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Mary Snowdon obituary


Below is a great photo of Grandpa at the Farm....

Grandpa McCariston on farm

Grandpa McCariston on the Farm....

McCariston James  Margaret - cemetery stone

James & Margaret McCariston Monument

James McCariston Obituary d.Jun14-1905


Another photo.....

Merle Root at Alma Rod-Gun-Club

Here is a picture of Merle Root.  According to he is my cousin 1x removed - he is my mother's cousin - grandson of Mary McCariston-Snowdon.  He lived from 1915-1982 if that helps you figure out a possible date - there is nothing written on the back of the picture.
Molly Young 1-18-2013


Clippings from the Bible of the Snowdon Family

Francisco, Walker Boys Drown in Honeoye Creek in South Bolivar  Francisco, Walker Boys Drown in Honeoye Creek in South Bolivar page 2

Harry Francisco interred at Scio;  Roscoe Walker interred at Allentown 


 Allentown Affairs including death notice for Mrs. James McCarriston

 Above is clip about many of the affairs going on in Allentown and vicinity including the death notice of my Great-Grandmother who came from England.


Mrs. Phoeba Prince Obituary

 Above 2 Obituaries; Mrs. Prince was mother of Mrs. Riley Allen


 Clifford Shaner obituary