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Allentown NY school photo circa 1905-Young

 In the third photo attached, my grandmother appears to be much younger than the first two - perhaps 1905 (ish?).  The back has two columns listed:

First column: Ledwin, Jesse, Chester, George, John, Walter, Ethel Jessie S, Kate W, Rosata, Julie, Ona (Ina?) Lena

Second column:Hazel, Pearl, Everett, Mark, Will, Harold, Merritt, Granville, Lester, Frank*** (illegible), Watson, Kate

The columns seem to be out of order as my grandmother (Kate) is in the second row (all girls) and is the second from the right in that row.


Fourth, I've attached a photo with no explanation, names or dates. The back simply states: Kate Snowdon, Allentown N.Y.

Allentown NY sleigh ride Kate Snowdon-Young

Above to be an Allentown Photo.  The Gas Lamp just over the head of the man standing on ground behind horse is the same as the Allentown School photos of the same time period.