For many years, the Town of Wellsville maintained a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings and other items of interest pertaining to Wellsville and the surrounding area.

This table presents a synopsis of the contents of volume three of the scrapbooks. Volume three covers the time period of October 1950-January 1952. The first entry for each is the scrapbook page the item appears on.

Please contact the Allegany County Historical Society ( 607-478-5390 or email us at ) for more information about individual items mentioned in this listing. When you contact us, please include the volume number and the full line of information for that item.

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Wellsville Scrapbook Vol. 3, Oct. 1950-Jan. 1952 Index

1,Governor 'Tom' and a couple of Republican Friends [photo],10/5/1950,GOP,
2,Dewey Scores' Flynn-Bossed' Democrats Today In Hard- Hitting Political Speech At Library,10/5/1950,Political,
2,"Debt- Free Town Plans New Shovel, Raises in ' 51 Budget",10/6/1950,Funding,
3,"Great Books Discussion Unit Will Begin at Howe Library; Classics to Be Studied; Foundation Grant Given, First Session Oct. 12",10/6/1950,Library,
3,Registration in Great Books Program Open Until Oct. 26; Plato's Work Topic of Next Session in County Room; 27 Attend First Meeting,10/13/1950,Library,
3,"Total Of 713 Area Homes to Be Opened to Atomic Victims Could House Maximum of 1,790 Survivors; Survey Not Completed",10/14/1950,Atomic Attack,
4,Day Nursery Have Mid- Morning Lunch [photo],10/7/1950,Nursery Preschool Children,
4,Construction of Motel is Underway [photo],10/12/1950,Motel,
5,"They Will Seek $150,000 For Local Catholic Church [photo]",10/13/1950,Church,
5,University Women Attend Conference,10/16/1950,American Association of University Women,
5,Mrs. Wayne Stout Again Heads Allegany County Christmas Seal Sale,10/12/1950,Health and Tuberculosis Association,
6,"'Mental Health In Everyday Living"" A One Day Community Institute [4 page program]",10/19/1950,Mental Health,
7,Mental Health Institute Panel Participants [photo],10/19/1950,Mental Health,
7,Leaders Gather at Gold Room for Area Clinic [photo],10/19/1950,Mental Health,
8,200 Hear Panel Discussion On Mental Health In Howe Library; Authority Speaks at Noon Institute is First in Area and in State to Inform Public,10/19/1950,Mental Health,
8,Over 200 Attendance Make Health Institute Success Yesterday,10/20/1950,Mental Health,
9,Sealers of Area Get Together for Conference [photo],10/20/1950,Western New York Sealers,
9,"Flags, Symbols of Freedom, Being Made Here [photo]",10/25/1950,Library,
10,"The Nancy Howe Players Present "" Heaven Can Wait"" [3 pg. program]",10/26/1950,Library,
11,Tonight's Performers Enacting Roles [photo],10/26/1950,Library,
11,Speed Limit 35 Miles to Be Established in Riverside,10/24/1950,Traffic Control,
11,From Where We Sit; Seventy Years The Governorship of Nebraska and Time Have Not Dimmed Adam McMullen's Love of Wellsville,10/28/1950,From Where We Sit,
12,"Fire Does $ 12,000 Damage to Hamilton Block, VFW Quarters in 2 - Hour Sunday Night Blaze",10/23/1950,Fire,
12,Caroline Boyle Feted by Nursery School Children,10/13/1950,Nursery Preschool Children,
12,Apollo Club's Tribute from Fred Waring is Echoed Here,10/26/1950,Apollo Club,
13,New Echoes 1876- 1950,10/12/1950,News Echoes,
13,News Echoes 1876- 1950 Chestnuts $ 5. Bu. Recalls Lost Chord; Heat On Historic Hayes- Tildren Race,10/19/1950,News Echoes,
14,News Echoes 1876- 1950 Fires Hit Hotel and McEwen Shop,10/26/1950,News Echoes/ Fire,
15,Contestants To Speak in Assembly; Four WCS Students Enter Legion Oratorical Contest [photo],11/7/1950,School,
15,Sectional Girl Scout Meet in Corning; 11 Represent Wellsville,11/6/1950,Girl scouts,
15,"Mrs. Otto Walchli, Peter Luedig Give Monday Club Program",11/7/1950,Monday Club,
15,Weather Reporter Goes Batty As Heat Wave Continues Today,,Weather,
16,World Community Day [3 pg. program],11/3/1950,Community,
17,St. John's Church is Filled For Community Day Services ,11/4/1950,Church,
17,"From Where We Sit; A Yankee from Wellsville Brings Honor to Natchez, Mississippi for a Job Well Done in Chamber Work ",11/16/1950,From Where We Sit; Chamber of Commerce; Honors,
,Oak Duke Honored By National Group for Natchez Work,11/16/1950,Chamber of Commerce; Honors,
17,"Mrs. Frank Richart Make $12,000 Gift to New Jones Memorial Hospital for Two Private Rooms; Will Establish Memorial for Her Late Husband, Prominent Local Man",11/6/1950,Hospital,
18,Republicans Sweep Allegany County; Wellsville Village Attorney Leads Demo Candidates,11/8/1950,Political,
19,Bob' Fleischer Carries Wellsville Vote,,Political,
19,Adelbert Purga Is Orchestra Director At Medina Festival,11/20/1950,Music,
19,"Apollo Club, Mrs. Ward Give Bath Vets Program",11/20/1950,Apollo Club,
19,Decanter Made by Theodore Randall is Pictured in Magazine,11/20/1950,Randall Pottery,
20,Republican Victory Smiles Were Wide and Plentiful Last Night [photo],11/6/1950,Political,
20,Reactions Vary at Children's Book Week Display [photo],11/16/1950,School,
21,Hornell Mayor Mackenzie Guests at Ahepa Party [photo],11/17/1950,Fraternity Group,
21,Ahepa Officers Pose at Annual Dinner Dance [photo],11/17/1950,Fraternity Group,
21,Area Greeks Hold Annual Dinner and Dance at Local Club,11/13/1950,Fraternity Group,
22,Wellsville Ripped and Torn by Roaring Windstorm and Tide of Flood Waters; Industrial Plants Swept by Weekend Flood Water; Return to Normal Today,11/27/1950,Flood,
22, Here's Where Ward Annex Flood Started [photo],,Flood,
23,Heavy Windstorm Hits Some Power lines in This Area,11/25/1950,Flood/ Windstorm,
23,Lewis Place Residents Rescued by Firemen [photo],11/27/1950,Flood/ Firemen,
23,Dr. Livingston??? [photo],,Flood,
,From Where We Sit: Firemen Did Grand Flood Relief Job; They Should Be Given Authority for Even Stronger Disaster Program,11/27/1950,Flood,
24,Residential Areas Battered By Worst Modern Day Flood,11/27/1950,Flood,
24,River Gauge Tells Story Of The Flood,,Flood,
24,Thank You!,,Flood,
24,"Mayor Martin Sets Estimate Of $500,000 Area Damage",,Flood,
24,"October Without Snow, Frost Late, Check Shows",,Weather,
25,30 Years of Sinclair Service is Honored [photo],11/30/1950,Sinclair Refinery,
25,Sinclair Workers Honored At Service Awards Banquet,11/30/1950,Sinclair Refinery,
25,Estonia is Topic of AAUW Address,,University of Women,
26,Mounted Birds on Display at David A. Howe Library [photo],11/25/1950,Library,
26,Annual Christmas Seal Gets Underway Today [photo],11/20/1950,Allegany Health and Tuberculosis Association,
27,"News Echoes 1876- 1950 Rooster, Biggest Yet, Hailed 1876 Victory, Without Hint of Troubles",11/9/1950,News Echoes,
28,"News Echoes 1876- 1950 Shongo Had It Back in 1863! What? Well, Well!--- An Oil- Water Well",11/16/1950,News Echoes,
28,Plot Thickens As Editor Fumes At Election Scandal,,Political,
29,News Echoes 1876- 1950 Holy St Peter! Who Ever Heard Likes? Turkey for Ye Editor- Fact in 1876,11/23/1950,News Echoes,
29,"1877- 1950 Ashtabula Train Wreck Big '77 News, With Family Link in P.P. Bliss Tragedy",11/30/1950,Train Wreck,
30,Francis B. O' Connor Funeral Services Will be on Monday,12/1/1950,Death,
31,"$384,600 Federal Grant For New Hospital Given Approval in Albany Today",12/6/1950,Hospital,
31,45 Children Guests of Lions Club Last Night at Boys' Meet,,Lions Club,
31,Seniors Deserve Bouquets For Class Play; Do See It!,12/8/1950,School,
31,"Rotary Speaker Urges End of Archaic Road- Bonding System, For Pay-As- We- Go",,Road Maintenance,
31,November Rainfall Heavy,11/7/1950,Weather,
32,Wellsville Men Work on Preparing Civil Defense Program [photo],12/14/1950,Civil Defense Council,
32,Hall Of Fame Gives High School 'Owl's' Honor to Janet Scott,12/11/1950,School,
33,Services for Leon Hopkins on Saturday Afternoon at 3,12/14/1950,Obituaries; Lumber Dealer,
34,"Nancy Howe Players Present "" Ten Little Indians"" [Program]","12/ 14, 15/ 1950",Library,
35, Ten Little Indians' Slated for This Week,12/14/1950,Library,
35,"Mercury in Nose Dive to 14 Below; Autos, Trains Bear Brunt of Cold",12/28/1950,Weather,
36,Wellsville's Oldest Resident Dies; Mrs. Carrie Howe,12/15/1950,Obituaries,
36,Some Welfare Aid Funds Assigned From $705 Already Given County Committee,12/28/1950,Allegany County Public Welfare Committee,
37,"Steel Work Completed on $150,000 Preheater Job",12/28/1950,Preheater,
37,Local Defense Council Announces Air Raid Signals,,Wellsville Defense Council,
37,Bert Serena Heads Special Police for Civil Defense Work,12/27/1950,Civil Defense Council,
38,Engineers of Nine Countries Visit Here [photo],12/17/1950,Worthington,
38,Best Idea for a Very Merry Christmas This Year Shop in Wellsville [photo], 12/00/ 1950,Shopping,
39,"News Echoes 1877- 1950 Tilden Eclipse, Fast Nearing, Draws Editor's Fire; Murder Jury Disagrees",12/7/1950,News Echoes,
40,News Echoes 1877- 1950 ,12/14/1950,News Echoes,
41,"News Echoes 1877- 1950 Editor Mixes Oil and Politics, But Sticks to Guns 'We're in Oil Belt'",12/28/1950,News Echoes,
42,Wellsville Man Holds Vital Role in Nation's War College,1/8/1951,College,
42,Girl Scouts Study National Defense to Aid in Emergency,,Girl scouts,
42,Knight Thornton to Attend Petroleum Meeting in Tulsa,1/9/1951,Oil Industry,
42,Country Club Names Harrison President at Annual Meeting,1/25/1951,Country Club,
43,"Nine Local, Genesee Men Enlist for Air Force Duty",1/8/1951,Air Force,
44,Five Wellsville Men Enlist for Navy Service,1/5/1951,Navy,
44,Many Enlistees Off To Service; Air Force ' Freeze' Felt by Some,1/11/1951,Air Force,
44,Three Wellsville Youths Join Airborne in Army,1/19/1951,Army,
45,Beta Sigma Phi Will Begin Its 13th Year of Service Locally,1/22/1951,Magazine,
45,Lt. Col. Dana Pickup Ordered Duty With USAF Headquarters,1/27/1951,Hotel,
46,Corwin Tells Sealer's Part In County's Oil Production,1/25/1951,Oil Industry,
47,API Recovery Group Discuss Secondary Work Underway Here,1/29/1951,American Petroleum Institute,
47,E. W. Barnes Named Head Of Local Civil Defense Work,1/24/1951,Civil Defense ,
47,All Allegany County Nurses Urged to Take Atomic Course,1/24/1951,Nurses,
47,Wellsville Men Appointed to Penn Grade Committees,1/31/1951,Crude Oil Association,
47,Disaster Institute to Draw 50 Persons At Library Tonight,1/30/1951,Red Cross,
47,Local AAUW Gets Pledge Regarding Mobilization Job,1/8/1951,American Association of University Women,
48,Butch' Is happy With Tasty Morsel,1/31/1951,Wild Life,
49,Lions Club Sight Work Appeal Being Opened,1/28/1951,Lions Club,
49,Odd houses Listed in Report By Mrs. Winifred Thornton,1/24/1951,Historical,
50,News Echoes 1877--- 1951 Editor's Fiery Attack on Hayes Fraud Points to Need Today for Free Press,1/4/1951,News Echoes,
51,News Echoes 1877---1951 Of All Things! Rival Editors Aboard Murphy Gig; But Politics Still Lure,1/25/1951,News Echoes,
51,Historian Report,1/24/1951,Wellsville Historian Winifred Knight Thornton ,
52,Red Cross Defines Disaster Aid Lists County Committee,2/1/1951,Red Cross,
52,Red Cross Home Service is Upped Here Local Head Says,2/26/1951,Red Cross,?????
52,Charles Covill Talks on Civilian Defense At Monday Club Meet,2/6/1951,Monday Club,ok
52,Civilian Defense Is Topic of Address at Exchange Club Meet,2/15/1951,Exchange Club,
52,Richard Storms Is Recalled to Service With the U. S. Navy,2/5/1951,Navy,
53,Lt. Jack McAhon Ordered to Duty With Airborne Division 82nd Division Veteran Officer Ordered to Report March 13,2/7/1951,Airborne division,
53,From Where We Sit,,From Where We Sit,
53,Navy Man Home,2/8/1951,Navy,
53,Special Instructor Will Address Nurses At Library Meetings,,Nurses,
53,"Sgt. Wilbert Geer, Family Visiting Here; Reenlists",2/24/1951,Airforce,
53,Navy Son of Local Woman To Be Heard on Radio Duane I. Morris,2/26/1951,Navy,
53,Carl Bissell Stationed at Parris Island for Basic,2/5/1951,Marines,
53,Two Local Men Report To Sampson Air Base Today,2/2/1951,U. S. Air Corps,
54,Mayor Takes The Cake on Erie's Birthday,2/14/1951,!00th Anniversary,
54,From Where We Sit The Erie Railroad- 100 Years Young- Has Been Mighty Force in Development of Wellsville and This Area,2/11/1951,Railroad,
55,"Mrs. Fred Myers' Long Life Stems from Fun, Young Folk",2/17/1951,,
55,Awful Artists Can't Retain Name and Show Such Beauty,2/21/1951,Awful Art Club,
55,League of Women Voters Plan Meet; Will Elect Officers,2/21/1951,League of Women,
56,WCS Juniors Present ' Dear Ruth' This Evening,2/6/1951,School,
56,Junior Class Members Star In Annual Play ' Dear Ruth',2/17/1951,School,
57,A Letter to the Editor,2/16/1951,Letter to the editor,
57,Felsen Urges Preparedness For Allegany's 300 Nurses Attendance Cut to 150 by Weather; Army Film Shows Effects,2/8/1951,Nurses,
58,Murphy Forces 1877 Fervor Prompts Query Why Temperance Cause Failed To Keep Pace! World Arena New Role,2/1/1951,,
59,"News Echoes 1877---1951 Skeleton Solved, in 1877, Mystery of '65; Many Tid-Bits in Chronicles",2/8/1951,News Echoes,
60,News Echoes 1877--- 1951 Hendryx Guilty on 2nd Murder Trial; Trial Gets Hotter; 'Oil on Honeoye',2/15/1951,News Echoes,
61,News Echoes 1877---1951 Great 1877 Railroad Strike in News; Oil Luck Good Bait for Wildcatting,2/22/1951,News Echoes,
62,Magic Delights Intermediate Scouts at Birthday Party,3/6/1951,Girl Scouts,
62,Molly Scott Heads Junior Owl Staff; List Other Members,3/8/1951,School Editor,
62,Joyce Jones Selected Hall of Fame Student,3/8/1951,School,
62,Local Oil Men Named to Various IPAA Committees,3/9/1951,Oil Industry,
63,"Tax Allowance Slash Would Mean Production Drop, Thornton Says ",3/6/1961,Oil Industry,
63, Owner Displays Calla Lily,3/8/1961, Plant Display ,
63,Discussion Program Given at AAUW Meet,3/29/1951,Womens Responsibility,
63,"Allegany Field Group Takes United Stand on Oil Tax Base, at Hearing",3/8/1951,Oil Industry,
64,Local Teacher Begins First Lap of Journey to England,3/22/1951,Teacher,
64,Local Teacher Boards Plane for England,3/26/1951,Teacher,
64,"Amory Stewart, Photographer 49 Years, Dies; Unique as Sportsman",,Death,
64,Mrs. Henry Shrader's 92nd Birthday Sunday; Recall Trip From Germany,3/15/1951,Birthday,
65,Opening Scene from Nancy Howe Production,3/14/1951,Library,
65,Nancy Howe Players Enact Challenging ' Rebecca' Drama,3/16/1961,Library,
66,Dog Days for Proctor Terrace Man,3/10/1951,Dog Training,
66,The WCHS Junior Class Will Pick Its Queen,3/27/1951,School,
67,Thirteen is the Number- It's Lucky for Them,3/13/1951,School Honor Society,
67,"Wellsville is Big Business: 40 Persons Handle $800,000",3/17/1951,Business,
68,Senior Girl Scouts Receive Awards At Birthday Banquet,3/20/1951,Girl Scouts,
68,"Civic Symphony, Soloist Thrill Audience at Spring Concert",3/19/1951,Wellsville Civic Symphony ,
68,"County Welfare Body to Ask Need of Older Rural People Survey to include Questionnaire by Students, Contacts with Community",3/29/1951,College Students,
68,Mayor Martin Gets Big Vote; Justice Engelder Unopposed,3/21/1951,Political,
69,Local Youth Gets Purple Heart for Korean Duty,3/22/1951,Aircraft gun battalion,
69,Joins Air Force Paul Stevens Jr.,3/8/1951,Air Force,
69,Robert L. Christman,3/8/1951,Air Force,
69,Wellsville Men Stationed at Army Camps for Service,3/9/1951,Army,
69,Harold Fanton Receives Battlefield Promotion,3/10/1951,,
69,Promoted to Corporal William D. Massey,3/17/1951,Air Force,
69,Ronald Follett Scheduled For induction by Board,3/12/1951,Allegany County Draft Board,
69,Serving in Japan Pvt. Robert Armstrong,3/21/1951,Army,
69,Serves at Westover Pfc. Ronald N. Hogue,3/22/1951,Air Force,
70,Spring Turns Bright Sun on Tullar Field,3/ 38/ 1951,Baseball,
70,"Heavy Rain, Faulty River Gauge Combine To Bring Scare of Genesee River Flood Stream Crests at 9.4 Feet; Receding Today; No Serious Damage",3/31/1951,Weather,
71,"1874 Gazetteer Prized by B.O. Quick; Replete With Town Lore, Census Data",3/29/1951,Census,
71,Junior Prom Queen Receives Crown Gale Briggs,3/29/1951,School,
71,"Board of Education Honors Mrs. Ault, Veteran Teacher",,School,
72,News Echoes 1877--- 1951 '77 Ghost story Hallsport Style,3/1/1951,News Echoes,
72,"News Echoes 1877--- 1951 Politics, Wild and Wooly See Inroads Made by Democrats in Co. Stronghold",3/8/1951,News Echoes,
73,"News Echoes 1877---1951 Honeoye Wild Cat Well, Geology Data Provide 'Wellsville Oil Mecca' Tune",3/15/1951,News Echoes,
74,"News Echoes 1877--- 1951 Honeoye Derrick Fire Lights Alma, Also Dreams of Tapped Oil Wealth",3/22/1951,News Echoes,
75,News Echoes 1877--- 1951 Bolivar's Advent Into Oil Quest Gets Fervent Praise from Democrat Editor,3/29/1951,News Echoes,
75,Pitcher Formula Tops For 1877 Milk Route,,Milk man,
75,It Would Make Plenty of Fish Fries,3/22/1951,Fishing,
76,They Were Enthusiastic- In a Nice Warm Clubhouse,4/14/1951,Fishing,
76,From Where We Sit Village Fathers Run into Their First Vote and Hand Mayor ' Tom' a Tough Decision to Make,4/3/1951,From Where We Sit,
76,Leb' Sweet Was Star of Stage for Years; Services Tomorrow,4/3/1951,Death,ok
77,Joins Air Force - Paul Stevens Jr.,4/2/1951,Girl scouts,ok
78,Just Before The Battle of the Budget Started,4/3/1951,Budget,???
78,Dr. Arthur Junker Named Diplomat in Oral Surgery,4/5/1951,Dentist,ok
78,Wing Scouts Go Into Wild Blue Yonder Over Town,4/7/1951,Wing Scouts,ok
79,Worthington Honored for Marshall Plan Work,4/5/1951,Worthington,ok
79,Mayor Thomas Martin Presents Awards to Wellsville Officials,4/5/1951,Worthington,ok
79,Covill Tells Supervisors Of Work in Civil Defense Explains Plans for New Headquarters to Be Set Up in Post Office,4/4/1951,Post Office,?????
79,French Society Adds Three New Members to National Alliance,4/16/1951,French Honor Society,
80,Leaders of Wellsville Fire Department,4/10/1951,Fire Department,
80,Wellsville Teacher Returns From Trip to Great Britain,4/14/1951,School Teacher,
80,Pfc. Goetschius Body on Way Home for Interment Here,4/15/1951,Death,
81,Melvin Sortore Death Recalls Underground Railroad Story,,Death,
81,Wellsville Senior Miss Barbara Stannard is Named to Owl's Hall of Fame Group,4/16/1951,Owl's Group,
81,"Denton A. Fuller, Jr. Will Head Planning Commission Group Discusses Traffic Survey, Building Code; New Members Present",4/18/1951,Wellsville Planning Commission,
81,Group to Aid Blind Holds Annual Meet; Officers ar Named,,Association for the Blind,
82,"Guest of Honor, Toastmaster and the Speaker",4/13/1951,School,
82,Pledges Initiated into Beta Sigma Phi Sorority,4/25/1951,Sorority,
83,Grade School Kite Show Draws Unusual Styles and Some Would Fly,,School,
83,Pfc. 'Eddie' Dean Suffers Injuries in Parachute Training,4/25/1951,Parachute Accident,
83,Burdette Gleason to Start Officers Training School,4/14/1951,U. S. Marines Corps,
83,"Lt. Edwin Comstock, Jr. to Active Duty with USMC",4/13/1951,Marines,
83,Cpl. ' Ray' Mead Sets Family Phone Record with Call from Tokyo,4/20/1951,Phone Call to parents,
83,Korea Marine Vet Coming Home After Nine Months Fighting,4/21/1951,Marines,
84,News Echoes 1877---1951 Pat - on- Back for jim Thornton Shows '77 Editor Judge of 'Good Hoss Flesh',4/5/1951,News Echoes,
84,77 Oil Poem Has Real Boom Flavor,,Oil Industry,
85,News Echoes 1877--- 1951 Nichols Obit in '87 Scrapbook Tells Timely Story as Link to 'News Echoes',4/12/1951,News Echoes,
86,News Echoes 1877---1951 Frederick: Grocer Name that Lingers; ' On to Pikeville' Oil Call Spreads,4/19/1951,News Echoes,
86,Phone ' Concert' Novelty link To 75th Jubilee,,Phone,
87,"News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Afield on Oil Quest, Editor Finds Duke center Old Allegany Roll Call",4/26/1951,News Echoes,
87,Tower follows Steam Engine into history,4/21/1951,History,
88,Howe Players in ' The Man Who Came to Dinner' Comedy,5/2/1951,Library,
88,ICS Students Conduct May Day Rally for Peace,5/5/1951,School,
89,"Joe Kralinger, Genial Express Man, Counts Friends As Great Blessing in the World",5/3/1951,,
90,Worthington Grew on Theory Of the Man Who Founded Firm,5/3/1951,Worthington,
91,Honorary Toastmaster Here Tonight Air Preheater Had Navy Role in Two of the Nation's Wars,5/3/1951,Air Preheater,
91,Moore Steam Turbine Holds Big Place in Local Industry,5/3/1951,Moore Steam Turbine,
92,Two Men With Great Faith Started Bausch & Lomb Co. Tiny optical Shop Grew Into One of America's Biggest Industries,5/3/1951,Business,
93,Earle Howe Has Seen Many Major Railroading Changes Come as the Erie Grew and Prospered,,Railroad,
93,President Hears About Oil Well Shooting,5/4/1951,Oil/ Railroad,
94-95,Erie Railroad and Wellsville Grew Up- Found Prosperity in the Past 100 Years New Railroad Played Major Role in Village's Growth,5/3/1951,Railroad,
95,Transportation Was A Major Job for Early Scio Settlers Joseph Knight and His Neighbors Went to Elm Valley for Their Supplies,5/3/1951,Railroad,
95,Old Time Railroader Recalls Days When Erie Hauled Heavy Loads at Belmont Station,,Railroad,
96,New Jones Memorial Rising Fast,5/10/1951,Hospital,
96,Knight Thornton Says Penn Grade Research Is Invaluable Two Developments Alone Return Many Times Cost of Investigation,5/10/1951,Crude Oil Association,
96,From Where We Sit The Oil and Gas Journal Regrets That Wellsville Was 'Lost' by Clerical Error from Crude Oil World ,5/10/1951,Crude Oil ,
97,Freedom Shrine on Exhibit at Howe Library,5/17/1951,Exchange Club,
97,New Groups Join WCS Ranks in Music Concert Program,5/18/1951,School / Music,
97,Miss Jane Thornton Marks Fifth Birthday Yesterday,5/12/1951,Birthday,
97,Fritz Buck Married to Kentucky Bride; Living in Yonkers,5/17/1951,Wedding,
98-99,Cheering Crowd Welcomes Erie Reenactment Run,,Erie Railroad,
98,"Legend and History Portrayed in Erie Stop at Wellsville Station Residents, Students, WCHS Band at Station Mayor Martin Pays Tribute To Railroad's Accomplishments During Century",,Erie Railroad,
99,Erie Special Revealing A Century of Vividly Colorful History in Re- Enactment Journey,,Erie Railroad,
100,Erie Railroad Making Two-Day Centennial Celebration,5/14/1951,Erie Railroad,
100,The Crowd Cheered When the Centennial Train Arrived,5/15/1951,Erie Centennial Train,
101,"President johnston Speaks to 2,000 in Erie Ceremony",5/16/1951,Erie Railroad,
102,Congratulations to Paul W. Johnston and the Erie Railroad,5/31/1951,Erie Railroad,
102,President of Erie Thanks Mayor Martin for Local Reception,5/28/1951,Erie Railroad,
102,From Where We Sit The Men of Erie Are Still Thanking Us for Their Erie Day Reception May 3; We also Thank Them,5/16/1961,Erie Railroad,
103,WCS Orchestra's Concert is Masterful Group Performance,5/25/1951,School/ Library,
104,Neighbors Get Together to Greet Erie Centennial Train,5/17/1951,Erie Railroad,
105,Capt. Robert Cook injured in Korea; Evacuated to Japan,5/25/1951,Korean War,
105,Mrs. Raymond Cook Gets Mother's Day Bouquet from Hawaii,5/11/1951,Mothers Day,
105,Serves in X Corps PVT. R.R. Armstrong,5/8/1951,Army,
105,Unusual Books Given to Library in Memory of Late Amory Stevens,5/28/1951,Library,
105,Stationed in Germany PVT. Edward Keough,5/8/1951,Electrical Engineering,
105,Training at Newport James McBride,,Navy,
105,Robert Walsh Was Aboard Capsized Navy Launch,5/26/1951,Navy,
105,Captain Cook Injured By Shrapnel Fragments,5/10/1951,Korean War,
106,The Walter Embsers' Magnolia Tree; A Beautiful Sight,5/20/1951,Landscape Beauty,
107,Seasonal Flowers Surround Pool,5/26/1951,Landscape Beauty,
108,"Janet Scott, Thomas Bolam Granted College Scholarships Mount Holyoke, RPI Give WCS Students Financial Aid; Honor Pupils",5/28/1951,College,
108,"Alden Stuart First President Mental Health Association Officers, Constitution Accepted; Speaker is Miss Hester Crutcher",5/24/1951,Mental Health,
108,"President Johnston Speaks to 2,000 in Erie Ceremony",5/19/1951,National Awards,
109,News Echoes 1878---1951 You Won't Believe It-But in '78 Republicans Were Board's Minority,5/10/1951,News Echoes,
109,"News Echoes 1878---1951 Oh!! (Not Ode) to Buckwheat Cakes, From '78 Files Shows World Changed",5/17/1951,News Echoes,
110,News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Just Breezy Briefs Tell '78 Story of McEwen Engines; Medley of Events,5/24/1951,News Echoes,
110,78 Story Brings Engine Photo Out of McEwen Files,5/24/1951,New Echoes,
110, Sam' Cleveland Gets Masonic Honor; Shares Lodge Role with J.P. Herrick,5/24/1951,Masonic Honor,
110,May '78 Petition Shows Death Knell Near for Erie's ' Genesee' Station,,Railroad,
111,News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Here's a '76 Respite Story of Serenade That Should Supply Readers Laughs,5/31/1951,News Echoes,
111,"Gone Is Old Relic- Fassett Hotel's Shed, Space to Relieve Parking Woes",5/24/1951,Fassett Hotel,
112,New Equipment to Bring Clean Streets,5/26/1951,Road Maintenance,
112,Miss Chapin's Carnival Caravan Wins National Magazine's Friendly Mention,5/24/1951,Carnival Caravan,
113,Elementary School Library is Necessity Not Just Luxury,6/2/1951,School Library,
113,B & L Workers TurnDown Bid By IAM for Bargaining Right Employes Vote 97 to 64 Against Machinist Union As Agent,6/2/1951,Business,
113,Summer Reading Club Organize Like Ball League at Library,6/29/1951,Reading Club,
113,Dr. Dorothy Weeks Speaks at AUUW Meet,6/2/1951,College,
113,"May Rainfall Smallest in Six Years, Only 1.11",6/2/1951,Weather,
113,Mrs. Daniel Gridley On Hospital Board,6/3/1951,Hospital,
113,Sixth Grade Youngsters Visit Museum in Buffalo,6/23/1951,School trip,
114,Projector and Screen Donated by Welfare Committee for Aged,6/4/1951,Welfare,
114,Leaders in Fight Against Cancer at Investment Day,6/15/1951,Cancer Investment Day,
115,Garden Flowers Grow Profusely,6/16/1951,Landscape Beauty,
115," You People Have So Much', Comments English Actress",6/23/1951,Entertainment,
115,"Wellsville Loses Bid for $ 34,000 Flood Curb Funds",6/14/1951,Flood,
116,Rock Garden in Woodland Setting,6/19/1951,Landscape Beauty,
116,Mariner Scouts Meet At 6:45 for Parade; To Show New Craft,6/30/1951,Girl scouts,
116,Most Alfred Scholarships Go To Wellsville High Students More Awards Than Any Other School on List Granted Locally,6/29/1951,School/ College,
117,First Graders Say Goodbye to Mrs. Myrta Ault,6/22/1951,School,
117,"Colorful Anecdotes Told to Old Timers by Ellis Hopkins Social Frontiers Are Being Pushed Back, He Tells Homecoming Group",6/29/1951,Homecoming Group,
118,Marries Grandson of Local Woman Miss Norma Schwartz Weds Edwin Stevens,,Wedding,
118,"Erie Pa., Friend Visits Reporter Carrier",6/20/1951,Visitor,
119,"Becomes Bride of William S. Conway Miss Diana Harder, William Conway Wed in St. John's Church",6/18/1951,Wedding,
120,Howe's Your Library,6/30/1951,Library,
120,School Bus Drivers Get Merit Awards At Dinner Meet With Board Members,,School,
121,"Steak at 18 cents a pound? Yes, Says Otto A Beever,89",6/29/1951,Business,
121,Town Historian Recalls Scio History With Erie Centennial,6/24/1951,Historian,
122,Town Historian Recalls More History Related to the Erie,6/16/1951,Historian,
122-123,Town Historian Tells Lutheran Church Lore,6/30/1951,Historian,
123,B & L Workers Turn Down Bid By IAM for Bargaining Right Employes Vote 97 to 64 Against Machinist Union As Agent ,6/12/1951,Welfare Committee,
123,News Echoes 1878--- 1951 ' 78 Directory Provides Business Roundup; 'Oil or Bust' is Motto,6/7/1951,News Echoes,
124,News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Fats( What Hams?) vs. Leans Add Hilarity to 1878's Sporting News,6/14/1951,News Echoes,
125,"News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Fraud in Eleven-Mile Drilling Tops '78 Oil News, Just Some Old Tidbits",6/21/1951,News Echoes,
125,Donald Grimes on Annapolis Cruise,6/11/1951,U. S. Naval Academy,
125,Private Donald Hills Takes Training Course,6/11/1951,Infantry Division,
126,"Can't Fight War on Fence, Says Vet Home from Korea Sgt. Vaughn Phelps",6/7/1951,Marines,
126,West Point Graduate James M. Rockwell,6/14/1951,College Graduate from United States Military Academy,
126,Trains In Wyoming PFC. Robert Christman,6/16/1951,Air Force,
127,Local Children Are Thanked For Toys Sent to Germany,6/12/1951,School,
127,Men At Work at Lunn's Clarion Call Gives ' Sad Island Park' Face Lift,,Park Maintenance,
127,"Sgt. Brennan, Taegu Veteran, Home on Leave from Hospital",6/8/1951,Army,
127,"G.Louis DeBarbieri, Wounded in Korea, Home on Furlough",6/12/1951,23 Infantry/ Medical Corps,
127,Wilbur Dawson Promoted To Private First Class,6/11/1951,Anti- Aircraft Artillery Operations,
128,The Rev. L. Peatross Is Presented The Bishop's Key Bishop Dudley Stark Gives High Award at Service in St. John's Church,,Church,
128,Etching by Juel Anderson Is Shown In Library of Congress,7/3/1951,Art,
128,"Sally Miles, Comptroller of Girls' State Shares Venture",7/3/1951,American Legion,
128,"$ 1,000 For Youth Program",7/12/1951,Recreation,
129,Wellsville Kids Getting Life Saving Instruction in Courses at Pool,7/3/1951,Swimming,
129,"26 Units in Old Home Week Parade, Scio Has Best Band",7/2/1951,Old Home Week Parade/ Music,
129,Two- Horse Vehicle Makes Local Entry For Old Home Week,7/2/1951,Old Home Week,
129,"Fon Boardman, Jr., Is Guest Columnist for Weekly Magazine",7/12/1951,Magazine,
130,Cornerstone Laid Sunday for Addition to Methodist Church,7/9/1951,Church,
130,Methodists Dedicate New Addition; Plan Formal Rites for Centennial,7/12/1951,Church,
130,Awards to 14 Young People Made at Park In Hobby Show Event,7/14/1951,Hobby Show,
131,"Wellsville Called One of Richer Markets In Nation; Reports $ 13,520,000 in Sales",,Markets/ Business,
131,Supervisors and Allegany County Officers Salute Retiring Sealer,7/13/1951,Allegany County,
132,Laying Brick on the New Jones Memorial Hospital,7/14/1951,Hospital,
132,The Howard Stolls Lets Us View Their Garden,7/17/1951,Landscape Beauty,
133,Frank Lunn Seeks Support For island Park Project Work Will Start on Job Tomorrow Morning; Contributions are Urged,7/16/1951,Park Maintenance,
133,Citizens Continue Refurbishing of Island Park,7/18/1951,Park Maintenance,
134- 135,Water and Light Plant,7/5/1951,Water and Light,
135,Mayor Accepts Report on Water & Light Expansion,7/6/1951,Water and Light,
136,There's a Little of Everything in Warren Ives' Vegetable Garden,7/28/1951,Gardening,
136,The John C. Henry Memorial Subject of Pending Legal Question,7/18/1951,Memorial,
137,Mr. and Mrs. Edward Harms Live in Rochester,,Wedding,
137,Became Bride in Local Wedding Mrs. Roger Leigh Loomis,7/18/1951,Wedding,
138,No French Bathing Suits on Models for Mariner Water Pageant,7/31/1951,Swimming,
138,Howes Your Library,,Library,
139,The Rev. L. Peatross Is Presented The Bishop's Key - Bishop Dudley Stark Gives High Award at Service in St. John's Church,7/26/1951,Newspapers,
139,E. J. Rowe Steps out From W. L. Position Sept. ,7/12/1951,Newspapers,
139,PVT. Donald Ludden,7/17/1951,Army Air Force,
139,McCarthys Safe In Flood Zone,,Flood,
140,They Write Their Letters from the USO Center,,Air Force,
140,Pfc. Frederick J. Willis To Report at Ft. Lawton,7/20/1951,,
140,Henry B. Smith Joins Air Force,7/8/1951,Air Force,
140-141,"News Echoes 1878--- 1951, John Rogers, Who Knew Real '78, Wins Weeks Spot as Echoes Guests",7/19/1951,News Echoes,
142,News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Banished Angelica P.M. Takes Hair Down On 'Ring's '78 Tricks; Not Saints Then,7/26/1951,News Echoes,
142,"News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Oil News Gets June, ' 78 Revival, With Pikeville Well Ready; Bank In Trouble",,News Echoes,
143,News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Budding '78 Congress Bid Recalls Last Time Old Allegany Set District Styles,7/12/1951,News Echoes,
143,"Just 73 Years Ago- July 1, 78 Erie Put Wellsville 'On Map' Officially",7/5/1951,,
144,"News Echoes 1878--- 1951, Tussle of Saints and Satan of Old Shows '78 Wellsville Typos on Top",7/28/1951,News Echoes,
145,Samuel and John Carpenter Operate Most Colorful Store in Our Main Street History,7/14/1951,History,
146,Nathaniel Johnson Cemetery Interesting Part of Our History,7/28/1951,History,
146,Big Small-mouth Bass the Mayor Caught,8/8/1951,Fishing,
147,"Now, If I Had This at Keuka Lake",8/14/1951,Fishing,
147,Mariners' Program Enjoyed By Parents; Returns Tonight,8/2/1951,Mariner Scouts,
147,Attends NSA Congress - Thomas Duke,, National Student Association Congress ,
147,From Where We Sit' Hal' Mason- a Guy Who Knows- Has Some Nice Things to Say About Our Wellsville Swimming Pool,8/1/1951,From Where We Sit/ Swimming,
148,Bolivar- Allentown Highway In Mountain Drive Class,,Driving,
149,C. of C. To Head Fund Campaign For Island Park,,Island Park,
150,Park Enshrines ' Volunteer' Of National Fame,8/3/1951,Park ,
150,Major Keenan's Charge,,Poem,
151,Flames Roar Into Morning Sky In Riverside Holocaust,8/10/1951,Fire ,
151,Riverside Water Supply Is Called Inadequate for Fire,8/10/1951,Fire,
152,Becomes Bride in Greek Ceremony,8/27/1964,Wedding,
152,From Where We Sit Meet Our State Historical Association Director Via Spooks; Hats Off to Kent Cooper and Band; Applesauce,,From Where We Sit/ History,
152, National Student Association Congress ,8/27/1951,Fishing,
152,Louise Reynolds Engaged To James McEwen Brown,,Engagement,
152,Rotarians Are Given First Hand Reports On Youth Programs,8/27/1951,Rotarians,
152, Coffee Time' New Idea for C. C.,8/9/1951,Chamber of Commerce,
153,New Genesee Engine Gels Exhaustive Tests on River Bank New Genesee Engine Raises Fire Department's Efficiency,,Fire Department,
154-155,"American Legion Home Destroyed in Spectacular $30,000 Morning Blaze Tinder Dry Brick and Wood Structure Leveled to Ground",8/10/1951,Fire,
155,One of Riverside's First Homes Goes Up in Flames Destruction of Beautiful Robertson Home Kindles Memories of Old Wellsville Days,8/10/1951,Fire,
156,Three Wellsville Men Are Graduated From Parachutists School,,Army,
156,Wellsville Man Wins Battlefield Promotion,8/17/1951,Army Vet,
156,Wellsville Soldier. Sgt. Edwin Widger is Returning Home,8/20/1951,Army,
156,Capt. Phillips To Be At Library For Recruiting,,Army,
157,Capt. Cook Gets Heroism Award,8/30/1951,5th Cavalry Regiment's Company in Korea Army,
157,Wellsville Officer Welcomed Okinawa Captain Robert J. Cook,8/31/1951,Army,
157,Qualified Parachutist Pfc. Robert H. Moran,8/27/1951,Airborne Infantry School,
157,Attends School Lieut. Edwin F. Comstock,,Marines,
158," Lest We Forget' Theme Stirred Folks in 1909 To Major Keenan Fund Appeal, Old Records Show Inscribed on Keenan Monument",8/30/1951,Monument,
159,News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Peace Roles Hit Dudley Wrong Way; Rexville Claimed '78 Waterspout,8/4/1951,News Echoes,
159- 160,News Echoes 1878---1951 One Wedding at Letter Stage; 2d Gets Review; Pikeville Well Hits Snag,8/9/1951,News Echoes,
160,Letter to Editor,7/26/1951,Wedding Scobble - Dobbins,
160,"News Echoes 1878--- 1951 Genesee Well Demise Gives Pikeville "" Wildcat"" Life; Subscribers Goaded",8/16/1951,News Echoes,
161,Story about Shirt and Glove Factory Trips,,,
161,We Name To Please,,News Echoes,
161,Names of Wellsville's Streets Give Picture of Development,8/11/1951,Roads,
162,Allegany Resident Has Role In True Story of Kansas Raid,8/25/1951,Story,
162,Catholic School Undergoes Big Modernization Program Immaculate Conception Students Start Classes in Expanded Building,9/5/1951,School,
162,Senator Erwin Asks Rotarians to Lead in Rebuilding Morals,,Rotary Club,
162,Wins Scholarship Miss Jeanne Fortner,9/6/1951,College,
163,At 8:49 A. M. This Morning at WCHS,9/5/1951,School,
163,Mrs. Sibley Asserts That Common Effort is Necessary Speaker Points Out The Growing Recognition of Christian Principles.,9/21/1951,Church,
163,"Final Census Figures Raise Wellsville Total to 6,402 Increase Over 1940 in Nearly Eight Per Cent, According to Final Tabulation",9/21/1951,Census,
164,Veterans Like Fred House Make School Bus Transportation Comfortable and Economical,9/26/1951,School ,
165,E. J. Rowe Guest of Honor At Banquet Here Last Night Village Officials and Friends Pay Tribute to His 31 Years of Service,9/19/1951,Water and Light,
165,"Firemen Honor E.J. Rowe for Service and ' Keen Interest' Chief Ebeling Reads Resolution, Presents Gift of Annual Banquet",9/27/1951,Firemen,
165,Charles W. Fuller Is Given Highest Honor in Masonry Nominated to Receive the 33rd Degree Next Fall; Second in Allegany County,9/27/1951,Masonry Honor,
166,Wellsville Masons Look Back on Century of History,,Masonry Group,
166, He Was One Swell Guy' His Wellsville Buddy Says Sgt.John J Rice,,Death,
166,Father of Local Soldier Gets Call From Germany,9/5/1951,Soldier,
167,""" The Pink House"" Water Color Painting",,Artist,
167,Wellsville Soldier Gets Briefing in Korea Sgt. Clifford E. Morris,9/25/1951,Air Force,
168,Bronze Star Winner's Story Told in Letter from Korea Richard O. Arnold,9/5/1951,,
168,Serves in Germany PFC. Robert E. Fanton,9/6/1951,Occupation Army,
169,Judge Dowd Birthday Recalls Chapter Of His Life; Memory Vivid of Richburg Well,9/6/1951,Birthday,
169,News Echoes 1878--- 1951,,News Echoes,
169- 170,News Echoes 1878---1951 Oil News Then Of Bradford Angle only; Richardson Win Touches Off Fireworks,9/27/1951,News Echoes,
170,Airplane Made Local History In Flight Just 40 Years Ago,9/8/1951,History,
170,Great Books Session Will Begin Thursday,9/26/1951,Great Books Discussion Group/ Library,
171,Howe's Your Library,9/28/1951,Library,
171,Miss Gertrude Robertson Recalls Riverside History,9/22/1951,History,
172,Girl Scouts From This Area Hold Busy Conference Meet,10/1/1951,Girl scouts,
172,September Close to Average Weatherman Saunders Says,10/3/1951,Weather,
172- 173,Wellsville Masons Observe !00th Anniversary; Group of Four Men Organized the Local Lodge First Recorded Meeting Was Held 100 Years Ago Yesterday,10/3/1951,Masons,
173,Masonic Leaders Help Wellsville Lodge Celebrate Picture,10/5/1951,Masons,
173,From Where We Sit George Passmore Paid a Tribute Which He Will Cherish As one of His Fondest Memories of Wellsville,10/19/1951,From Where We Sit,
174,Auxiliary's Country Fair Draws Big Opening Night Crowd,10/5/1951,Auxiliary County Fair,
174,Country Fair Will Continue This Afternoon and Evening,10/5/1951,County Fair,
174,"County Fair Fund May Reach $2,000; Will Go to Hospital",10/6/1951,County Fair/ Hospital,
175,"Cornerstone Ceremony Guests Are Told That $200,000 More Needed to Build Hospital",10/22/1951,Hospital,
175,Numerous Items for Posterity Deposited in Cornerstone ; History Given,,Hospital,
176-177,"John Herrick Tells of Angelica, Cradle of GOP; Allegany's Republican Loyalty as Firm as Hills - Ancient Courthouse, Erected in 1820, Stands as Monument to the Party",10/17/1951,Courthouse,
177,Main Street Display Show Story of the United Nations,10/24/1951,Business,
177,Barbara Stannard Attends New York Tribune Forum,10/25/1951,New York Herald Tribune Forum,
178,Leaders of County's Sportsmen Federation Dinner Picture ,10/25/1951,Sportsmen,
178,President Receives Charter for Local Torch Club Picture,10/26/1951,Torch Club,
179,Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Arnold Observe Golden Wedding Wellsville Couple Celebrate Golden Wedding on Sunday,,Anniversary,
179,Torch Club as 80th Chapter; Serves As Forum in Specialty Fields,,Torch Club,
180,Mrs. Lillian Lee Barnes Dies Unexpectedly; Suffers Heart Attack at Home in Riverside Co-Publisher of the Reporter to be Buried Wednesday Afternoon at 2:30,10/29/1951,Death,
181,Wellsville Soldier Is Given Army Release,,Soldier,
181,Pvt. Richard Coy Suffers Neck Wounds in the Korean War,10/4/1951,Korean War,
181,Two Sons of Local Woman Serving in US Navy,10/20/1951,US Navy,
181,Richard Coy Returns Recently To States,10/25/1951,,
182,"News Echoes 1878--- 1951 F. G. Babcock, Hornell, Turns Up In '78 Congress Feud as Richardson's Rival",10/11/1951,News Echoes,
182- 183,"News Echoes 1878--- 1951 O.P. Taylor To Fore, Pikeville Well; Congress Race Rife With Hot Charges",10/11/1951,News Echoes,
183,"News Echoes 1878---1951 '78 Editor's Barrage on Richardson Fails To Halt Election, But Vote Slumps Badly",10/25/1951,News Echoes,
184,"First Town Auto Owned By "" Partnership"" Of Four ",10/6/1951,Auto,
185,"A.N. Cole, Noted Journalist In Allegany County in 19th Century Helped Found Party",10/21/1951,Journalist,
186,News Echoes 1877--- 1951 Murphy Days of Temperance Cause Off to Big Start; Oil Still in News,1/11/1952,News Echoes/Oil,
187,Ham 19 Cents pound Back When Farnum Kept 1852 Books Clippings in Ledger Supply 1905 Senior List as interlude,1/18/1952,Farnum Business,
188,"Retired at 92, John Taylor Still Grows Own Potatoes, Walks Mile to Post Office, Store",1/11/1952,Farmer,