From Molly Young:  "I have transcribed these Diary entries in hopes that others will find their family members and discover a little about their lives.  There were so many entries not included but daily she talks of the weather, chores she has done for the day and keeps track of correspondence between herself and her children.  It has been great reading these diaries!

I dug out the Snowdon family Bible which had several newspaper clippings about various residents of the area in Petrolia, Alma & Allentown....Woman, 102, Enjoys Automobile Trip - Mrs. Clarinda Swift of Allentown Celebrated Birthday Anniversary Sept. 15..... and more!  I will send these along after the diary entries.


Excerpts from the diary of Mary Jane McCariston-Snowden 1915-1918

            Diary #1 – undated at beginning but midway through dated Jan. 1916

Aug 5 – Got a card from Lillie Hurley announcing birth of daughter. Born July 18th name       Sarah Jane

Aug 24 – Went to Clarksville in milk wagon

Aug 25 – Mrs. Cass’s baby born. Weighed 12 ½ lbs

Oct 5 – went up to Bert Hazzards. He is quite sick – stayed all night

Oct 6 – went to prayer meeting first of the conference year

Oct 7 – went to church supper – the largest crowd there had been in years. Made over         $85.00 at supper and booth

Oct 10 – went to church & ate chicken dinner with Mrs. Rothrock. Mr. & Mrs. Kittinger           left for Buffalo. Asher Cole called here.

Oct 22 – went to Suffragist meeting at the church. Had a very interesting address by a          lady from Buffalo.

Oct 28 – went to Ladies Aid at Mrs. George’s

Nov 2 – Election day. Voted on liquor question.

Nov 3 – Alma went dry again. Only had 9 votes for license.

Nov 7 – Seymour Bacon and Mr. Tilburg (note: possibly Gilburg?) were both killed out         on the Lester Townsend lease today. Called with Mrs. Green at Prof. Burdick’s        to see Mrs. B who has been sick.

Nov 8 – Seymour Bacon was brought home from the undertaker’s at Wellsville. Are going to take Mr. Gilburg to Genesee – his old home.

Nov 11 – went to Seymour Bacon’s funeral today.

Nov 26 – Ate Thanksgiving dinner at Belmont with Sherriff Tunstead and family.         Gertrude gaining every day.

Nov 29 – sent bill to G. Blackman for nursing Mrs. Roth***(rock) (illegible)

Nov 30 – went down to George Hill’s to stay until Mrs. H got back from Buffalo

Dec 1 – Maggie Glending fell and hurt her face terribly

Dec 2 – Letter from Fannie Allen

Dec 5 – Went to church and paid $1.oo on salary and 25 cents to Sunday School. Mrs.       Hill came home. Maggie G went to sanitarium. Riley Allen very sick.

Jan 1, 1916 – Kate have been at Mrs. Rothrock’s a couple days. She has been very sick     again had Dr. Eaton. Pronounced her trouble rupture of the heart.

The following is written in Journal #2 – dated 1916

Jan 10 – Mrs. Schram had baby boy – 10 lbs

Jan 16 – Went to church twice today. Rev. Weekly gave a talk this evening are going to        commence revival services. Ate dinner at Hills.

Jan 20 – went to nurse at Lester Townsend. Baby girl born 10:3o weight 8 ¾ lbs

            Grandma Phillips died Jan 24 ‘16

Feb 13 – Went to church this morning. Raised $14 for Freedmans *** (illegible) Had a        very interesting talk on Lincoln’s life.

Feb 14 – Heard that Maggie Glending died this morning

Feb 17 – Maggie Glending buried at Scio today

Feb 20 – Orville Allen had a son born Jan 20. Coldest day this year, thermostat         registered anywhere from 20 to 24 degrees below zero.

Feb 24 – went to G. Blackmore. Wrote to Mrs. Cass. Paid school tax $6.00

Feb 28 – sent to Charles Williams store for shoes.

March 1 – wrote to Dessa Carpenter

March 9 – paid state and county tax $4.06

March 28 – came home from Ralph Norton’s today

March 30 – got letter from Kate Ewing

April 11 – went down to Mae Boyd’s, stayed to dinner

April 12 – Heard Kate Ewing had a son born yesterday

April 16 – came down to Olean today to nurse Mrs. Allen

April 24 – have been here one week. Mrs. Allen is improving… Dr. Smith called today

June 15 – Finished Mrs. Robinson’s quilt and had ice cream social.

July 2 – Went to Charles Hand’s. They had a baby girl born this a.m., 3 o’clock, name           Oma, weight 71/2 lbs.

Aug 3 – went to Temperance Assembly today. Went with Rev. and Mrs. Perkins

Aug 7 – Thermometer stood 94 degrees t Hill’s store.

Aug 30 – Heard Al Barnes of Petrolia was dead and District Superintendent of ****   (illegible)of Olean died last night of appendicitis.

Sept 3 – Mr. and Mrs. Tunstead called this PM and Mrs. Buzzard and Bill’s     baby.

Sept 3 – came down to Henry Holton’s today

Sept 19 – went over to Lizzie Weinhaen’s (maybe Weinhauer?) to dinner

Sept 20 – Went to Mrs. Hand’s to dinner

Sept 20 – Sent to Perry Dame Co, for suit

Oct 11 – Mrs. Holton and I went to see Mrs. Swift this PM – found her quite feeble    

Oct 20 – Had quite a cyclone and heavy rain commence to tare things up. Roofs on houses and barns and trees at Steve Towner’s and on down as far as Charley Hands’

Oct 16 – Mr. and Mrs. Holton & Mr. and Mrs. George Swarthout went over to Wellsville         and brought little Lena home from the hospital.

Oct 26 – Mrs. Holton and I went over to Sarah Howard’s to dinner today.

Nov 4 – had a message from Mrs. Johnson that Mr. J was very low

Nov 6 – Mrs. Holton and I called on Mrs. Claud Allen, Mrs. Charley Allen and Mrs. George Swarthout

Nov 12 – Mrs. Weinhauer taken sick last night

Nov 15 – Mrs. Weinhauer was operated on at the hospital today, very weak and low

Nov 23 – Henry and Sarah Howared and Mrs. Stoddard spent the afternoon and       evening here.

Nov 26 – Frank Johnson died today

Nov 29 – Frank Johnson was buried at Knight’s Creek Cemetery today.

Dec 3 – Been here 3 months

Dec 5 – Mrs. McGee died last night at 10 o’clock from the effects of burns received from     gas explosion in her house.

Dec 12 – answered Stanley’s letter today but too late for stage.

Dec 23 – Went over to Maggie’s on stage – very cold.

Diary # 2 continued - begins 1917

Jan 9 – Went to Wellsville to Hugh Coyle’s funeral – had the largest funeral I ever saw.

Jan 19- Mattie went up to see Marcie Robinson, she was not so well.

Jan 11 – Ella Howe spent the day here. Albert came down to supper.

Mar 22 – Dr. Hullett’s father died yesterday.

Feb 17 – this has been a nice warm sunny day sleighing

Feb 22 – Edith Taylor and I went to dinner at W.C.T.U. rooms.

Feb 25 – Went down to Pearl Norton’s to dinner

Feb 28 – called in Dr. Bennett. Expect I have blood pressure. Left two prescriptions

March 3 – Six months today since I came down here. (Holton’s? see Sept 3 1916)

            John Clark died this morning.

March 4 – Reuben George died about noon today

March 6 – John Clark buried today. Heard Melvina was just alive

March 8 – Reuben George buried today

March 14 – Came up home today

March 15 – went down to Art Barnes and saw doctor. Blood pressure 174 dropped 6           points in one week  

March 21 – Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Charles Cleveland, Mrs. G. Bartlett and Mrs. Maitland            called.

March 22 – Mrs. R’s (Rothrock?) eye bad again. Mrs. Heill called this afternoon

March 24 – Mrs. Green was over this PM and Mrs. Stroup and Hattie Howe

March 25 – Mrs. Maitland and Mrs. Diamond called this PM. Had two maple trees taped

April 10 – Mrs. Perkins brought Mrs. Rothrock and myself some carnations

April 11 – Mrs. Rothrock’s eye very bad again

April 12 – Mrs. Rothrock’s eye better

April 19 – made in all about 7 pts syrup

May 5 – Mae Boyd and Ada were up Friday. Mrs. Allen in bad shape

May 7 – Spent the evening at the parsonage. Alta Cleveland and Bob McBride     married this evening

May 14 – Kate and I went up to cemetery event to see David Green quite sick with congestion of lungs and whooping cough. Went in to see Mrs. Mead, Mrs. Townsend,   Heills and Barnes’.

May 22 – I went over to Martha Bacons and baked some for her. She is sick with     grippe

May 24 – Went down to Mrs. Diamond’s got some butter. Went to supper at WCTU             Rooms

May 26 – …went over to see Martha Bacon, she is much better

May 30 – Decoration Day. Mr. Perkins delivered address at church. This PM the young       men raised very nice flag pole 40 ft. in height. Had very fine entertainment at       church in the evening by the school children. Talked with Mae Moore in the         evening at Kathryn Christmans’ over phone. Mae was at Henry Holton’s.

June 7 – Kate and I went down to Mrs. McCutcheon’s this PM

June 8 – Mrs. J. Rolls died yesterday about noon. Heard too that Ebenezer Norton was       dead, buried tomorrow at Wellsville

June 10 – Mrs. Rolls buried this PM funeral at the house

June 14 – Katherine Christman sick, Kate helped her today. Mrs. Townsend taken suddenly ill again, they sent for all the children. Went to see her this PM

June 17 – went town to Mrs. Hannah Townsends and Mr. and Mrs. Ed T. were there,             Harry T. came home from Texas today.

July 6 – went to Henry Holton’s. While there Jessie Apgar-Streiter came down with her         car to see me. Brought her two oldest children, her mother, Billie’s wife and      Linda Woodard. Cherie Jessie drove from Hamburg.

July 8 – Went to church this AM, Dist. Supt. Idleman preached

July 18 – Mae Boyd and I went down to Olean this evening. Charley took us to Bolivar then we went the rest of the way on the trolley. Found Mrs. Allen no better.

July 31 – Went to Mattie’s had a baby girl born this PM name Ruth. (note: Maggie Root       was one of Mary’s daughters)

Aug 15 – Melvina passed away this AM at 1:15

Aug 16 – brought Melvina home today

Aug 17 – Melvina was buried today.

Sept 17 – Mame Coyle called today

Sept 20 – Heard today that Forest Woodward fell off a derrick and was badly hurt. Took     him to Olean Hospital. Commenced getting milk at Green’s

No further entries in Diary #2


Excerpts from the diary of Mary Jane McCariston-Snowden 1918 - Diary #3


Jan 7 – Stayed all night with Mrs. Applebee – she was sick with grippe

Jan 10 – Kate went to work at A.C. Smyths this AM

Jan 11 – Kate and I went to see Mrs. And Dr. Hulett today. We both joined the Red Cross. Mrs. A.C Smyth went with us. Went to the picture show with Kate this      PM.

Jan 16 – Kate and I went to the Little Genesee Kitchen Band concert at the High   School Auditorium.               

Jan 17 – Maggie, B. A. L. and Gale (?) went to the Farmer’s Show at Odd Fellows Hall        this evening.

Jan 18 – Kate and I went to the Red Cross rooms but could not get any yarn to knit.

Jan 20 – …went down to see Mrs. Wetherspoon…

Jan 21 – this is the first Monday that all businesses are closed all over US by order of the Board of *** *** Garfield. (***illegible)

Jan 23 – Got a set of knitting needles and learned to knit a little.

Jan 25 – Kate and I went up to Eunies, got yarn from Red Cross to knit socks.          Commenced them this evening.

Jan 26 – Knit some this PM. Mrs. Stella Coast came down this evening, brought her            knitting stayed until after ten. We had a good visit.

Jan 27 - …Kate and I went up to see Mrs. Raymond and baby.

Jan 28 – Got letter from Kate Allen wanting me to come down there next week.

Jan 29 – Received Stanley’s card calling him to be examined for enlistment.

            Mr. Shep (?) Applebee buried today.

Feb 1 – Mrs. Polly Williams was buried today. Went down to A.C. Smyth’s to teach Mrs.     S. how to knit socks this PM.

Feb 5 – Water frozen and gas given out. Bernard had to set up wood stove. Stanley is       exempt from going to war. Had his examination yesterday.

Feb. 13 – Kate, Ada and myself went to the Palace tonight.

Feb 17 – Mr. Ewing and I went to church in the forenoon. Kate and I went in the         evening. There was a large congregation of Methodists, Baptists and    Presbyterians.

Feb 18 – Heard today that poor Jen Barnes died last evening. She got a dispatch that        her brother was dead and just lived twenty minutes after receiving it. (Note: Jen            Barnes’ widower was Art Barnes who married Kate Snowdon six months later)

Feb 27 – Card from Mae Moore

Feb 28 – Some rain today. Margaret and I went down and saw the parade for the     soldier boys going away. There was about sixty went this time.

March 2 – Heard that Mrs. Oetrander (sp?) is dead and buried.

March 13 – wrote to Mattie Holton. She is at the Steubur Sanitarium. Heard Ed Elster                     died Sunday.

March 17 – Went up to Gertie Bullock’s to see Orr and LIna

March 23 – Mr. and Mrs. F. Putnam spent the evening here, had a very pleasant time

March 24 - …we all went down to Frank Putnam’s in the evening

March 29 – Leman Cleveland taped my two trees at noon. Have boiled the sap nearly

            down. Commenced getting milk from Kittie Christman

March 30 - …made a pint of syrup out of the sap that run from the two trees yesterday          afternoon

April 1 – Just read in the paper that Myra Gordon died March 23 at Denver Col.

April 3 - …got card from Frank and Lillie announcing the birth of a son Frank Evans Hurley Jr. born March 14. Got some yarn from Mrs. Hill to knit Everett socks.                       He expects to be called any time. Got announcement of Gransell (sp?)     McCutcheon’s wedding – married yesterday.

April 13 – Still snowing this morning there is about ten inches snow on the ground.   Have finished knitting two pairs socks for Everett Hill. He expects to be called to        the army anytime now.

April 17 – commenced knitting socks for the Red Cross

April 21 – Went to church and Sunday school. Had a grand Patriotic sermon. Wrote to       Fannie Allen.

April 23 – Mrs. Diamond and I went up to see Mrs. Swift. She is quite feeble.

May 2 – Mrs. R. and I went to the Ladies Aid at Mrs. Pendleton’s this PM

May 5 – Mrs. Lew Scott children and Kate came over today…

May 6 – Mrs. Rothrock went to the Hospital at Cuba to have her eye operation.

May 7 – spent the evening at Burt Maitlands. Mrs. Ost (? – illegible) Maitland was up too

May 10 – heard that Mrs. Rothrock had not had her operation yet.

May 11 – Mrs. Clarence Robinson died this morning

May 14 - Mrs. Clarence Robinson buried this morning

May 15 – solicited all through the town raised $26.00 for Mrs. Rothrock to help pay her         hospital bill.

May 19 – Minnie Maitland Howe home today. Went to church this AM Mr. Brown from          Stanards preached. Went with Mr. Christman’s people to church on Knights       Creek. Mr. Filler (Tiller?) preached.

May 23 – Oscar Peterson buried today

May 24 – heard from Mrs. Rothrock she has had bad time with neuraligy [sic]. Expect          her home Sunday.

May 26 – Mrs. Rothrock came home about 3 o’clock this PM. Feels quite good        everything considered. Harry Townsend started for camp this PM

May 28 – Very warm today. *** (illegible name) Wentworth got overcome with heat

May 29 – Leonard boy got hit by Laurence Gowdy’s car but did not get hurt

May 31 – Mrs. R’s eye paining her today. I sent for Mrs. Coast to come down. Heard          Mr. Viger died last night also Mr. Cady’s brother found dead in his house this AM.                   Mrs. Coast came down this PM

June 5 – Went to Ed Shirey’s this evening to church supper. Burt Maitland took up    three loads. Had chicken supper and good large crowd. Took in over $26.00

June 7 – went to Hattie Howe’s after butter

June 8 – Heard that Clarence Christman had his eyes severely hurt last night – is in Cuba Hospital. Saw eclipse on the sun this PM

June 9 – Went down and stayed with Marcia Allen’s mother while she went to her      cousin’s funeral at Cuba.

June 14 – Saw Effie Curtain at Marcia’s. Went down to ice cream social at rooms.

June 15 – Ada Connable was up this afternoon a little while

June 25 – went and stayed with Mrs. Swift all day so Henry and Hattie could go to     Friendship to the Howe reunion.

June 26 – took care of little Margaret Cleveland

June 30 – went to church this AM. Rev. Harry of Bolivar preached.

July 2 – Went down to the rooms and helped sell ice cream

July 4 – very quite here – everyone gone to Angelica

July 5 – Ladies Aid met here. There were fourteen ladies

July 6 – Went down to rooms and helped sell ice cream. Commenced knitting socks for      Allentown R.C.

July 8 – Bought one W.S.S. $4.18

July 12 – Heard Everett Hill had been called to join army

July 13 – bought first new potatoes. 75 cents per peck

July 25 – Went down to store to see parade of the boys going to camp. 165 went.   

July 30 – Went to see Dr. Potter today. Took my blood pressure – is 190, pulse        pressure is 110 – should be sixty. Am going to commence to diet. Finished         another pair of socks.

Aug 11 – I sent two more pairs of socks to the Red Cross Chapter by Mae Allen        Boyd…makes 11 pairs I have knit

Aug 15 – Born to Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Ewing a girl baby name Mary Catherine, weight 8 ¼      lbs.

Aug 17 – Married at Bolivar by Rev. Harry, Kathryn Snowdon to Arthur Barnes at the             home of Mr. and Mrs. Lue Scott

Aug 21 – Sent 2.00to Mrs. Dimon to be applied to pastor’s salary. Went to see Dr. Potter this evening. Blood pressure down 5 points – 185

Aug 25 – Charley, Mae, Hildah and Hazel came over today, all went to Rock City, this is       Indians Day.

Sept 1 – Kate, baby and nurse, Miss Stroley, came home today.

Sept 2 – Labor Day – the children and I went down to the store and saw the parade.

Sept 22 – Mr. Barnes brought the boy scouts to church

Oct 2 – John Schram’s mother buried today

Oct 3 – Naomi Scott came over to Kate’s today

Oct 7 – Went down to Hill’s and cooked dinner. Bill Nobles ate dinner with us.

Oct 9 – Several of the children have Spanish Influenza, some talk of closing the school

Oct 14 – letter from Maggie and Allen has influenza

Oct 15 – Maggie, Stanley, Merle and baby all came down with the flue. Doctor don’t             give them much hopes of the baby

Oct 16 – Baby Margaret died this AM at 2 o’clock, buried at 5 PM. Maggie not feeling so well. All are resting this evening.  

Oct 22 – Heard from Maggie today. Allen is out, the rest of them sitting up but they   think B. (Bernard) is coming down now.

Oct 25 – Kate’s player piano came today

Oct 26 – Lew and Eunie (Scott) and the children came over to Kate’s. Lew fixed the car      so it runs all right

Oct 28 – Heard Mrs. Ball died early this morning.

Oct 30 – Mrs. Ball buried today

Nov 1 – New minister came today

Nov 4 – School commenced today after being closed 3 weeks on account of influenza.

Nov 5 – (Tuesday) Went to vote for the first time.

Nov 8 – Heard Germans had surrendered but was false report. The Supreme War   Council are holding a council at Versailles now ** (illegible) German Generals

            met with them to see if they agree to the Peace terms of the Allies       

Nov 11 – The Germans have at last really surrendered. The church bell woke us up   this morning before daylight. Art & Kate, Glenn & Vivian & myself went to     Wellsville – had a great parade there.

Nov 13 – Went to the lecture on War Work Campaign. Corporal Ross spoke. One of     the Canadian Soldiers who was wounded and was in the hospital fourteen months. They raised $600.00 out of the quota of $800.00 the allotment Alma has to raise.

Nov 24 – Went to church and heard the new minister preach and sing, he can surely talk

Dec 28 – Went to the Haven’s Theater this PM with Mrs. Nellis to see the Hearts of the         World.

Dec 30 – letter from Kate telling me of the death of Mrs. Rothrock, was found dead in bed last Tuesday morning.

The following information from the back of the journal: June 3, 1918 – Paid David Green $1.00 for work in cemetery

Then a record of expenses from June 15 – July 5:

Shoes 4.75

Dist. Sup. Claim .25

Post Office box rent .10

Paid $1.00 on ministers salary

Tablet & stamps .15

Collection .10

Paper .05

Eggs .18

Butter and eggs .55

Bananas .18

Cheese .13

Butter and eggs .55

Ice cream .10

Soap .14

Cucumber .15

Berries .18

Butter .38

Flour & substitutes 1.60

Chicken .90

Berries .10

Berries & sugar .84

Tea, coffee & *** .80

Sug. & stockings .89

Groceries stock .80

Postage stamps .05

Elastic & shirt .45bason, sug., butter .85

Lemon & lard .18

Ice cream .23

Berries .75

Milk bill .63