The Bridges of Angelica
by Robert Dorsey

Below is a picture of a bridge labeled Cattle Bridge.. 


This bridge was located at Closser Avenue.  George Herdman was driving cattle across the bridge when it collapsed into the creek.  This was in 1927.  A temporary bridge was erected in its place. 


This scan shows a bunch of kids standing on the temporary bridge.  Work started on its replacement October 1, 1932 when it became necessary to replace a fairly new bridge near the present day Belvidere Restaurant.  The new bridge at Belvidere needed to cross the Erie Railroad.  The bridge that had been located at that site was moved to Angelica and located on Closser Avenue. 


This Closser Avenue Bridge was replaced during construction of the Southern Tier Expressway.


The bridge labeled South Street Bridge was disabled during the 1972 flood.  While some people had hoped it would be turned into a foot bridge or replaced it was moved to Friendship and is still used as a bridge behind Friendship Dairies leaving South Street a dead end street.


The Center Street Bridge was also washed out during the '72 flood.