For many years, the Town of Wellsville maintained a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings and other items of interest pertaining to Wellsville and the surrounding area. 

This table presents a synopsis of the contents of volume two of the scrapbooks. Volume two covers the time period of July 1948-September 1950.  The first entry for each is the scrapbook page the item appears on.

Please contact the Allegany County Historical Society ( 607-478-5390 or email us at ) for more information about individual items mentioned in this listing. 

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Wellsville Scrapbook, Vol.2 July 1948-Sept. 1950 Index

Page,Article Title,About/Comments,Category
1,The Carnival Caravan,A Sort of Circus,"Art, Playhouse, Music"
2,Carnival Caravan to Roll with Culture,"Barbara Chapin (Williams); Christian Science Monitor, 2/16/1949",Culture
3,Curlture on Wheels Hits the Trail,About the Caravan; New York Times 29May1949,Culture
4,Caravan to Bring Creative Art to Rural Centers,Article by Barbara Mather Chapin; 2/1949,Culture
5,Gibsons Furniture storefront,uplift by L. C. Whitford,Commerce
5,7 Slot Machines Seized,"Aug 2, 1948; Arrests made",Law Enforcement/Gambling
5,First Street Dance ,West State Street; 2 Aug 1948,Youth Council
5,Thornton Company gives Pool Benches,10 White Wood Benches gifted,Community Activities
6,Thousands turn out here for Junior Legon Parade,Included new '49 Fords,Community Activities
6,400 persons attend Band Concert,4-Aug-1948,Community Activities
6,Letter to the Editor,4 Aug 1948-Why is Wellsville Degenerating?,Opinions
6,Monroe Ray Collection 1948,Political Buttons/collectibles,Collections
7,Mayor Calls for Crack Down of Rowdyism,Wellsville Mayor Martin,Political
7,Golden Wedding Observed,Mr&Mrs Fred Litchard-North Main St,Personals
7,Nation's Oil Leaders back Special Drake Stamp,1948 - Oil City PA,Oil/Gas
7,Carole M. Andersen Tuition Scholarship Winner,18-Aug-1949,Personals/Education
8,Water & Light Board Post Resignation,16 Aug 1948-John Bryson,Village Politics
8,1851 Erie Guidebook rates Almond 1st in Population along the Route,"18 Aug 1948 - Published in""The Democrat.",Railroad History
9,"Julius Fisher, Former Postmaster Dies 1872-1948",Red Cross Area Chairman several years,Obituary
9,Wellsville Couple Celebration of 64th Anniversary,Mr & Mrs. F. L. Meyers; Lived in Allentown and then Wellsville,Anniversary
9,Letter to the Editor,30 Aug 1948-Intruder Warned,Legal Warning
9,Letters from Serviceman,2 Sep 1948 - Lt. Charles Whitney,Letters about flights to Berlin
10,141 Wellsville Town Men signed for Draft in 2 Days,"Need for Army of 10,000 Draftees",Military Draft
10,Telephone Operators Family Night Program,14 Sep 1948 - ,Community Activities
10,VFW to Dedicate Iron Lung,14 Sep 1948 - ,Community Activities
10,Married 64 Years Ago in Wlsv,Mr. & Mrs. George Frederick,Anniversary
11,Erie RR 1878 Style Recalled by Old Train Type,Adv from Old Files of The Democrat,Railroad History
11,Waldemar J. Gallman meets with President to Discuss Poland,Native of Wellsville becomes U. S. Ambassador to Poland,Political History
11,"Mayor & Trustees Discuss Smoke, Ash Problems at Mtg.",Industrial Complaints,Political History
11,Miss Barbara Black Tells AAUW Women of Trip to Europe,30 Sep 1948 - Talk regarding Communist Influence in Europe,Political History
12,4 Senior Girl Scouts Report on Camp Trip,Trip to Broome County Senior Girl Scout Camp,Community Activities
12,"George H. Taber, Jr. Retires from Sinclair Refining",6 Oct 1948 - Leaves as Executive Vice President,Industrial Retirement
12,Medical Group Ladies Raise $160 toward Scholarship Funds,Card Parfty,Community Activities
12,Nuremberg Executions topic of Speech to Area Teachers,"Father Sixtus O'Connor of St. Bonneventur, Speaker",History
13,Mayor Martin Praises Part Oil Has Played in Nation,Industrial Facts,Industy
13,Adult Ed to Start Monday,16 Oct 1948 - ,Education
13,Cuba Ceremony Pay Tribute to Priest Who Discovered Oil,Trailblazer in Commerce,Oil/Gas
13,Open House at Worthington,Public Invited,Community Activities
11,Elmer Sprice Retires As Official of GE,Former Kerr Turbine Co. Employee became incharge of GE's Mfg. Policies.,Industry
14,Local Swimming Pool Serves Residents in Large Section,Sidney Miles provides statistics,Community Activities
14,Letter to the Editor,Ray L. Dickinson expresses Union Views,Union Views
14,Monday Club Hears Talks on U. S. Crafts,1-Oct-1948,Arts & Crafts
14,Music Club Members Make Plans for Year,19-Oct-1948,Music/Culture
15,Unusual Record Collection Honors June Reed Babcock,Testimonials by People who heard her perform,Music/Culture
15,"Library ""Travel Service"" is Aid to Visitor in Wellsville ",27 Oct 1948 - Books and Assistance to help Traveler seeking plans for travel,Community Service
15,"Nancy Howe Players Make Big Hit in ""Blithe Spirit""",Noel Coward Production 29 Oct 1948,Music/Culture
16,Study 0f Final Returns Shows Bliss Carried Three Cities,"Reeds Hometown of Dunkirk, Normally GOP Jamestown and Salamanca Support Wellsville Man--5-Nov. 1948" ,
16,From Where We Sit,Grandma Howe has 96th Birthday and gets ready to Enjoy 4 years of Republicanism,Political
16,Town General Fund Source is Explained to Board Members,State shared taxes collected from various sources are distributed for local assistance--5 Nov. 1948,political
16,"Voters Approve Two Bond Issues totaling $500,00",Both Propositions carry in special election; work will start soon,political
17,"Govenor Sweeps County by 8,006 Majority over Truman","Alfred gives New York executives largest vote, liberal man poor third",Political
17,County Canidates Score Easy Victories in Reelection Bids,Nov. 1948,Political
17,Floral Style Show at WHS Attracts Capacity Crowd,"November 12,1948",community fun
17,Not Only Reporter Staff Members Help in Gathering Returns,1-Nov-1948,Community
18,Wellsville's Six Districts Return Margins for GOP,1-Nov-1948,Community
18,105 Pack-a- Towel Bundles Sent from Here by Churchwomen,1-Nov-1948,community
18,Marimbist Thrills Audience in Concert for Music Club,"November 10,1948",Music
19,From Where We Sit,"November 10,1948",Lottery
19,Greeks of Area Observe Ahepa Chapter Anniversary,1-Nov-1948,Dinner Dance
19,Seldowitz Fined $50 Ordered to End Junk Business in Village,5-Nov-1948,Community
19,Miss Emelyn Drake is Chosen to Who's Who,20-Nov-1948,College
19,Awful Art Club Opens First Annual Exhibit with 120 Creations,16-Nov-1948,Art
20,"Early Morning Blaze Does Estimated $110,000 Damage to Robbins Hardware",22-Nov-1948,fire
20,Fire Highlights,,Fire
20,Operator Must Burn More Waste Paper at the Incinerator,4-Dec-1948 ,
20,Dr. Kurt Zinner is Named Vice President of Heart Association,4-Dec-1948,Dr.
21,Service Clubs Told Organized Crime is on the Increase,3-Dec-1948,Crime
21,Baseball Meeting is Called to Discuss Two Propositions,3-Dec-1948,Sports
21,Archbishop Walsh is Honored Today on 75 Birthday,"December 6,1948",Birthday
21,John Congelli Helps Cripples to Enjoy Life,1-May-1905 ,
21,Lt. Victor Graves Buried Here Today with Military Honors,14-Dec-1948,Military
22,Behind The Movie Sets,,Gabby Hayes
22,Miss Lefevre Resigns Post At David A. Howe Library,"December 14,1948",Community
22,Miss Clendinning is Acting Librarian; Miss Lefevre Leaves,January 14 1948,Community
23,Five Generations On Both Sides of Family,9-Dec-1948,Family
24,Trustees Approve Plan for Local Village us Service,14-Dec-1948,Community
24,"Wellsville Burial Case Co. Sold to Two Local Men for Price in Excess of $85,000","December 29,1948",Community
24,Village Officials Favor New Maple Avenue Development,"December 28,1948",Community
24,Village to Take Action on Zoning Ordinance Complaint,"December 28,1948",Community
25,Exhibition Co. Begins Reorganization Move,"December 29,1948",Community
25,From Where We Sit,14-Dec-1948,Community Sports
26,Independent Operarion of Local Baseball Club Discusssed in Interview,6-Jan-1949,Sports
26,Sterling Inspects Facilities Here; Discusses Proposition to Operate Franchise in 49,5-Jan-1949,Franchise
27,From Where We Sit,6-Jan-1949,Sports
27,11 Exhibition Co. Directors Named; Baseball Plan Starts,"Managership Bids Received; Players Discussed; Two will attend Meeting January 12,1949",Sports
27,Oren Sterling Turns Down Local Operation; Margin of Profits Seen too Small,"Hagerstown Operator Could See 'Perhaps a $1,000 Profit' For Season January 6, 1949",Sports
28,The Democrat off on 82nd Year After First Lapse In Issue Date,6-Jan-1949,Poltical
28,Town Board Makes Annual Appointments At Recent Meeting,,Political
28,"Architecture, Place Names Subject of Two Monday Club Talks","January 19,1949",Architecture
28,Officers Of Awful Art Club Installed; Years Plans Laid,11-Jan-1949,art/ cultural
29,"County Health, Hospital Plan Explained to Group","University Women Hear Two Discussions by Wellsville Leaders Januaryb19, 1949",Health
29,"Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kerr, Former Residents, Celebrate",Prominent Couple Wed 60 years; The Martin Dukes Are Hosts ,
30,C. Russell Brokaw Resigns As Hospital Superintendent,"Came to Wellsville in October, 1947; Boards Studies List of Applicants",Hospital
30,Local Groups Laud Citizenship Training Offered Boy scouts ,5-Feb-1949,Boyscouts
30,Monday First Day of Lincoln Portrait Display; Women's Club Will Cooperate,3-Feb-1949,Community
30,Catholic Boy Scouts Will Be Honored at Program on Sunday,5-Feb-1949,Boy Scouts
30,Local Youth Rally Slated for Tonight,5-Feb-1949,Religion
31,Wellsville Merchants Give Windows to Boy Scouts,Scout Troops and Cub Packs design some very interesting Displays and plans,Boy Scouts
31,Awful Art Club Artists to Compete in Buffalo Exhibit,"Several Paintings by members of unusual Local Art Colony Will Brush Work with Experts February 5,1949",Art
31,Nancy Howe Players Get Responsive House In First Performance,11-Feb-1949,Community/ Play
31,January was Really Warm; ' Hottest' in Past 12 Years,Temperature Did Not Reach Zero Last Month; High was 54 Degrees; Winter snowfall Far Below Average 1949,Weather
32,"A Kindly Southern Colonel Pays Tribute to Wellsville, 'Gem of the Genesee' Area","Colonel Edmund W. Taylor, Descendent of Family Famous in Distilling World, Has Colorful Background February 11, 1949",Community
32,Plane Crash Disaster Ably Handled SaturdaynBy Area Boy Scouts,"February 14,1949",Boy Scouts
32,Don’t Believe What Thermometer Says! It's Still February,,Weather
32,January Twice As Warm as 1948-- So It Seems,,Weather
33,"Study of Local Rates for Electricity, Water Ordered","Village Tax Payers to Pay for Street Lighting, Other Municipal Services February 1949",Village
33,From Where We Sit,Old Lady Wellsville Has One Child Who was Fiscal Success in 1948; Politics Verboten February 1949,Politics
33,Big Trade Display At the potato Show is Open This Evening,21-Feb-1949,Community
33,West State sTreet Bridge Started By Binghamton Contracting Firm,"February 17,1949",Maintnance
34,Anonymous Wellsville Ladies Help the Needy in Germany,"Trinity Lutheran Group Has Sent Over Ton of Food, Two Tons of Clothing and Many Other Articles February 23,1949",Help the Needy
34,Banquet Speaker Declares World Must Discover Unity,"Capacity Crowd Jams WCS Cafeteria; Whitesville Man Reserve Winner February 22, 1949",Community
34,French Fries,,Community
34,5 Local Men Assigned to Camp in Colorado,,Army
35,"Wellsville, Andover Men to Visit Europe for One Month","Leo V. Ludden, Hugh Bryfogle, Francis Conrad Leave New York Wednesday February 27, 1949",Community
35,Solution to Serious Traffric Problem Offered by Roeske,"Chief of Police Asks Cooperation of Drivers; Bridge closes Monday Morning February 25, 1949",Traffic
35,Mrs. Knight Thorton Will Adress Clu Group,25-Feb-1949,Community
35,Walther League Play Seen by Capacity Audience at Library,24-Feb-1949,Community
36,Traffic Situation Here Termed Worst Bottleneck in the State System' By Report,"Diagnol Parking, Main Street Signal Lights are Listed as Trouble Causes. March 3, 1949",Community
36,New Parking Area Planned on Old Village Barn Site,"Street Comissioner to Raze Building, Board Studies Project Plans March 1, 1949",Maintnance
36,West State Street Bridge Dropped in Genesee River Monday,4-Mar-1949,Maintnance
36,"Miss Nancy Kelsey Awarded $3,500 Alfred Scholarship","Provided by the Late Miss Fannie Crittenden in Memory of Nephew March 8, 1949",Scholarship
37,"Clifford Coyle, Donor of Lincoln Picture Treasures in Library, Dies",,Community
37,Miss Hazel Halletty Named Superintendent of Hospital,"Experienced Executive Will Come to Wellsville on or Before March 15, 1949",Community
37,Video Channel Picked Up Here in Experiment,"First Television Programs Seen Here Last Night At Home on Niles Hill March 8, 1949",TV
37,Moses Vancampen Boulder Was Erected 40 Years Ago,21-Feb-1949 ,
38,Carnival Caravan to Be Explained Friday Night at the Library,3-Mar-1949,Entertainment
38,Carnival Caravan Gets Winter Review AS Miss Chapin Shows Film of Project,10-Mar-1949,Entertainment
38,Cana Wednesday Rites Attract Large Number of Catholic Couples,10-Mar-1949,Wedding Renewal
38,Owl Gets Medalist for 11th Year in Row at Press Meet,Local School Newspaper wins Honor in New York; Barbara Youmans was Editor March 1949,school
39,"Kinney Woods, Tarzan Gang Recalled as Old Homestead Makes Way for Subdivision","Night Made Eerie by ' Calls of the Wild' Spring Made Gay by Blankets of Wildflowers March 12, 1949",Entertainment
39,"280 Mothers, Girls Attend Intermediate Scout Banquet","Founder's Fund Expanded; Troops Demonstrate Work to Mark Birthday March 11, 1949",Girl Scout/ Birthday
39,Vetran Funeral Tribute Paid Today To CPL. Burt Marine War Casualty,24-Mar-1949,Marines
40,WCS Gymnasium Used 6 Days Weekly by Several Groups,"Basketball, Wrestling, Dancing, Ag Show, Are some Events Staged in Gym March 16, 1949",sports
40,State Freedom Train Slated to visit Wellsvillle in May,"Great Documents of New York History being Brought to People March 17, 1949",Community
40,Freedom Train Stops in May in This County,24-Mar-1949,Community
40,Exemplar Chapter Members do Real Job For Local Kiddies,Colorful Children's Word at Hospital Work of Wellsville Sorority,Hospital
41,"Boys Lean to Engineering, Survey Shows; Girls to Business Training and Nursing",4-Mar-1949,School
41,State Police Seize 4 Slot Machines in Raid On Club,"No Arrests Made As Yet After Officers Pick Up Devices at Union Club Here March 21, 1949",Law Enforcement
41,"University Women Plan Branch Here; Sever Ties With Alfred, Hornell Group",29-Mar-1949,Community
41,Ministrels Play to Crowded House; 17 Numbers Staged,"Specialty Selections Called for Encores; Audience Most Receptive March 25, 1949",Musical
42,"European Tourist Describes Beautiful Flight Over Alps, Mountain Stonework, Scenery","Leo. V. Ludden Writes Mayor T.C. Martin of Trip; High Prices Mentioned March 26, 1949",Travelling
42,Senior Social Studies Students Have Forums; To Adress Local Clubs,31-Mar-1941,school
42,Boy Scouts Give Unusual Camp Demonstration Here,"About 200 Southeast District Scouts Take Part in Program at WCS March 30, 1949",Boy Scouts
42,Monday Club Members Are Guests of Bolivar Sorosis,26-Mar-1949,clubs
43,Spring Fashion Modes Seen By Capacity Crowd at Library,"Casual, Dinner, Evening Wear Modeled in two part show; Treblettesa Sing March 30, 1949",dance/entertainment
43,Less Snow in Only 5 Winters since '89 Says Dr. Saunders,Alfred Weather Prophet Reports Temperatures Above Average in March; Three Zero Marks Hit in Winter 1949,weather
43,Erie P. A. Man is Appointed Head David A. Howe Library,"William Bacon Will Assume New Duties May 15; Has Unusual Record March, 31, 1949",Library
43,29 Women Certified Girl Scout Leaders In Investiture Rites,"March 26,1949",Girl Scout
43,Capt. J. H. Rockwell Named Commander of Naval Reserve Unit,4-Jan-1900,Naval Reserve
44,Lombard Avenue Ball Park Typical of Sandalot Sport5,"The Joe Dimaggios of Tomorrow Getting In Shape Without the Fanfare that Greets Their Birothers Down South April 2, 1949",Sports
44,Petroleum Sunday to Honor Memory of Catholic Priest,Famed Franciscan Missionary First to Report Discovery of Crude Oil in Spring at Cuba,Church
44,Ralph M. Tompkins Honored Last Night By Ram of this Area,9-Apr-1949,Creromonies
45,"Local Americana Found When Baseball Men, Popcorn Unite","Politics, Weather, Mound Scores Mix With 1920 Cab an 1926 Axle ast Madison and Main April 9, 1949",Sports
46- 47,"County Men Pass Muster of InterviewnWith Pope, As Trip Abroad Highlight",14-Jul-1949,Community
47,St. Margaret's Guild Takes Part In Program That Nnows No Race or Creed,16-Apr-1948,Community
48,Sidney Miles Will Be Given Safety Conference Citation,"WHS Athletic, Head Chosen for Most Outstanding Safety Efforts Here April, 1949",Community
48,History Teaching Public Schools Now Compulsory,23-Apr-1949,School
48,Local Crime Rate For Past Fiscal Year Has Decrease Over 1946,4/0/1949,Crime
49,Fire Chiefs Shoulder Big Responsibility,"Local Unit Formed in 1878; Tax Rate One of Very Lowest April 16, 1949",Fire Men
50-51,Floating On the Mill Pond- In That Wooden Bridge Age ,Before most of us were born April 1949,Bridges
51,See- Saw Battle Over Bridges In ByGone Days Brought To Light In Review Of The Official Records,,Laws
52,New Street is Dedicated On the Emma Lee Property,"Will Open Up Modern Subdivission; Decision On Trianglke is Tabled May 10, 1949",Maintnance
52," Smoke, Fly Ash problem Is Again Before Local Board","Charles ' Pat"" Cochran Urges Local Officials to Help Solve Situation May 10, 1949",Smoke and Fly Problem
52,The Roads Are Good Today If You Listen to the Tales of ' Century Club' Members,"Harley Dimick Recalls Old Days When 100 Mile Bicycle Ride was a Cinch May 14,1949",Roads
52,63 At Luncheon Of Garden Group,Democrat May 1949,Groups
53,Ralph M. Tompkins Elected Head of Corning Consistory,Wellsville 33 Degree Mason Named to High Office at Annual Meeting, Meetings
53,Night Rain Ends Drought; Heaviest Fall in Belmont; Some Phones Out Of Order,"H. Ira Blixt, County Ag Agent, Says Farmers Will Benefit Greatly May 20,1949",Agriculture
53,Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Springer Will Mark 50th Anniversary,26-May-1949,Anniversary
53,Local Mother Attends 50th Anniversary of Daughter's Wedding ,"MaY 29,1949",Anniversary
54,Story Of ' Grandma' Moses Uncovers Unusual Story of Former Local Resident,"Miss Gertrude Robertson Learns Famous Little Artist Is One of the Family But Miss Robertson Has Her Own Story May 21, 1949",Family
54,Village Board Orders All Street Resurfacing Halted,"Demand Investigation After Main Street Job Comes Under Fire May 29, 1949",Fire
54,John P. Herrick Gives $ 100 To Scio Library,19-May-1949,Library
55,History Reviews 75 Years of Service By Genesee Hose ,May 27th 1949,Fire Department
55,From Where We Sit,"Genesee Hose company Members Payt Tribute to ""Bill"" Gena, Sr., Vetran Fireman with 50 Years of Service",Fire Department
55,Vetran Fireman Given Plaque and 50 Silver Dollars; Seres 50 Years,,Fire Department
55,Hose Cart Racing Comes to Life Again At the Champs Meet,,Fire Department
56,No Charge For Admission To New York Freedom Train,25-May-1949,Trains
57,Thousands Expected to See Priceless Historic Papers,Admission is free; Open Each Day 9 AM to 9 PM; Public is invited,Trains
57,Publisher and Staff Certificate,31-May-1949,Trains
58,"Parade, Ceromonies Mark Freedom Train Welcoming",25-May-1949,Trains
58,Hundreds of Children Guests of Lions Club At Free Western Show,6-Jun-1949,Lions Club
58,Historical Society Hears Interesting Talks on Old Houses,6-Jun-1949,Houses
58,Welfare Group Has Annual Meeting Here on 10th Anniversary,5-Jun-1949,Anniversary
58,"7,760 Persons Visit Freedom Train During Two- Day Stay Here",2-Jun-1949,Trains
59,Conrad Arnold Ends 50 Years Scoville Service Old Faces Gone Since First Main Street Job,"Tribute Paid Last of Firm Pioneers With Dinner and Watch June 2, 1949",Business
59,Howes Your Library,25-Jun-1949,Library
60,George W. Frederick Passes Away at Pine Street Home,"Services for Prominent Businessman Will Be Held Friday Afternoon June 24, 1949",Businessman
60,"Christian Braunschweiger Dies, Long Identified With Business Here ",23-Jun-1949,Business Man
61,Projector Given Library Custody,"Ceiling Projectors in Three Towns to Permit Bed- Ridden To Read Film June 30, 1949",Library
62- 63," Gabby Hayes' Greets 54,000 People in Two Days But Still Comes Home to Visit With Old Friends ","Wellsville's Own Film Star Takes Time Out From Appearance Tour June 25, 1949",Entertainment
63,Belvidere Once Had Chance To Become The County Seat,Bitter Political Battle Raged in County When Seat Was Moved Out of Angelica to Belmont 1949,Political
64-65,Reported Ad of 1910 Results in Long Carreer Public Service for ' Al' Corwin,"Sealer of Weights, Measures has 39 Year- Stint Behind Him, County is Tops June 28,1949",Businessman
65,Rural Skeptics at the Play,,Entertainment
65,"Copious Rains End Drouth Grip, Puts Rosier Hue On How Folks See Things",28-Jul-1949,Weather
66-67,Kindergarten Is Important Experience in the Childhood Life of That Youngster of Yours,"Typical Day With the Little Tots Described by Their Teacher July 2, 1949",School
68,"Elton C. Harder, Top Oil, Gas Man Passes Suddenly","Retired Empire Superintendent Dies After Ball Game; Services on Sunday July 15, 1949",Sports/ Businessman
68,From Where We Sit,"Wellsville Loses Another of Her Outstanding Leaders in the Sudden Death of Elton Harder July 14,1949",Community
69,Swimming Pool Tagged 'One of Finest Tribbutes' to Vets,"Red Cross Representative Praises Swim Program Here as One of Finest In Central New York, Lauds Miles",Red Cross/Recreation
69,Cuba Garden Club to Present Flower Show Friday and Saturday,"August 24,1949",Garden Club/ Recreation
69,Town Board Releases Area For Village Incorporation,Councilman John Philips Hands Down Official Decision; Add 36 Acres,Property
69,Pioneer W. C. T. U. Role In Fredonia Event Has Link to Wellsville Kin,"August 0,1949",Family
69,Elton Harder Service Memoralized by Local Board of Education,22-Aug-1949,School
70,Howes Your Library,6-Aug-1949,Library
70,Howes Your Library,18-Aug-1949,Library
70,Mariner Girl Scouts Spend Day at Seneca Lake; Plan Pageant,8-Aug-1949,Girl Scouts
71,Old Almanac of 1820 Listing Allegany Offuicials Treasure of Miscellany Data,25-Aug-1949,Business
71,Genesee at ' Probable Record' Low in History; Rowe Never Saw Equal,18-Aug-1949,Weather
71,From Where We Sit,"The McEwens Dedicate a New Fire Truck and Everybody Helps ' Em Out' Annual Parade and Inspection Tonight August 24,1949",Fire Department
72, Wellsville Couple Observes 65th Wedding Anniversary,"August 20,1949", Anniversary
72,Girl Scout Water Pageant Attracts Capacity Audience,"Over 300 Attend Show; Water Spectacle to Be Given tonight August 30, 1949",Girl Scouts
73,Golden Anniversary Of New York State Historical Association and the Sixth Annual Meeting of the New York Forklore Society,18-Aug-1949,History
74,The Duke's Oak Theatre,"Presents Papa Is All September 9, 1949",Play/ Entertainment
74,Four County Women Attend Meeting Of Historical Society,20-Sep-1949,History
74,Conrad Arnold is Exchange Speaker; Recalls Early Days,22-Sep-1949,Speaker
75,John l and Muldoon in Belfast Famed Training Barn Still Stands,10-Sep-1949,Community/ History
76,Fassett Hotel Invitation,23-Sep-1949,Hotel
76,Businessmen Invited to Open House Friday at Hotel Fassett,"Modern Rooms Ready To Serve Traveling Public; Project Took Seven months September 20, 1949",Hotel
76,By Rae Rowan,24-Sep-1949,Hotel
76,Charles D. Tefft Awarded $700 RPI Army Scholarship,"Son of Mrs. Miriam Tefft, Late Major Lloyd Tefft Noe at Institute",Army
76,"Judy Ahl, Danny Gee Stage Saturday Circus To Help Polio Fund",26-Sep-1949,Entertainment/ Circus
77,Hotel Fassett's Face Lifting Is Credit To Town,,Hotel
77,Monday Club Speaker Cites Operation of Red Program,"Erie County Judge Tells of Evidence Found in Probe of Education September 27, 1949",Education Judge
77,Mrs. Fred Walchli Speaks to AAUW at Group's First Meet,28-Sep-1949,Entertainment
78,Reflected Movie Glory Staring Back At Us,29-Sep-1949,Movies
79,The Beacons,Swimming Pools Pictured From the Air September 1949,Swimming
80,Celebration Today Marks 25 Years of Growing For Wellsville BPOE Lodge,"Elks, Ladies will Partake in Days' Activities; Dance This Evening October 1, 1949",Entertainment
80,Exalted Ruler,Edward M. Meagher,Community
80,"History of Lodge Is Reviewed; Started September 23, 1924",,Community/ Lodge
81,Wellsville Ornithologist Publishes Article On Local Bird Sanctuaries for ' Nature Magazine',1-Oct-1949,Magazine
81,Howes Your Library,22-Oct-1949,Library
81,"September Was the Coldest since 1918, Records Show",3-Oct-1949,Weather
82,From Where We Sit,"A Couple of Guys Who Speak Out Of Turn Now Must Raise $2,500 for the Girl Scouts and Brownies October 1949",Girl Scouts
82,Girl Scout Council Dinner meeting Launches Program,"Group of 75 Present at Congregational Church; Interesting Program October 4, 1949",Girl Scouts
82,GOP Leaders Meet U. S. Senator,5-Oct-1949,Political
82,Senator Dulles Makes Brief Stop; Meets Local Citizens,Republican Nominee Clarifies His Views On Labor in Statement,Political
82,Rae Rowan,Book Hunt ,
83,Invitation For Reverand L.A.Peatross,6-Oct-1949,Church/ Anniversary
83,Father Peatross is Honored on His 25 Anniversary,,Church/ Anniversary
83,From Where We Sit,Parishoners Pay Tribute to Father' Pet' Popular Episcopal Rector; Have you Registered?,Church
84,"Brinsley- Here's Your Answer, Which Does Take Norton Summit Down A Peg",6-Oct-1949,Weather
84,Wellsville Music Club Will Recall 30 Years of Service,8-Oct-1949,Music
85,Wounded Troopers and BulletRiddled Cars,"Pictures October 11, 1949",State Police
86-87,Gun- Cray Man killed by State Trooper,"Two Others State Police Officers Wounded in Gun Fight Near Little Genesee October 11, 1949",State Police
88-89,"Gunfight Victim Identified as Former Portland, Me., News Photographer","William Furlong Howe Sought In Shooting of Game Warden October 12, 1949",shooting
88,14 Young People to Visit United Nations Thursday to Saturday,19-Oct-1949,trips
89,Young Trout Planted in Local Pond,24-Oct-1949,fish
89,Apollo Club Awarded Trophy In Buffalo Music Festival,24-Oct-1949,Music
90,"Bradford Oil Producer Discusses History of Local Area in Talk on Oil Conservation, Development",22-Oct-1949,Oil/ Gas
90,Edmund L. Keeley to Teach in Greece; is Well Known Locally,5-Nov-1949,School
91,John P. Herrick Tells Vivid Story of Our Oil Industry,"Empire Oil' Most Interesting Volume Published to Date on New York Liquid Gas October 24,1949",oil/gas
91,""" Book Week"" Draws Many By Programs",16-Nov-1949,Library
92,WCS Pupils Cheer Dewey Speech Hits Government Control AU,"John Robarts Introduces Governorbto Students in Assembly Program October 27, 1949",College
93,The Govenor Of New York Wants To Know Why,27-Oct-1949,Oil
93,Death of C. V.Kerr Recalls Interesting Local History,"Man Who Invented First Turbine for Marine Use Came To Wellsville at Suggestion of Father-in-law November 8, 1949",Industrial
94,Fernand and Paula Scouten Like America; Say 'Rights of Other Man Respected Here',7-Nov-1949 ,
95,The Wellsville Civic Symphony Orchestra,12-Nov-1949,Entertainment
95,Enthusiastic Crowd Hears Civic Orchestra Program,Six Selections Presented; String Section Excellent; Adelbert Purga Conducts,Music/Entertainment
96,If I Loved You ,,
96,Jack Bush Bowls 300 Game; Is Second In History Here,"Well Known Sportsman Has Regular League Average 181 November 8, 1949",Entertainment
96,Poster Contest Winners in Local Book Display Named,"Children's Book Week is Being Observed; Display Open to Public November 14, 1949",Library
96,State St. Bridge Steel Erected; Concrete Faces Delay to Spring,17-Nov-1949,Maintnance
97,Businesss and Professional Women Serve Here 25 Years,"Silver Anniversary Observed With Dinner at the Methodist Church; Backed Many Local Projects November 16, 1949",Anniversary/ Entertainment
97,One Shot Bags Prize Nine Pointer,25-Nov-1949,Hunting
98,Lions Club Play You Can't Take It With You,"November 17-18, 1949",Play/ Entertainment
99,Nancy Howe Players Prove 'You Can't Take It With You',Capacity Audience Sees Opening Night of Lions Benefits Show;Will Be Repeated Tonight at 8:15 o'clock,Play/ Entertainment
99,Little Theatre Players In New Show,,Entertainment
100,Senior Class of Wellsville Central School Presents I Remember Mama,"December 8-9, 1949",Play/ Entertainment
101,"Elmore Willets, Founder of Belmont Bank, Dies",,Bank
101,Ever Smiling Polio Victim Says ' Thanks' for Presents,17-Dec-1949,Thank You
101,History Collection,9-Dec-1949,History
101,Parents of Daughter,"February 29, 1949",Birth
102,Non Resident Hospital Rates Increased; Strict Credit Policy to be Established; Title to Property is Not Transferable,21-Feb-1948,Policy
103,Hospital Patients Must Give Guarentee Bills Will Be Paid,21-Feb-1948,Hospital
103,"40,000 Hospital Operating Deficit Expected in 1948-1949","Current Deficit Stands at 38,00; Managers Approve New Budger February 21, 1948",Hospital
103,Village Attorney Rules Terms Of Will Prevent Transfer of District or County,21-Feb-1948,Law
104,Mrs. Cynthia Gridley Offers Her Share of Jones Residuary Estate For Proposed New Hospital Here,"Would Give Her Two- Thirds Including Endowment If Hospital is Built Here November 13, 1948",Hospital
104,From Where We Sit,"Cynthia Fassett Gridley's Generous Offer Brings Solution of Hospital Problem Closer November 15, 1948",Hospital
104,Mayor Expresses Thanks of Village for Hospital offer,Says Mrs. Cynthia F. Gridley's Gift Opens Way to Solve Local Problem,Hospital
105,Huge Majority of Area Residents in Favor of New and Modern hospital Plant,"Unusual Interest Is Shown In Current Hospital Survey Returns for First Five Days Hit 17 Per Cent; Large Number Comment November 21, 1949",Hospital
106,Survey Report Continues Heavy Margin in Favor of New Hospital; Poll Returns Hit 26 Per Cent Mark,"Better Than Ten to One Majority Want New and Modern Plant Built November 25, 1949",Hospital
107,Area Residents Vote 95.4 Per Cent in Favor of Hospital Fund Drive,"Lee Harder SaysbPoll Hits Landslide and New Record Nearly 30 Per Cent of Persons Receiving Blanks Have Returned Them December 28,1949",Hospital
108,Two Chairmen Study Plans for Proposed Hospital,C. H. Stevens Is Appointed Chairman of Jones Memrial Hospital Drive; Plan Public Meeting On January 26,Hospital
109,The New Jones Memorial Hospital,26-Jan-1950,Hospital
109,From Where We Sit,"A Wellsville Man Takes on a Major Task; Success Will Depend on the Support of Every One of Us January 17, 1950",Hospital
109,Mercury Average At All- Time Jan. High As Reading Soars to 73 Degrees,,Weather
109,Lee Harder Succeeds Father on Board of the First Trust Company Directors,,Bank
110-111," Drive Launched Last Night to Raise $500,000 To Build Modern Hospital Here","Southern Allegany Residents Hear Story at Mass Meeting January 27, 1950",Hospital
110,Monday Club Ladies Act as Hostesses at Hospital Meeting,27-Jan-1950,Hospital
112,December Warmest Since '31; One 36- Year Record Broken,,Weather
112,Recorded Wind Gusts of Over 60 MPH Apparently Do Little Area Damage,"Telephone, Electric Lines Damaged; Some Windows in Stores are Braced January 14, 1950",Weather
112,From Where We Sit,"Special Formula; Take One Wife and One Husband, Add Two 'Hams', Two Telephones and You Have a Miracle",Family
112,Monday Club is Sponsering Project for Rating Movies,"Base Oppinions on Reviews Taken From Large Number of Magazines; ' Inspector General' Rated Good For Whole Family January 19, 1950",Movies
113,Winding Up Half Century in Office,"Mrs. Carrie Leonard Looks Back on 50 Years of Service As Secretary Of the Local OES January 12, 1950",Community
114,Local Town Board Makes Appointments For Years of 1950,21-Jan-1950,Town Meeting
114,Awful Art Club's Exhibit Is 'Awfully' Entertaining,"Local Amatures Fill Exhibit Room at Library With Unusual Group of Art In Many Mediums January 24, 1950",Art
114,Monday Club,,Clubs
115,"Archbishop Walsh, Newark, Old Allegany Boy, Notes Ordination Jubilee",26-Jan-1950,Ordination
115,Rotary Club Variety Show Wins Plaudits and Praise From a Capacity Audience,"Unusual Show Enjoyed by Big Crowd, Printed Program Proves to be One of the Evening's Highlights January 25, 1950",Entertainment
115,Local Boards Seek Action On Dangerous Intersection,"Supervisor Richard Embser Offers Cooperation of Town Board on North Main- Bolivar Road Problem January 24,1950",Traffic Control
116,Sidney Miles Heads New Red Cross Chapter; Histories of Two Units Given by Chairman,"William Greene Reviews Central Allegany; Other Officers Are Named January 13, 1950",Red Cross
116,Mrs. Lillian Barnes Tells Of War Work Done by Local Volunteer Workers,,Red Cross
117,Empire Oil,"February 2, 9, 1950",Oil
118,Senior Service Girl Scouts Have Unusual Hospital Plan,,Hospital/ Girl Scout
118,Trucker Arrested by FBI Here for Stealing Vehicle; Sought for Past 6 Months,"Six Months Hunt Ends as Driver Comes Here With Load of Butter February 11, 1950",Police Arrest
118,Just A Couple of Old Cow Hands ,,
118,Erie Will Pull Two Trains Off Thursday Duento Coal Shortage,14-Feb-1950,Railroads
119,Traffic Slowed as Storm Continues to Batter Area,"Awning at Pickup's Hotel Crashes Under Weight of Snow and Ice February 14, 1950",Weather
119,Knight Thorton Warns of Dangers in Depletion Cut,"Tells Congress Higher Prices for Gas, Oil Products Would Follow February 15, 1950",Oil
119,Baseball Loses Fan; Residents Recall History,1-Feb-1950,Baseball
119,Mariner Scouts Plan Bridge Benefit for July Ocean Cruise,13-Feb-1950,Girl Scouts
119,Wellsville Exchange Plans Crime Prevention Program,14-Feb-1950,Crime Prevention
120,One of the Scout Windows Winning and Award,13-Feb-1950,Boy Scout
120,Cub Reporter ' Crashes Gate' To Meet a Former First Lady,"Eastman Theatre's Head Electrician Finally Opens Door to Visit with Mrs. Roosevelt February 3, 1950" ,
121,"Lincoln Poems by Miss Sisson, Coyle Collection Feature Monday Club Meet",16-Feb-1950,Monday Club
121,"Heavy Cash Drain on Area, Past Year, Shown by Latest Alfred Survey Report",16-Feb-1950,Finances
121,"Mrs. Thornton Finds Local, State Lore in 2 Old Books on Geography and Civics",16-Feb-1950,History
121,Local Verse Volume and Scrap Book Among Library Collection Addition,23-Feb-1950,History
122,Crime Prevention Subject of Essays,"Police Chief Lowell T. George, Hornell, Talks to WCS on Subject February 22, 1950",Crime Prevention
122,34 Tables of Bridge in Play at Mariner Benefit; Tea Served,22-Feb-1950,Girl Scouts
122-123,Text of Sherry Rogers Prize Winning Exchange Club Essay,23-Feb-1950,Essays
123,The Lady Found the Walking Wasn't Too Bad,,Walking
123,Oliver Coats Buys Dean Drug Company; Announces Plans,23-Feb-1950,Retail
123,Worthington Supplies Coal To Angelica School,"Twenty Tons Made Available; Top Priority Goes To Water and Light Plant February 23, 1950",School
123,Miss Helena LeFevre To Accept Post in Poughkeepsie Library,22-Feb-1950,Library
124,Married by Civil War Chaplain 50 Years Ago,20-Feb-1950,Wedding
125,Swell Party Marks Close of 42 Years of Service,,Telephone Company
126,Dutch Card Club Meets Each Wednesday for Dessert and an Afternoon of 'Serious' 500,,Card Club
127,Smoke Pours from Burning Building at Height of Fire,27-Feb-1950,Fire
127,"Flames Take $ 17,500 Home Toll in Zero Weather; Asbestos Siding Balks Fireman In Battle",,Fire
128,Bryson Trophy Is Announced; Donor Strictly a Grouse Fan,2-Mar-1950,Sportsman Club
129,Wellsville and County Story from 1874 Told from Old Files of the Democrat,2-Mar-1950,Stories
130,News Echoes 1874- 1950,"Old Days of 1874s, When Erie Scheduled Stop at Genesee Provide Opening Chapter Glimpse From Democrat Files March 9, 1950",Paper
131,News Echoes 1874- 1950,"Must Be ' From H--Alifax to Harlem' Hadn't Been Invented Or Democrat Woulda Used It To Hail Big 1874 Party Sweep; Cheese Factories, Arcade R. R. , Potatoes In New Medley March 16, 1950",Paper
131- 132,A Great Democratic Whirlwind! It Sweeps Republicans Out of Sight From the Seaboard to the Gulf.,,Political
132,Visitors in Our (1874) Midst ,,
133,News Echoes 1874- 1950,"Political Upset 1875 Style Brings Town Election Woes; Larnin for 102 School Districts Brought $ 15,000 Aid",School
134,Hornings? ( One I Remember) ; Well. Editor Left Gem to Regal Readers ,,
134,Lutheran Ladies Look Back On 56 Years of Happiness,"Total of 102 Ladies Today Enjoy the Work Started by Little Group of Eight on March 8, 1894. March 10, 1950",Lutherans
135- 136,News Echoes 1874- 1950,"First Rumbles Heard Of Gigantic July 4th Celebration As Horse pulling Contest , Grant Rascals Get Into News",4th of July Celebration
136,Here's Some 1875 Census Figures You Can Compare With What 1950 Shows,,Population
137,Ad Reprint Goes On Sinclair Board,"Sinclair's New Gasoline to Prevent Formation of Rust March 14, 1950",Gasoline
137,Peter Paul Luedig Gives Outstanding Performance With Grieg's Concerto,27-Mar-1950,Music/ Entertainment
138,Lions Minstrl Wows Big Crowd; On Again Tonight,"Service Club Boys, Back , Give fifth Year, Give Night of Real Entertainment to Capacity Crowd March 3, 1950",Entertainment
138,He Can't Run But He Will Win,13-Mar-1950,Political
139,Pioneer Doctors Supply Link For Modern Hospital,16-Mar-1950,Hospital
139,Dr. Dargitz Sanitarium Pioneer Link In Hospital Care in Wellsville Area,23-Mar-1950,Hospital
139,Local People Attedn Area Picnic in St. Petersburg,30-Mar-1950,Community
140,Fathers of Baseball in Wellsville,18-Mar-1950,Baseball
141,Morrison Hayes Post Celebrates Birthday,14-Mar-1950,Birthday
141,Wellsville Civic Symphony Orchestra Ready for Concert Sunday Afternoon,24-Mar-1950,Music/ Entertainment
142,School Officials at Annual Senior Tea,22-Mar-1950,School
142,Nancy Howe Players Do Fine Job With 'The Corn Is Green',24-Mar-1950,Library / Entertainment
143,Genesee Crest is Rising; May Reach Flood Stages; Foot Bridge Endangered,"Possible Disaster Stage is 10 O'Clock This Evening March 28,1950",Flooding
143,"Rising Waters Follow Warm Weather, Melting Snow",Madison Hill,Weather
144-145,"Schools, Industry, Homes Hit By Roaring Flood Water; Reed Promises Relief","Sinclair Refinery Has Big Loss From Flooding Waters March 29, 1950",Flooding
144,Action Follows Mayor Martin for Local Aid,"Congressman Reports Army Engineers Have Allocated 20,000 Fund",Disaster
145,Temporary Foot Bridge Cut Off by Water,,Flooding
145,Best Reserved Seat in the House,,Flooding
146,No Little Snowmen For These Guys,8-Mar-1950,snowman building
147,News Echoes 1875- 1950,"Wilds of Potter Prize Fish Tale April 6, 1950",Fishing Story
147,Boy Revolt By Dunc McEwen,,Community
148- 1949,News Echoes 1875- 1950,"Plum Bottom' Sunday School', Tanneries In August '75 Grist; Odd Squib Heralds Tullar Birth; Politics Get Fall Tune- Up",Church
149,Fighting Wellsvilles Fires for 221 Years,5-Apr-1950,Fire
149,Dimes Make Dollars for Girl Scout Fund Swells to $ 17 Mark,,Girl Scouts
149,Allegany County Guild,,Church
150- 151,News Echoes 1875-1950,Democrat Turns Attack On Earley to Poll Capital; Hi York's Cow and Limestone Oildorado Top '75 News,Political
151,Younger Generation Comes Through,,Fishing
151,"Higgins, Wellsville Native, Ousted UP Prague Newsman ",20-Apr-1950 ,
151,Alwin Schaller Speaks to Allegany County Dairyman ,28-Apr-1950,Farming
152,News Echoes 1875- 1950,"Catholic Church Art Work, Macken's Election Bet Coup StartUs Off On Final Review Chapter of 1875 Volume April 27, 1950",Church
152,Letter to Editor ,,
153,Over 150 Persons at Annual Banquet of Rod and Gun Club,12-Apr-1950,Rod and Gun Club
153,Banquet Speakers and President of Club,12-Apr-1950,Rod and Gun Club
153,Troop 4 Girl Scouts Visiting Washington ,8-Apr-1950,Girl Scouts
154,Will Receive Outstanding Award,"Charles W. Fuller Develops Working Program Safety April 10, 1950",Community
154,Local Girl's Art Wins Prize,,Art
155,New York State Champions to Present Annual Concert This Week,18-Apr-1950,Music/ Entertainment
155,"Over $100,000 Left to Four Organizations",,Community
156-157,"Jones Memorial Hospital Total Reaches $ 564,507 in Great Community Drive",,Hospital
158,Representatives From Every Area Present For Big Banquet,"Roar of Applause Greets Announcement by Chairman Stevens April 19, 1950",Memorial Gifts
158,From Where We Sit,A Grand Bunch of Folks from a Grand Section Unite and Make New Jones Memorial Hospital a Reality,Hospital
159,New Chamber President Looks Over Job Ahead,28-Apr-1950,Chamber of Commerce
159,"Four Area Organizations Receive $ 26,775 Each from Will of the Late Katherine Wack Coats","Trinity Lutheran, Alfred University, Woodlawn and Blind Included April 24,1950",Community
160,Father Peatross Ordained In Japan 36 Years Ago Today,1-May-1950,ordainment
160,Snowfall ( So Far) Double Average for Past 62 Years,,Weather
160,Local Residential Sections Only Ones Hit in Postal Cut,3-May-1950,Mail
160,Alfred Weather Man Doessn't Think More Snow is Coming,"Total of 103.5 Inchesw is the Third Highest Snowfall in Past 60 Years; Month of May was Average. June 7,1950",Weather
161,Local Student Musicians Cop Highest Award,8-May-1950,Music/ Entertainment
161,Participate in May Fellowship Day Service,9-May-1950,Church
162,Pictures ,,
163- 164,Mariner Girl Scouts Turn Back Pages of Local History With Outstanding Fashion Show Here,2-May-1950,Girl Scouts
164,Molly Scott Wins Poetry Award In National Contest,10-May-1950, PoetryContest
164,"Federal Fund, Local Pledges Bring Total to $830,896","US Health Service Ok Expected; Work on Building Plan Continues May 4, 1950",Hospital
164,Large Crowd Enjoys Junior Class Comedy,13-May-1950,Entertainment
164,George Probst Dies Here; Funeral Services Tuesday,"Prominent in Engineering Field; Local Worthington Sales Manager May 15, 1950",Business Man
165,"Vchester McEnroe, Sr., Dies Services to be Wednesday","Prominent in Oil Business; Former Alma Township Supervisor May 15, 1950",Oil Businessman/ Alma Supervisor
165,Wellville to Get Plaque For Safety Record in 1949,17-May-1950,Safety
165,"Firemen, Auxiliary Display Uniforms In Parade Through Town",25-May-1950,Fire Department
166,Two Featured in Roller Gaieties of 1950,22-May-1950 ,
167,News Echoes 1875- 1950,"Hi York Cow Mary A. Led Him Merry Chase; Maggie, Too, To Reclaim 'Yareling Bool' May 4, 1950",Paper
168,News Echoes 1876- 1950,"George Fredrick Bursts Into '76 Print; Angelica Regency Demise Told in Verse May 11, 1950",Paper
169,News Echoes 1876- 1950, Twea Trapper Brook In Bygone Years; ' 76 Masonic Reception Brilliant Affair,Paper
170,News Echoes 1876- 1950 ,"76 Trade Board Gewts New Lease On Life; 'Ace' Wedding Story, Fires In New Grist",Wedding/ Fires
170,Mrs. Carrie Leonard Serves OES 50 Years; Honored at Meeting,9-May-1950,50th Anniversary
170,Worthington Employes Give Sound Projector to Hospital,"Gift Made as Memorial to Late George R. Probst and Clarence L. Miller, Worthington Executives 5/14/1950",Hospital
171,High School Addition Approved 494 to 73 by Central School District Voters,"Work on $ 725,000 Project Will Begin About August 1 June 1950",School
171,They Were Given a Big Vote of Confidence,,School
172,Winning Band Marches Along Main Street,,School Band
172,Legion Parade Is Largest Since Southwesterm in 1946,"Tewnty Six Units take part; $340 in Prizes Awarded Seven Groups June 12, 1950",Parade
172,Fritz' Buck Given the Nod As Canidate for Congress,"Popular Wellsville Democrat Backed by Both Burdick and Rogers June 20, 1950",Political
172,Ross R. M' Clure Dies; With Pioneer Store Firm 54 Years,21-Jun-1950,Business
173,Episcopal Bishop Makes First Visit Here,19-Jun-1950,Church
173," Aunt Jane' Re-Visits Home; Recalls Old Friends, Genesee",20-Jun-1950,Friends
173,New Pipe Organ In St. Johns Church Entirely Finished,14-Jun-1950,Church
173,Wellsville Population Up 856 During Past Ten Years,"Village Total Jumps 416 from 5,942 in 1940- 6,358 This Year June 29, 1950",Population
174,Nancy Howe Players to Enact Comedy,15-Jun-1950,Library/ Entertainment
174,Country Club Past President Given Gift ,19-Jun-1950,Country Club
175,"No More Lessons, No More Books--Just Vacation",23-Jun-1950,School
175,"Genesee's $20,000 Flood Control Project Underway",26-Jun-1950,Maintnance/ Flooding
176,Mrs. Harry Bradley Named Honary Trustee Art Alfred,Mrs. George Holbrook Succeeds Her as Active Member of the Board,College Alfred University
176,Winnwrs in Flowere Show Are Named; Event Closes Today,"About 100 Persons Served Tea on Library Terrace; Garden Club is Sponsor June 23, 1950",Library/ Garden Club
176,Nancy Howe Players Do Good Job With a Difficult Play ,26-Jun-1950,Library
176,Bishop Stark Will Visit Parishes; Open Hiouse Saturday,,Church
177,News Echoes 1876- 1950," 76 Fire Razes Union School, Loss $ 4,500; Town Election Gives Editor a Warm-Up",School/ Fire
178,News Echoes 1876- 1950,"Howland Murder by Hoodlums, Big '76 News; Editor Tunes Up Historic Election",Murder
179,News Echoes 1876-1950,"Boss Nobles' 'Fine Carriage Horse' Too Much on the Blarney Side for Jim Thorton June 15, 1950",Carriage Horse
180,News Echoes 1876-1950,"Here's One Wherew '76 Newweds had to Run Gauntlet; Martin Grover's First Case June 22, 1950",Weddings
181,News Echoes 1876-1950,"Foland of 1876 Era Served 3 Towns as Supervisor, Willing Historians Find June 29, 1950",History
181,Vote '76 School; ' Rebels' Hit for Caucus Invasion,29-Jun-1950,School
182,Wellsville Gets Safety Honor Certificate,19-Jul-1950,Safety
182,New Bridge Gets Formal Christening,19-Jul-1950,Costruction
182, West State Street Bridge Opened With Ceremony,"Several County officials on Hand; Fire Trucks First Over Structure July 12, 1950",Construction
182,"Bohnes Buyt Lesuer House, North Main",6-Jul-1950,House Buying
183,Ancestors of New West State Street Bridge ,7-Jul-1950,Picture
184,Youth Council Program Gets Praise From State Official,"Mrs. Edith Cheney Lists Local; Organizations As ' One of the Best' July 22, 1950",Youth Council
184,Local Songwriter Will be Featured in 'American Weekly',18-Jul-1950,Music
184,Theodore Randall Is Proprietor of Shop Producing Stoneware,22-Jul-1950,Business
184,Town to Restrict Commercial Building in Morningside,"Riverside Will Get Protection, in Same Ordinance, Board Says July 20, 1950",Residencey
185,Vetran Photographer Retires,"Photography and Sports Are 'Stew's' Favorite Pastimes July 5, 1950",Photographer
185,July Coolest Month in Past 25 Years,12-Aug-1950,Weather
185,E. Dyke Street Best Condition All Time,,Best Street
186,Farnum's Book Gives Us Peeks Into Our Past,22-Jul-1950,Book
186,Mariners Fill Cruise Fund With Gay Water Pageant,28-Jul-1950,Entertainment/ Cruise
186,Call of West Grips Publisher' Wife; Son Will Edit Paper Next Five Weeks,,Paper Editor
186,"Fritz Buck, On Trip Home, Reveals Plans for Active Concgress Campaign",26-Jul-1950,political
187,News Echoes 1876- 1950,"Medley of '76 Chit- Chat Slants To Politics With Variation In Old Record of Fires July 6, 1950",Fires
188,News Echoes 1876- 1950," 76 Juror List Stirs Editor's Bolivar Ties; Fish Just Waited For Bait; Hark This July 13, 1950",Friends
188,News Echoes 1876- 1950,"Dim View One has of '75 Anglers in Potter; Juging from Rash Scribe Nichols Gets Into July 20, 1950",Fishing
188-189,Fishing Excursion,23-Jul-1950,Fishing
190,News Echoes 1876- 1950,"Stores Closing July 4th Then, Signed Up; Tilden Campaign takes Warmup Spotlight July 27, 1950",Stores Closing for Holiday
191,News Echoes 1876- 1950,"Taps for Joe Gillies; Mrs. Hendryx Slain; Rigdon, Early Mormon, Dies in Friendship August 3, 1950" ,
192,News Echoes 1876- 1950,"Gossip Points To Mate in Cuba Murder; Editor in Prophet Role Sees Women Voting August 10, 1950",Murder
192,Hundred Thousand Club to Have Luncheon at Bolivar,17-Aug-1950,Clubs
192,""" Sam"" Cleveland Retires; 32 Years With Scoville's ","August 0, 1950",Retirement
192,From Where We Sit,"Plenty of 'Heart's Delight' Comes to Scoville, Brown Family at Open House-- Some Notes on Baseball and Television",Business
193,Republican Primary,"Large Primary Vote Here Gives Jones An Ample Majority August 23, 1950",Political
193,"DP Hungarian Family Will Arrive Today, Father is Shoemaker",10-Aug-1950,Business
193,"Pomato, Topato Fall to Potato Ball Name Says Maynard Scott",18-Aug-1950,Tomatoes
193,Catherine Schuyler DAR Chapter Meets in Rushford,17-Aug-1950,Church
194,News Echoes 1876- 1950,"Hoss Race in Stannards Told in Editor Nichols' Best Style August 24, 1950" ,
194,Miss Barbara Chapin Is New York State AAUW Arts Chairman ,18-Sep-1950,Art
195,Mrs. Roosevelt Devotes ' My Day' Column To Carnaval Caravan,17-Aug-1950,Carnaval Caravan
195,Drive- In Foes Vigorous; Town Board Withhold Reply,"Opposing Petitions, Straw Vote Brought Out by Interested Persons",Enteretainment/ Movies
195,She Has Worked 17 Years at Post Office; Retires Today,31-Aug-1950,Postal
196,New Jonew Memorial Hospital Shown in Sketch Prepared by the Architects,10-Aug-1950,Hiospital
196,Youth Grab Titles at Swimming Championships,1-Sep-1950,Swimming
197,He Gave His Life in Korean Battle," Cal' Goetschius Killed; First Wellsville Soldier To Die in Korean Fighting September 9, 1950",Soldier
197," The Rains Came, Not Title of This, But The Rains Came",11-Sep-1950,Weather
197,"Lunn Family Gives $5, 100 to Provide Hospital Memorial","September 0, 1950",Hospital
197,Hows Your Library,,Library
198,Anchors Aweigh! Mariners Embark Tomorrow for Cruise,2-Aug-1950,Mariner Scouts
198,"Mariners Are Over Bounding Main, But Yankee Sails On",,Mariner Scouts
198,"Yankee Scuttlebutt: A Poem, Appendectomy & Seasickness! ",,Bus and water trips
198,"Dream Over, Mariners Dock Yankee and Return Home",14-Aug-1950,Mariners Scouts
199,"Mariner, Girl Scout Films Shown, Big Crowd Attends",5-Aug-1950,Mariner Girl Scout
199,Knight Thornton is Local Attendance Head for API Meet,16-Sep-1950,Petrolium Company
199,Deciding Vote Cast against Proposed Drive- In Theatre,17-Sep-1950, Drive - In Theatre
200,Annual Meeting New York State Historical Association,"September 21- 23, 1950",History
201,A Bomb Shadow Falls on Parleys of N. Y. Historians,,Bombing
201,McKelvey Honored for His 2 Works On City's History,Dr. Perkins Calls for Clearer Perception of U. S. Problems,History
202,First Draftees Go for Induction ,27-Sep-1950,Induction
202,Sparkling Smiles of Girls to Help Boys Along,29-Sep-1950,School Cheerleaders
203,"Blacked Right Out In Black Forest, Writer Notes of Weird Sunday Jaunt",28-Sep-1950,Black Forest
203,Temperature Slips to 37 Degrees Early This Morning,25-Sep-1950,Weather
203, American's Creed,21-Sep-1950,Constitution Day