cars will be   appearing at the Wellsville track. According to an authoritative source modified   stock cars may be equipped with high lift cams, motor block may be bored out   and other alterations made to improve speed.

The Saturday night program will include a   total of seven races, with a 20 lap feature race topping the evening's   entertainment. Starting time is 8:00 o'clock.






With an obstacle race as an added feature   attraction, area stock car drivers will .compete in the second night racing   card at the Wellsville Raceway, Wellsville, on Saturday night of this week.

The track, which is reputed to be the   fastest and best lighted oval in Western New York State, has been opened to   modified stock cars and times of heats, semi-finals and of the feature 20-lap   race were exceptionally fast as records for eight, 12 and 20 laps fell to   heavy-footed drivers when night racing was inaugurated last Saturday night.

Dean. Sprague, Wellsville,, in a souped-up   Ford, lowered' the 20-lap record to 11 minutes; five seconds, while hitting   an average of 54 miles per hour as he liter-ally walked away with the   night-cap. The former record was held by Dean Layfield, also of Wellsville.

A new eight-lap record was set by George   Egbert, Scio, at 4:30, compared with a previous 4:36 time. He came back in a   semi-final heat to knock Curly Hatfield' 7:07.2 record for 12 laps down to   6:58.2.

Next Saturday night in addition ,to a   scheduled seven events, a special obstacle race will be staged in which bales   of hay will liberally sprinkled around the track and which drivers will   at-tempt to dodge as they challege each other for the checker flag. This   attraction has been used in the west and mid-west and has proven to be   thrill-packed from start to finish.

It has also been announced that a drawing   will be made Saturday night with the winner to be given the thrill of a   driver's view of the track as he, or she, co-pilots Miles "Whitey"   Gorsuch on a two-lap ride around the oval.

Starting time Saturday night is eight   o'clock.

Miles Gorsuch and “Bob” Mitchell of   Andover both finished in the money Saturday night, Gorsuch a second place and   Mitchell in a fourth.






Loren Doan of Knoxville, in his yellow and   black Hudson, walked away with the honors at the Wellsville Raceway Saturday   night as he flashed to a first place in the feature race and annexed second   place in the heat and semi-final races.

Although he picked up 13 points in   standings, Doan still trails Dean Layfield by 13 points. Layfield added nine   points to this previous total of 38 to remain seven points ahead of his   nearest rival, George Egbert of Scio.

The Canaseraga Central School band opened   a six-week band competition which is being sponsored by the Raceway and were   impressive in their green and white uniforms. Prior to the races they   presented a 15-minute program in front of the grandstand and then played   during the races.

Raceway officials have announced that the   Potter County Pamona Grange Band, composed of musicians from the Cowanesque   Valley, would be on hand this Saturday night to entertain racing fans. The   Grange Band is reported to be one of the best organizations in Northern   Pennsylvania and are expected to offer real competition to other bands in the   contest.

Jack Brownell, Wellsville, furnished the   thrill of the night when he ran his red and yellow Ford coupe through the   crash rail, and apparently only slightly slowed down, knocked a hole in the   fence and disappeared. Uninjured, Brownell said tht he would be back in this   week with a new car.

The semi-annual championship race which is   scheduled to be held a week from Saturday night, is expected to bring the   tops in stock car racing.







With their eye on an expected large purse   and Trophy which will go to the winner of the Mid-summer Championship Race,   area stock car drivers will converge on the Wellsville Raceway on Saturday   night of this week.

A full program of qualifying heats, and   semi-finals is scheduled in addition to the Championship Race and competition   is expected to be the keenest of the year as the drivers will all be riding   intent on at least getting into the feature race.

Dean Sprague, who has shown his heels to   the entrants at Wellsville nearly every time he has taken his car on the   track, is rated the favorite for the Championship, but may not be able to   compete after having damaged both of his Ford cars last week. Whether he will   have either of them ready to go this week is problematical.

Dutch Hoag, Naples, a newcomer to the   Wellsville Oval last week, gave notice that he was a contender for the   Championship as he roared to two first places, one in the qualifying heats   and in the feature, and was awarded a first place in the semi-final when Gus   Nelson, Bradford, who finished in first place, was set back to second for   passing a car on the yellow caution flag.

Dean Layfield, who is leading all drivers   in points standings, will also be a serious contender for the Championship,   and will be out to make it two in a row, having won the 50-lap Championship   race last fall.

Gus Nelson, Bradford, in his Red Coupe,   equaled the eight-lap record of 4:30 held jointly by George Egbert, Scio and   Sprague, and then knocked 22 seconds off the 10 lap record set by Loren Doan,   Knoxville.




Race Won By

Naples Driver

Dutch Hoag, Naples   mechanic, driving for only the second time on the Wellsville   Raceway last Saturday night walked away with   $140 in prize money and a trophy as winner of the mid-season championship   race, which covered 40 laps.

This Saturday a special   even­ing of races is planned and offi­cials have announced that the Scio   Firemen's Band, one of the most out-standing musical organ­izations in the   area and a group which has won countless prizes, will be on hand to compete   in the band contest.

It is also revealed   that track officials will pick the four fast­est cars with drivers competing   against time for a special award. Real speed is expected in this event with   drivers not confronted with the necessity of watching for other cars on the   track.

Directors of the Raceway, in hopes of presenting as much as   possible in the way of entertain­ment have also announced that a horse   pulling contest would be staged if a sufficient number of teamsters were   available in the area. Men owning teams who would be interested in a contest   are asked to drop a card to Mr. Herold Ford; at Ford & Peckham, Andover.



Saturday Night

And Labor Day

Races at Wellsville

Officials of the Wellsville Raceway have   announced that a Spectacular weekend in stock car races is slated for the   fast Wells­ville track, featuring both regular stock and semi-modified cars.

A regular full program of six races will   be held Saturday night and the promoters have guar­anteed a $1000.00 purse   for Monday, Labor Day afternoon. Such outstanding drivers as Gus Nelson of   Bradford, Pa., Loren Dean, Knoxville, Pa., George Egbert, Scio, Dean and Herb   Layfield, Wellsville and Curley Hatfield, Elmira will be on hand plus many   other drivers who will be hoping for a portion of the $1000.00 prize money.

One of the best feature races this year   was witnessed last Sat­urday night when Dean in a strictly stock Hudson was   edged out by Nelson driving a modified Ford. Under the classified style of   racing, strictly stock cars com­pete against each other, as do modified cars   in all races except the feature. In the feature race the modified cars are   started ap­proximately 3/10 of a mile behind their slower rivals. This means   that the modified cars must make up the extra distance and then work their   way through a field of as many as 20 regular stocks. This makes for added   excitement to spectators and a much   fairer race for all the drivers.

The other five races were equally   thrilling, with new track records set for eight and twelve laps. George   Egbert averaged 58 mph   in an eight lap heat and Gus Nelson   negotiated the twelve lap-semi-finals in 6:42 seconds. The eight lap record   was formerly held jointly by Egbert, Sprague and Nelson and the 12 lap record   was held by Dean.

Curley   Hatfield, whose fiancé has promised to marry him, but not until he wins a   feature race, came   from deep in the pack but couldn’t do better than fourth place.



Nelson Features

Week-end Race

Gus Nelson of Bradford   proved to area stock car fans at the Wellsville Raceway over the weekend that   he not only had a lot of   soup under the hood but also that he knew how to run it as he drove to first   places in the feature races both Saturday and Monday; received the checkered   flag in four other events and was second in the only other two races in which   he was entered.

His superb driving   netted him a total of 23 points for the two days and pushed him well into the   lead among drivers on the track.

Nelson pushed George   Egbert of Scio to a new track record of 5:30 for 10 laps Saturday night,   eclipsing the old record held jointly by Nelson and Dutch Hoag of Naples.   Not to be over-shadowed, Nelson came back in the 12-lap semi-final and hung   up a new record of 6:42 and Monday chopped an even 12 sec­onds from this,   lowering the rec­ord for the distance to 6:30.

Nelson also knocked   three seconds off the track record in the feature event as he clocked at   11:12. The former record of 11:15 was set by the late Dean Sprague on July   14.

Doan came in for his   share of the glory and incidentally the prize money, as he drove his yellow   and black stock to first place in the first heat and first semi-final and   staged a battle with Nelson in the feature.

Another full program of   rac­ing is planned at Wellsville and as an added attraction the Rushford   Community Band, winner of many awards in marching compe­tition will be   present to perform prior to and during the racing program.



Hoag, Nelson, Doan

Feature at Raceway

Spectators looking for   thrills, really found plenty of them at the Wellsville Raceway, Satur­day   night when Dutch Hoag of Naples; Loren Doan of Knoxville and Gus Nelson of Bradford staged what   was probably the most outstanding races of the season.

Hoag, who returned to   the Wellsville track after a lay off of several weeks following the sale of   the car which he drove to the Mid-season Championship, apparently has another   modified equally as good as the first. He drove to first place in all three races in which he was   entered.

Doan, still driving his   strictly stock car, finished first in his heat, was second to Dean Layfield   in the semi and third in the feature. This Saturday night in addition to the   regular card of six races it was planned to have Doan, Hoag and Nelson race   against the clock in an effort to determine which car is the fastest when not   hampered by a congested track.

The Rushford Band was   on hand Saturday night to compete in the area band contest being held in   connection with the Sat­urday night races. Efforts are being made to secure   another group for this week and if suc­cessful this will mark the con­clusion   of the contest. Bands which have competed are, The Canaseraga Central School   Band, Scio Firemen's Band, Tioga County Grange Band, and the Rushford Band.   Supporters of these groups are urged to send their votes to Robert Wilson in   Whitesville, as soon as possible in order that the finals may be ar­ranged.   The ultimate winner of the contest will receive a $100 prize.




Band Finals at Wellsville Raceway

Finals in the area band contest which has been sponsored by   officials of the Wellsville Raceway are scheduled to he held Saturday night   of this week prior to the regular   program of stock car racing.

Incomplete tabulations show the Scio Band   and the Rushford Band to be leading but the final tally will not he released   until later. The winner of the first elimination which will bring to­gether   the two most popular bands will result in a $100 prize to the band which   secures the greatest number of votes Satur­day.

In races last week, Dutch Hoag of Naples   again came through with three victories, including the 20-lap feature and   also placed second in a strictly modified heat. Loren Doan of Knoxville won   first in the strictly stock heat and semi-final race. Emory Mann of Warren,   Pa. won the second heat for strictly stock cars.

Nelson of Bradford managed to hold his   total point lead although Dean Layfield narrowed the margin to five points.   Doan moved into third place with 97 points and Egbert dropped back into   fourth place. Officials of the Atlantic Stock Car Racing Association have   announced that the annual Cham­pionship race will be held on the Wellsville   track, Saturday night, September 29.



Championship Race at Wellsville

Saturday Night

The   stock car epic of the year will be staged at the Wellsville Raceway Saturday   night when 30 heavy footed drivers will compete in the annual 50 lap   Championship race with the winner to receive a handsome trophy to be awarded   by the Atlantic Stock Car Racing Association.

Dutch   Hoag of Naples, Gus Nelson of Bradford, Loran Doan of Knoxville, George   Egbert of Scio and Dean Layfield of Wellsville, based on previous   performances, are conceded to be the favorites in the race with Jack Thomas   and Walt Babbitt of Wellsville and Curly Hatfield of Elmira, given more than   an outside chance.

Although   the above named drivers have massed the greatest number of points during the   current season, the 50-lap, 25 mile race is a grueling test on both driver   and car, and because of this a rank outsider can very well come through with   an upset victory.

Included   on the evening’s card will be a full program of six races, including the   feature with strictly stock cars and semi-modified cars run in separate   heats.

The   races scheduled last week were called following the first heat when rain   caused an excessively muddy track and proved a hazard to drivers.

Stock   car racing has risen to be one of the most popular sports in the country and   if you are looking for an evening of thrills, plan to witness the   championship race at the Wellsville Raceway Saturday night.




Car Races Saturday.

Horse Pulling Sunday

It   was predicted last week that almost anything could happen and probably would   during a 50 lap Championship Stock Car Race and that just about tells the   story of activities at the Wellsville Raceway last Satur­day night.

A   last minute decision result­ed in the running of a 50 lap race for strictly   modified cars and a 25 lap feature for semi-modified cars.

Dean   Layfield, who won the 1950 Championship race, came through with his second   big vic­tory as he shook off all challengers with an average speed of 51.6   mph. Loren Doan of Knox­ville went into an early lead but threw a right front   wheel in the 21st lap and was forced to withdraw. Dutch Hoag, who usually   drives in the modified classifi­cation, was entered in the Championship race   but he also lost a wheel and although he ne­gotiated six laps on three wheels   and a brake drum, he crashed into the fence in the 28th lap.

In   the modified feature the race developed into a battle between Curly Hatfield,   Dutch Hoag, Gus Nelson, Jack Thomas and Herb Layfield with Thomas taking   advantage of the breaks to score his first major win of the season.

Although   the Championship race was scheduled to be the final program of the season,   track officials have announced that due to the large number of spectators who   expressed their desire to have the races continue a regular card of six   events will be held this Saturday night.

The   gas burners will give way to the hay burners Sunday afternoon at the   Wellsville Raceway when area teamsters will compete in a horse pulling   con-test in front of the grandstand. A spokesman for the raceway stated the   prizes will be large enough to draw out the best teams in western New York.

Interested   horseman who desire additional information should contact either Ralph E.   Benjamin from Wellsville or Herold Ford at Andover.

The   contest is slated to begin at 2:00 p.m. and team owners should plan to have   their entry on the grounds by 1:30.

The   addition of a horse pulling contest is in keeping with track officials   attempts to make the raceway available for diversified spectators   entertainment.


At   present I have no further articles from the Andover News until the following:


Stock Car Races Open

Again in Wellsville

Wellsville   Raceway stock car races that were recently discontinued by Buffalo promoter   Ben Lalomia will be resumed under new management on Friday evening, July 31,   and will be conducted through the month of August each Friday night.

Jim Dean, Wellsville resident and part   owner of the track will take over the promotion and operation of the track on   an individual basis.