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Car Races Saturday.

Horse Pulling Sunday

It   was predicted last week that almost anything could happen and probably would   during a 50 lap Championship Stock Car Race and that just about tells the   story of activities at the Wellsville Raceway last Satur­day night.

A   last minute decision result­ed in the running of a 50 lap race for strictly   modified cars and a 25 lap feature for semi-modified cars.

Dean   Layfield, who won the 1950 Championship race, came through with his second   big vic­tory as he shook off all challengers with an average speed of 51.6   mph. Loren Doan of Knox­ville went into an early lead but threw a right front   wheel in the 21st lap and was forced to withdraw. Dutch Hoag, who usually   drives in the modified classifi­cation, was entered in the Championship race   but he also lost a wheel and although he ne­gotiated six laps on three wheels   and a brake drum, he crashed into the fence in the 28th lap.

In   the modified feature the race developed into a battle between Curly Hatfield,   Dutch Hoag, Gus Nelson, Jack Thomas and Herb Layfield with Thomas taking   advantage of the breaks to score his first major win of the season.

Although   the Championship race was scheduled to be the final program of the season,   track officials have announced that due to the large number of spectators who   expressed their desire to have the races continue a regular card of six   events will be held this Saturday night.

The   gas burners will give way to the hay burners Sunday afternoon at the   Wellsville Raceway when area teamsters will compete in a horse pulling   con-test in front of the grandstand. A spokesman for the raceway stated the   prizes will be large enough to draw out the best teams in western New York.

Interested   horseman who desire additional information should contact either Ralph E.   Benjamin from Wellsville or Herold Ford at Andover.

The   contest is slated to begin at 2:00 p.m. and team owners should plan to have   their entry on the grounds by 1:30.

The   addition of a horse pulling contest is in keeping with track officials   attempts to make the raceway available for diversified spectators   entertainment.


At   present I have no further articles from the Andover News until the following:


Stock Car Races Open

Again in Wellsville

Wellsville   Raceway stock car races that were recently discontinued by Buffalo promoter   Ben Lalomia will be resumed under new management on Friday evening, July 31,   and will be conducted through the month of August each Friday night.

Jim Dean, Wellsville resident and part   owner of the track will take over the promotion and operation of the track on   an individual basis.