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Words that have been previously said........

"To one whose neighborhood has been the scene of important events, the history of those events is the most interesting of all history.........
.......Under the sway of cause and effect, historic events cannot stand alone.  They form an unbroken chain...... 
The history of so limited territory as a county in New York has its roots not only in remote times, but in distant lands, and cannot be justly written without going far beyond the county limits for some of its essential facts....." ....from 1806-1879 Beers, History of Allegany County NY

This website will not go far before the initial arriving settlers to the county in the very late 1790s....nor will we try to relate material from outside the boundaries of our County.

The section of "County History" will provide general articles relating to the history of the county with a scattering of subjects and personalities that we hope you find interesting.

Allegany County Historical Society is the central location for publishing these items.  Feel free to contribute to this section of the website by contacting the WEBMASTER.

Also, each Town of the County is provided a storage space for their specific stories to tell.....

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1875 Post Offices & Post Masters of Allegany County, NY
Glossary for New York State
Famed Old Estate Villa Belvidere May Be Broken Up
Allegany County Bookshelf List
Allegany County History
Names of Settlements & Villages
1895 County Jail
Villa Belvidere - 200 Years 1806-2006
Allegany - The Name
County History Books ONLINE
The Six Nations - Our Native Predecessors
Early Explorations, Etc.
Happy Birthday Allegany County!
Living in Short Tract; Also, A Hanging
Allegany County Officers, Attorneys-1845
“Re-Discovery of Photo Connects With Allegany County History”
The Passing of Belvidere
Early Days in Allegany County- Interview with Benjamin Cowles
Major Storm Hits Allegany County, July, 1920
Guide to Searching Land Records of Allegany County NY
Teachers' Convention, Southern Allegany County, 1844
Allegany County Centennial Celebration - 1895
Ye Olde Alleganian - Newsletters by William A. Greene
County Museum Building Demolished
1945 - Allegany County Boy Scouts To Follow Nathaniel Dike Trail Compiled by Ron Taylor
1945-(6/6) - Entire County Organization Will Take Part in Program Starting July 3rd
1945-(7/3) - Boy Scouts to Leave Cohocton Today On Trek to Elm Valley
1945-(7/5) - Dike Scouts Reach Hornell With All Hands Safe, Sound - Some Blisters Are Worst Casualties to Date
1945-(7/6) - Dike Scouts Having Great Time Despite Many Blisters
1945-(7/6)2 - Public Urged to Attend Dike Anniversary Program Tomorrow
1945-(7/7) - Dike Scouts At Elm Valley For Program Today, Camporee
1945-(7/9) - Boy Scouts Complete Long Trek, Hold Rites At Nathaniel Dike Grave
1945-(7/10) - Many Dike Trek Scouts Win Awards At Court of Honor - Unusual 150th Anniversary Event Closes With Program and Award of Honors
Allegany's Population - 1900
County History: Among the Archives of Allegany County (1880)
Conclave of Allegany County Suffragists Meets (1910)
Another Trip Among Early Records of Allegany County
Suffrage: Annual County Convention Meets in Richburg (1911)
Physicians Practicing in Allegany County in 1880
Octagon Baseball League Schedule, 1950
Our County Muddle: Allegany County Politics in 1881
The First Airplane Flight Over Allegany County
Conditions at County Poor House, 1880
Allegany County in 1851
Reminiscences of Morris S. Chase (1902)
Nathaniel Dike
The Singing Campaign-Reminiscences of 1840-44
Allegany County's First Murder Among Settlers (1803)
Cole-Dike Cemetery Sign Dedication
History of Higher Education in Allegany County
Peaks of Allegany County-Introduction
A Gift for John S. Minard
Allegany County Newspapers Raise Prices - 1916
Town Supervisors, Allegany County (1883)
The Rich Lore of Former Allegany County Town Names
Allegany County's Changing Face
Setting Clocks & Borders Back to 1790 - Early Surveying Efforts
Allegany County Asheries
Origins of Some Allegany County Names
My Belvidere - At 200, Alive and Well
County Postal History
Allegany County Cold Cases
Schuyler: Important Name in Allegany Co.'s History
In Old Allegany, Major Flood Hits
Seeking a New County
A Telephone Man Interviewed
Town Supervisors
Wolves, Disease Still Rampant in County in 1820
Allegany County 1830-1860
Allegany County 1861-1895
Clay Brings Bricks, Baked Beans
Some Firsts in Allegany County History
Still Researching Former Allegany Co. Businesses
Local Resources
Early Days and Early Settlers (local history series, pt1)
Building a Home in the Allegany Wilderness (local history series, pt2)
Allegany County is Formed, Prospers (local history series, pt3)
Public Lands in Allegany County