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Presented by her Granddaughter, Molly Young; Below are the comments and information which has been shared with us by Molly


Greetings! I was so delighted to discover your website which included pictures of Allentown Union Free School.

My Grandmother was Kathryn Snowdon who married Arthur M. Barnes. His sister is Sadie Barnes whose picture is also on your website. Below is a photo of the adult Barnes siblings with their father:

Barnes family Sadie Art Fred George sitting Francis 

Above is Barnes Family - Sadie, Art, Fred, George and Seated, Francis


 3 of the photos below are of Allentown Union Free School students; the photos belonged to my Grandmother.  The 4th photo is also probably inclusive of Allentown students and perhaps townspeople.

 Allentown NY school photo with Kate Snowdon Barnes-Young

The back of the photo reads:

Standing: George Hardy, Laurence Butts, Chester McEnroe, Kathryn Snowdon, Will Musco, Jessie Storms, Mark Herold, Hazel Coast, Merritt Rolls, Lena Niles

Kneeling: Will Musco, Everett Hill

Sitting: Mattie Cleveland, Marion Gould, Grace Potter

 Allentown NY school photo-Young

noted on the back:

Back row: Will Musco, Chester McEnroe, Mark Herold, Merritt Rolls, Jesse Withey, Hazel Coast, Lena Niles, Mrs. Gena, Kathryn Snowdon

Front Row: Everitt Hill, Will McBride, Laurence Butts, Marion Gould, Grace Potter, Mattie Cleveland, Jessie Storms